"Reptoid Discovers Minecraft" video series Director/Producer. Parody, Satire, Dark humour. Chaotic Resonance Internet Radio and Minecraft Servers. #PWD

Dark surrealist: Chaotic Resonance radio station owner! Video series Producer/Director. Humour: Satire, Parody, Bad puns.

I am a gaminng content creator; I love video games; my favoirtes are games that have high replayability and funfactor. Making these videos is fun for me and I hope you enjoy them! Dwarf Fortress is one of my favorites because of its complexity and procedural generation. I will be playing this game when I'm a old man hahahaha. After some time I will take a break from Dwarf Frotress and play some of my other favorite games, but I will always go back to Dwarf Fortress videos.

Minds Guru Turtle's Hoard NFTs: All of the landscape images that I post are under public domain and you are free to download and use them as you please. Follow me and let's help each other grow! 馃殌馃殌馃殌

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Reviewing every game ever created, one day at a time.

Linux engineer and hobbyist game dev. Free Debian/GNU/Linux support upon request.

I run a gaming channel. Moving my archived drawing to Dribbble. Bit chute - Dribbble -

I'm an anime fan. This is my shop, hope everyone supports me ^^ many thanks ~

馃叧馃唫-馃唭馃叴馃叢馃叿 馃吋馃叴馃叧馃吀馃叞 LINUX - AUDIO/VIDEO - GRAPHICS DEVELOPER - CREATOR -DESIGNER I mostly make videos about tech, but I also do visual design and produce my own music. Artist, hackerish, coding, Linux servers, Linux PC's. I'm the guy in the coffee shop typing way too much into a black terminal, you know that guy right? Media-Web-Graphics Designer Find our Videos on Youtube Dtube Bitchute & LBRY!

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