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056 days for END OF 2012 Count down to removal of 229 million United States Citizens. 11 September 2020 Ethiopian New Year 2013 begins Welcome to the thunder dome.. 309 days until next blood moon May 21, 2021

Who says crime does not pay is not paying attentiont to the CEOs and their stock options which are being cashed out.


How are corporations paying their CEOs stocks?  Why you the tax payer paid for them with.  Thanks to the Democrats -


Meaning?  All that stimulus money went to the corporations which purchased the CEOs options with it and wola are now asking for more of your tax payer money.

But wait the corporations pay taxes too.

Taxation of income versus corporations. Corporations pay 292 billion out of 3.8 TRiLLION dollars.. That is awkward less than 7 percent once you count government give back programs. https://www.thebalance.com/current-u-s-federal-government-tax-revenue-3305762 WHY do we need corporations that do not pay even 8 percent of the government budget Since you gave them the majority of the stimulus money and stuck individual tax payers with the bill please consider removing all stimulus money from corporations that do not hire Americans. https://www.forbes.com/sites/anthonynitti/2020/03/25/congress-reaches-agreement-on-a-coronavirus-relief-package-tax-aspects-of-the-cares-act/#65f491d75f99 I am disturbed that the covid virus has destroyed small businesses at the benefit of major corporations. I do not see corporations benefiting society at present and would like their tax exemption removed and their profits taxed. The exemption taxation would be nice to hear that corporations need to tightening their belt to allow more people to work versus less.I would also like to see monopolies such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, and other major companies broken up for the good of both the US worker. Why is it the Microsoft has a 10 billion dollar military contract in yet outsources to India? Those are good jobs that need to be for US citizens. That is US tax money and not fair to have some VISA H employee taking US tax money to work while unemployment is so high. Why is it that Apple products are made in China not the US? Stop the US government from purchasing foreign products until US citizens are working again. WHY send money to the country that caused this issue? https://money.cnn.com/2018/04/19/technology/h-1b-visas-tech-hiring/index.html I hope at least one other person asks their senator to stop paying US tax money to non citizens and hire citizens.

Well the democrats will at least protect our security and independence right?

Seems they want to chip you and track you to your favourite fishing hole


But surely the US government will try to protect us?

They seem to want to kill you too.  Their predictions. http://www.deagel.com/country/

Surely you jest there is no Umbrella corporation trying to turn us into zombies..


Come now this is just a hoax.. Bill Gates would not be trying to murder people.


I know I know facts will disprove your hoax conspiracy theory.


Surely the preachers will do something?


Come now you are talking like it is the end of 2012.


The news or media would do something about it.


God will protect us?


The corporations will protect us?


How about reality?


Surely some communist will or would stop this?


So when is mothra going to show up?


Surely there will be no wars..


Surely we are not in Raccoon city?


The symbol represented a new age to come. That someone failed to tell the maker of the symbol the dangers was kind of obvious. That killing humanity to them was as simple as pulling the economic nail out of the businesses. Thus causing massive starvation and business collapse was kind of wild to see. The time traveler wondered about why no one seemed to care. That no one seemed to do anything was obvious. Why?

The journal entry going along with the symbol.

That I watch the end of humanity was not my plan. Let me be honest, I doubt this could happen in my reality in yet? Here I am and all the bodies were on my world plus unique souls are here too.

That the mark of the beast is upon humanity. Changing people into zombies wild, not my expectation of reality. That Microsoft patent is not even talked about. That churches fail. It means that most preachers are blackmailed or corporate used car salesmen. It is again something I would never have thought about. But the umbrella corporation is taking these worlds. That the President of the United States seems to be complacent with this is wildly unexpected. I thought I would have seen a backbone however August 31st is coming. The problem with last night’s sees discussion was I will not be around. That I die soon is evidently something planned, and that someone cares for me is awkward. These are not my peps, this is not the world. This hell of a life is not my reality. Death? I believe I have been dead for some time now. That this is a make believe future. With the mistaken belief of the book Belief and Time. With the concept that seeing something as an illusion for a moment makes it real is not something I am happy with.

The mystery is this truth or is everything so evil? I am not sure why I was brought into the world desiring to be good in yet be evil. The genuine mystery is a soul. I love those shadows of people. Were they real? Are they real? If this is not some horrible joke. And I awake in 1973 or later the question on my mind will be is this some nightmare. If so, I do not enjoy it and will do something else with my life.

I will become a dishwasher. Maybe a pizza delivery man. Screw corporations. What is at stake in reality is humanity, the human soul? Has not all the movies, television program taught reality. That becoming the Borg or zombie consumerism or cyclones. Always cycle back to the idea that the human soul is worth more than this.. THIS reality? That this reality is an illusion is not what I expected.

That I did something and checked is a no no. However, I am a bit tired and decided to do something. The investigation appears to be right. This is nothing but a flawed reality a mirrored world. However what about the perfections? The technology hidden in the patent office?

The huge military array of weaponry awaiting God’s heaven? The wildness of the story is prophecy is written backwards in time. I am the beginning and I am the ending. Means you can make as many alternative realities and as many alternative plans as you want. All the skiff rooms in the worlds reality fail. All the secret communications fail.

Why? Simply put this is his game of life. The creator created, and this is his game. What about the realities of seven million years or 4000 years or 3 years without God? All is in vain without the breath of God. For at the end of each. Whether sterilized worlds or cloned worlds trying to find how to procreate the issue is the same. God spirit. Reality without God’s spirit, there is no life. What is it? It is life. What is the difference between life and a facsimile? The difference between real and a robot I suppose mirroring the actions of a real boy. Is there nothing in these mirror worlds? Yes, this close to the real world there is. What hope? BE good. Stop evil. Believe in Jesus, Christ. Pray. What about fight the end of time? The eviler one’s reality gets the easier it is to fight. While in these realities. I am sure the forced vaccination or the beheading in Australia. Is or are already happening in some realities.

Surely there is a better plan? That the corporation tried to usurp the role of an evil one is unique. Which is eviler? The person paying for the evil or the person being replaced? And the evil paying for the replacement deciding to destroy humanity, why? That there is no reaction or demonstration in front of the corporation’s offices. Is proof that someone has lied too. Fix it. If the fake news is fixing anything it is not something that is going to help the public. Is there any hope? Hope in Jesus Christ. Pray. Beyond that, the evil one is here. The evil one’s corporation is here. That the patent is from the government. And no one in the government is concerned should show you that the government is not going to help you either.

Realization is you are alone in this world. That death is knocking and to win is to lose is awkward. Realize that there are few chances. The path is narrow.

The danger? Vaccination with dementia and sterilization. Starvation with the food seeds failing due to some sort of pesticide or soil change. OR you could be a slave to the corporation. Slavery. Also I suppose there is beheading if you do not accept their product. And of course starvation because no work without the vaccination.

Surely there is someone out there to help? God is watching. Outside of that? The final battle is to the one who made this story. All else fails eventually and the realization be good do good stop evil is a simple task. Something I should strive for. The resolution? I am already dead. Death will be happening soon enough according to someone I sort of believe these days.


The second beast was permitted to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship it to be killed. 16And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark—

The symbol to end humanity was given. The request for peace failed.