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Premiere at 8pm EST/5pm PST. Xenophobia is a very well understood term, but not many have heard its opposite: Oikophobia. Find out why it fuels much of the social divide and polarization in the Western world today. More to the point, what is causing it and why it is a symptom of a much larger and dangerous problem. Interesting video that starts in 2hrs. I'll be taking questions in the chat.
Premiere at 9pm EST / 6pm PST While there is new news coming out daily on the human cost of the novel coronavirus #WuhanCoronavirus, yesterday with the greatest spike in new cases since the outbreak, what people everywhere, including the US are not considering is the potential economic damage that could happen if the virus is not contained soon and the damage that it has already inflicted. While everyone can see the Democratic Party in disarray, what will be the potential fallout, politically in November in the #Elections2020, should the #WuFlu not be arrested quickly enough? Starts in 2hrs
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