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To all there is an end. To watch humanities end is not what I had planned.

December 21 - 26 2020 is 2012 end date these days..

Why?  Seems the Georgian calendar was off several years and days.

Days to end of 2012 Ethiopian calendar

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What will be left of your country after 2025?


Time traveling stories the adventures of a lost shadow.

So there I was, lost again as a wandering. HOBO are unemployed. I thought more of myself as a wandering free thinker. The problem with being a philosopher in this day and age, no one will pay them. And if you introduce yourself as a philosopher. People tend to want to give their opinions and not enjoy a wonderful story. I was more of a storyteller in yet. Maybe that is why I am a pirate. I after all look like a pirate.

That was me. A pirate in my reality. Then my reality changed. A mountain that I knew very well moved and a tree across from where I live. Well the tree walked up north for a while.

If that was not enough the bible changed names of a few books and the outcomes changed. Meaning? The bok described Zachariah in my reality by a Texas Pastor Vernon Mac Gee. Zachariah 14 was an army being melted by a nuclear blast. A river of an army melting in a river with blood up to the horses bridles. Here Zechariah describes people fighting with their tongues out and with their hands. Or zombies.

The story along the way, the Mandela effect, got me interested in what was going on in reality. Meaning? What I remember MacDonalds, JcPenny, and other items. That I also have a few photos.

I attempted to document much of my travels in journals. I had them in my room and then one day poof. Maybe the person who was here did not write them, or and here is the biggie. Maybe he is smarter than I and hiding them. Like I find hidden things all the time and wonder.

Example? Closed time curved loop time travel. In my reality, they laughed the idea of spherical geometry at. That a triangle had more than 180 degrees caused me no temporary problem. In my sophomore year in school. When I insisted for no apparent reason that a triangle could have over 180 degrees. Why and what problem? I think I got a teacher fired for agreeing with me. And beyond that? I can honestly say that year was completely different in my memory from what reality looks like now. So that was 1987.

So what do I think? I think I have been here before. I am repeating time and history. I know what I drew in 1978 and I know that my horror dreams then could only be that I lived out a nuclear war.

Now? I have heard tell of many endings of humanity. Meaning? I think deja vu is life being relived through the time of tribulation to be honest.

Warnings no one seemed to care to listen to.

That the partial owner of Wuhan lab is not striped of his property. Just shows you that this is not going to end well for humanity. That the ex CEO of the company patenting the mark of the beast as a cryptocurrency. States, this is just the beginning. Also says to depopulate the world shows how far humanity has fallen within a few months.

If you expect your corporations to help you. Realize they just received 6 trillion dollars. Making each tax payer a debtor by 56,000 dollars to corporations trying to pay BLM not their people on unemployment. While the unemployed did not get free face masks or food. That this is reality shows how close to an ending of the time of tribulation is upon humanity. That people and material coming from China are awkward. If you realize that China most likely burnt 34 million of their own people makes them extremely evil. That the ending of some time wars is apparent to those traveling time with the Mandela effect. What about Trump? I mean, he is not going to allow the ex CEO to turn Australia into zombie land? What is happening is the unravelling of a closed time curved loop of reality and in the end this too has past. Meaning? Pray. The end is near or far away depending on the reality you end up in.

Pirates.  After losing everything once. I was a writer about pirates.. I miss my pirate friends.

Shortcut from Wonderland to England. was a wonderful time. The crew was after all on an adventure. Just visiting different realities and times, it made sense to move from where. I had attacked a whole army and won. To pondering about England and rabbit holes. I mean most books only have one story while a half a dozen tales or a dozen or so makes reality a question of one’s mind. An example of the Claw love story. Thus when the story is entered in a journal might seem romantic to some. Thus to the writer while is seems like Deja vu? Or why he used to be read by millions on Pirates of the Caribbean pirate game.

Why I should have been a pirate? Rationale think I will be a cook next time. Why Adventure? Sure. Once or twice before I awake.

And usually, about Pirate tales or time travel or this is this or that is that. Or you could sing with me. Or look through a mirror just a glance. Aye, I would have been a horrible pirate. I don’t like being Sh. And piracy is a quiet time venture usually. Sneaking up on.

Treasures or Pearls? In yet, If no one reads? Who cares what I write?

To be a pirate writing about the Mandela effect? Or potions in bottles or Coins?

The Revolt in heaven is done and my soul is being recalled home for a day of judgment. With merit or without merit. Was I or am I a Monster? I was a pirate.

People will not remember me when I am gone.  

Poetry to think I was once known as a poet

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWq-GQSEIpA film star Dawna Lee Horror Queen read poetry..


festival one of 6

https://vimeo.com/user98905865 festival two of 6


















Cataracts acrostic

Cataracts turning my eyes blue

amazing my eyes today are sky blue

Time makes me question reality these days, too

A change in reality to see through blue eyes

Reality my hearing is going too

A time for more surgery with 21 lasers already done too

Cataracts making my eyes blue

Time to wonder, will the wifi turn your eyes blue too?

Sound of the wifi humming is numbing too.

Poem written after realization I live right now next to three large wifi stations.

Small Novel

Time Traveler Journal

Remembering Life

Short stories