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I am a gaminng content creator; I love video games; my favoirtes are games that have high replayability and funfactor. Making these videos is fun for me and I hope you enjoy them! Dwarf Fortress is one of my favorites because of its complexity and procedural generation. I will be playing this game when I'm a old man hahahaha. After some time I will take a break from Dwarf Frotress and play some of my other favorite games, but I will always go back to Dwarf Fortress videos.
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Welcome to my art portfolio! All art you'll see here is my own. I'm a concept artist, illustrator by trade. I've done concept art for multiple indie games, books, stories, small budget movies, YouTube art and whole bunch of Teespring merch. I'm doing book covers now too. Thank you for visiting and let me know if you need anything! I'm open for commissions. NOTE: I can't follow back generic or too spicy channels, sorry. I never report anyone but spammy or radical channels might get blocked on rare occasion till some kind of "mute" function is introduced.

life is good, though it would be better if more people thought for themselves.

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You can send me dogecoin tips by using the QR code, in my page header, or the following wallet address: D6r2oKbwYJfXVggvJ8D9Unewa5kDjtNKU5 🐕 🚀 🌙 Thank you!!

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I created a youtube channel & now it's on Minds :D On my channel, I use cheat discs, cartridges and SD Cards to cheat on retro consoles :D

Welcome to The Nature Plug, this channel is dedicated to the beautiful thing we call nature. thank you for visiting. Check out my youtube channel:

Matt Trinh
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Be curious & seek adventure. Find the truth & Speak the truth. Free your mind and the rest will follow. <3 Gamer, Internet Pirate, Geek, Mother of Dragons, Web & Graphic Designer, Book Worm/Poet, Dreamer, Patriot, Freethinker, Science & Tech Fan, Night Owl/Coffee Addict.

"Reptoid Discovers Minecraft" video series Director/Producer. Parody, Satire, Dark humour. Chaotic Resonance Internet Radio and Minecraft Servers. #PWD

Jan 2021
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