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Democrats Try To Call Out Trump But Just SELF OWN, They Basically Argue AGAINST Electing Democrats. Nancy Pelosi try calling out Trump's response to the global crisis but ended up making a perfect argument for why Democrats would be WORSE to elect. Since the beginning of the global crisis Trump has been taking action to slow or stop it. Early on he created a task force and restricted travel from China. But while Trump was doing this the Democrats were trying to impeach him even though we all knew it would fail. Joe Biden was tweeting about completely unrelated Democratic causes and republicans like Tom Cotton had been calling for more action. Trump may have had a slow response and may have downplayed the problem but so did Democrats and so did the media at the very least Trump took some actions. SO if their argument is that Trump was too slow how does that help them when they were SLOWER?
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This Is THE END of Immigration And Globalization As We Know It, Trump And The EU Shutter Borders. The US has closed its northern border to non essential travel and now Trump has announced plans to shutter the southern border to all immigrant traffic. In Europe countries withing the EU's Schengen zone are shutting borders in a drastic measure which completely undermines the European Union's purpose. The UN and Germany have announced as suspension of all refugee resettlement programs. This crisis is not expected to end any time soon. The US has an 18 month plan in place so far and it could go even longer if we don't develop a treatment. As we face a growing crisis a few things need to be pointed out. Trump was right about China and border security. Progressives are praising his actions in response to the crisis so far. Democrats would be wise to rally together with the progressive leftists and Trump supporters.
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