I'm here to post memes, mainly. But I am also here to stay informed and to avoid censorship. Information is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal, anyone who tries to hide it from you is afraid of what you may learn. Be vigilant. P.s, I post some offensive shit and have a filter about as effective as the U.S. border without a wall. I do not hold any prejudice against anyone. Everyone is equally at risk of getting their buttholes in a knot. Shadilay, my kin.

If you like random historical stories, facts, and memes you've come to the right place.

memes and whatever I find in my life

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Common Sense is Required for Critical Thinking

Just an average Black and White American who loves his country and his countrymen. I am a Constitutionalist above all. Liberty over Security "e pluribus unum" Firearm Enthusiast I made the difficult journey from being a BLM Supporting Leftist to being a Right-Wing Libertarian. Follow me on Instagram @the_blak_patriot

"Modern"PC/"Classic"Console Gaming Streamer🎮🖱 w/ Live Video Commentary From My GF and I🎙📹... & also Vintage Hardcore Nazi/Soviet Anal Porn Film📼 Propagator and Connoisseur...(Speaks for Its Self)😎

Curious about the world. Conservative woman sick to death of PC culture.

Aug 2019
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