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This was the doing of the left - they encouraged people to get pointless degrees with "government guarantees" that had only effect: to allow universities to raise their prices exponentially. Education is a BUSINESS and it has become a complete scam.

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DNI Ratcliffe letter about CCP involvement in elections.

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To say that violence is never necessary is to say that our country's founding fathers' revolutionary war, that the Union's fight against the Confederacy, and the armies who defeated Hitler's Germany were all completely criminal. It is to outright admit that US military involvement in the affairs of other countries is all war crimes. It is to admit that police should neither be armed, nor ever use force of any kind. It is to say that no person ever has the right to defend themselves from any aggressors. I assure you. At times, violence is entirely necessary, especially when the ability to resolve problems through peaceful communication breaks down. As soon as open conversation stops (or stops working) the only recourse left is violence. It is the only remaining place to go. So while your government brings an end to the ability to speak freely, or seeks to stifle voices and communication, they become entirely guilty of inciting the inevitable violence themselves. Don't pretend to yourself that they are unclear about the results of such choices. They are well aware of what they are doing. Peace talks. Silence is violence.
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Politicians who won't stand up for whistleblowers need the whistle blown on them.
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End the Welfare State!

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Only a person/corporation/slave need to take covid test's and have masks etc. As always it's a rigged game for all ignorant zombie sheeople. - They can't force anything on a real living human. — Wake up, know thyself. Qui tacet consentire videtur. He who is silent appears to consent. Jenk. Cent. 32.

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In a rare instance of police accountability, a New Jersey officer will face a year of probation and won't ever be able to collect a paycheck from taxpayer funded jobs again. A year in prison would have been our choice but at this point we are just pleased to see some level of accountability.
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