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I am a gaminng content creator; I love video games; my favoirtes are games that have high replayability and funfactor. Making these videos is fun for me and I hope you enjoy them! Dwarf Fortress is one of my favorites because of its complexity and procedural generation. I will be playing this game when I'm a old man hahahaha. After some time I will take a break from Dwarf Frotress and play some of my other favorite games, but I will always go back to Dwarf Fortress videos.
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WeAreChange is a nonpartisan, independent media organization comprised of individuals and groups working to expose corruption worldwide.

I like to watch anime and play visual novels.

"Reptoid Discovers Minecraft" video series Director/Producer. Parody, Satire, Dark humour. Chaotic Resonance Internet Radio and Minecraft Servers. #PWD

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Creator of Unity based retro games. Producer of FL Studio based electronic music.

Small town boy from Texas. I work in IT. I've always been into video games, Sega fan or life. Also love computers and cartoons and movies. I run a tiny lets play channel with occasional reviews. And I'm tired of all the bullshit in the world. If you want to know anything else just ask~ Twitch -

PC ~ AESTHETICS ~ ~ BUILDS ~ ~ LED HYPE ~ **** CLEAN BUILDS **** >> None of that dirty hippy shit << You wont seen a tan box in sight. ----------------------------------------------------- ============================== ... I'm the guy who passes out travel size deodorants at LAN parties. ... ============================== ----------------------------------------------------- PC Enthusiast & Information Technology GAMERTube

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Award Winning Journalist and Technologist Making Documentaries, VR, Drones, Immersion Storytelling, and Live Video | [email protected]

Jan 2021
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