‘Reverend Holliday' is a pseudonym not an actual representation of any position, title, or name held by the person operating this channel. Both 'Reverend' & 'Holliday' are however indicative of characterizations emulated by the channel operator. **** About the Reverend: American: Born and raised in the great USA, God Bless America! Constitutionalist: I believe in freedom and the God given rights of all Americans. Christian: Not just in title only and above typical stereotypes, I’m a follower of Christ *** Likes: Doc Holliday, Patriotism, Guns, the US Constitution, Freedom, Civil Discourse, Funny Memes, Donald Trump Dislikes: Political Correctness, Bullying, Censorship, Tyranny, Racism or any ideology or POV that supports or defends racism or propagates genocide - Islam, Nazism, ALT—right, Modern feminism, communism, socialism, etc *** A couple rules for subscribers and visitors to my channel: 1) Maintain civility. If you cannot contribute to a conversation without using ad hominem, making unsupported claims, or showing hostility then do not contribute. Respect is earned. 2) Avoid using racist remarks. Anti-race rhetoric is common on free speech social media and you are welcome to express yourself freely on your own channels. While you are visiting mine, please attempt to refrain from using racial slang or racist remarks in any manner while contributing to my channel. I do not tolerate racism or racist words on my channel or in life, nor would I wish to surround myself with anyone that deems that how someone is born makes them lesser or greater than others. 3) Blocking/reporting: I DO block people. I have only reported a few individuals for threats or illegal activities. I do not report people because I disagree with them,. If they cannot follow the simple rules above they will get blocked. I also block spammers and Hitler sycophants. *** I will no longer suffer the company nor the commentary of the alternative right or extreme left that hate Israel and Jews. Communication attempts with these hateful drones that blame Jews for the woes of their own lives and the woes of the world are about as productive as discussions with Antifa fascists or socialist democrats. Attempts to communicate with these persons always results in time wasted on mindless conjecture, unsupported claims, and ad hominem. I no longer waste my valuable time in attempts to communicate with these biased vulgarians. If you lean towards this ideological stance and want to spread your hate do so on your own channel. Show up on mine and you will be blocked. In the words of another famous Mind’s channel, stop posting Nazi 💩 in my feed.
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For many of us, Minds is now our social media home. Minds contains the free-thinkers and outcasts of social media. Its true. Those that are regularly on Minds get to see daily exactly what I am claiming. There are so many channels with a variety of beliefs and worldviews. Whether legit or borderline delusional, they dwell on Minds. Minds has flat-earthers, holocaust deniers, Truthers, alien abductees, conspiracy theorists, anti-vaccine, environmentalists, and other activists, free-thinkers, Christians, atheists, spiritualists, conservatives, liberals, libertarians, and anarchists. Minds is the Baskin-Robbins of social media. Why are all of us on one social network? Our views and our convictions are unwelcome in the main stream collective of socialistic social media, so we congregate here. We are a legion of individuals fighting against the system that has restricted our freedoms and attempted to silence our screams. On Minds we can shout, whisper, or sing whatever we desire. On Minds we can live freely as our forefathers intended or our beliefs encourage. We prefer this status more than being a part of a mindless brainwashed collective conditioned to express only within unconstitutional perimeters. There is freedom on Minds that you will never find on other social platforms. Here we live like Kings! I am grateful for it’s creators and administrators - @Jack @Ottman and others. Thank you for this safe haven; this plot of freedom from where I can live free without fear of retribution or being silenced. I’m your Huckleberry. #philosophy #freespeech #minds
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Let’s make four clarifications in understanding proper communication within debating/discussing different views: Insulting or attacking a person’s character, religion, color, ethnicity, personality, or any other characteristic in an opening statement or throughout a discourse is not an acceptable form of communication. In order for all parties to discuss different opinions passively it is appropriate to refrain from childish conduct, bullying, or personal attacks. If you are on the receiving end of the verbal or written abuse, walk away. Such immaturity deserves no response. Never attempt to enter a discourse while emotionally triggered. Cool off, collect your thoughts, and return. It is suggested you research whatever topic triggered you, so you can return to the conversation calm and prepared. An exceptional way of communication is by leaving all personal bias from civil discussions. In other words be open to listen and understand different views and ideas, even if you disagree or have extreme prejudice against the topic. Be prepared and research, but never assume the person you are communicating with is less knowledgeable or uneducated. You may actually learn something new or create new bonds. Making statements in the form of questions is not asking a question. You have already predetermined the answer due to bias, so instead just state what you believe or ask a question without including personal bias. Actual questions come from sincerity and seek to find answers unbeknownst by the questioner. Statements in the form of questions are already predetermined responses of the person making them. For example: “Don’t you believe all Muslims are evil because of Islamic terrorism?” This is a statement not a question. The person is stating their beliefs - that all Muslims are evil because of Islamic terrorism. They are simply trying to convince everyone listening to agree with their bias or they are making a statement insisting the listeners conform to their preexisting biased views. Now if they asked: “Do you believe all Muslims are evil? Why or why not”, this is an actual honest question void of bias. #Communication #CivilDiscourse #Debating #YouMayGoNow
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