Working on learning various useful skills dealing with self-sufficiency. I live in a small home, with a 5400 sq ft backyard in a suburb near a small city. While not the most ideal place to be as for being prepared, it is what I have, and is not bad to learn how to manage with what we have. Perhaps others may find my experiences useful for their small homes as well. My other account is @miniature_painters_apprentice for my artsy side of things.
Homesteading is a collaboration with nature. It nurtures beauty, creativity, and self-empowerment. As artists, my husband and I were drawn to this lifestyle. Follow us on as we share the development of our food forest, our music, arts and crafts projects, and our journey towards self-sufficiency. Visit for our fermented foods and cigar box guitar blogs.
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A former outdoor survival instructor, I currently work as a deputy sheriff in a suburb of Oklahoma City. I'm the operational commander of a multi-jurisdictional, multi-agency warrant task force. We specialize in locating and arresting dangerous and violent criminals. I use the knowledge from both to try and help people be better prepared for the crazy and sometimes even dangerous events that life throws at us. Email me at [email protected] with questions or comments.
I'm a software engineer that dabbles in off-grid technology. I've also started flirting with pragmatic prepping given how things went with COVID. I'm not doom and gloom I'm just trying to create a buffer to absorb the bumps. I love in rural California where we hate the government and flatlanders from the cities. 🤣😂 Also enjoy jeep'in and exploring the mountains. #frenfinder2
artist, gardener, mom, grandma, wife and friend
voluntaryist, pain in the ass wife, shitposter
Just someone who enjoys crocheting
Matt The Butcher here! over 12 years as a professional butcher and it truly has become my passion. I specialize in whole animal butchery , charcuterie and salumi. follow if you’d like to catch a glimpse of my meaty creations! cheers.
Aug 2021
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