Interviews on Minds with Anthony Trawick from Unframe Of Mind

Anthony has been the co-host for Unframe Of Mind for the last four years and you can tell just by listening to him that he's a seasoned Pro. We talk about his show and some of the amazing guests he's had on over the years as well as the incredible charity work he does to help people after natural disasters. This was a really fun and interesting interview and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I also broadcast all my interviews live on now so keep an eye out for the announcements and come over and say hi. The next tone will be Tuesday at around 5pm est with @MacVogt #talkradio #unframeofmind #minds #facebookjail #iom @unframeofmind @unframeofmindat @Patriotpunknetwork @Yotivationnation Make sure to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT & REMIND!