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I Found Future Humans in the Words of McKenna This is a mashup that I did to have some fun, during the first Open Mic @MacVogt quoted Terence McKenna's Culture is not your friend, which spark this idea of connecting it to this old audio of me doing my lil spin on stop consuming images and create culture, as the same time @futurehumans posted this track, and I thought maybe just maybe. It was just something fun to play with... |\ Music: |\ Visuals:
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Interviews on Minds with @Censorshipsucks and @SatoriD (The Satori Edition) Censorship asked to Interview me, to be apart of his new series of Interviews on Minds. Check out more Interviews on his channel. But in this Interview we talk about early days of Minds, Infinite Imaginarium, Open Mic Gatherings and then we got into some of the current stuff I'm into. In this Satori Edition I cut in video clips and then did some audio and visual editing to give the full Infinite Imaginarium experience. #mindstv #art #interviews #imaginarium #minds
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