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Raccoon city Wuhan China... day 21 to late for quarantine in a 14 day growth period... Humanity ?

Update March 26 2020.. 21 million missing Chinese.  Lockdown has gone world wide. 


Weaponized virus escaped to Wuhan city which is under lock down.

Communism is responsible for the dangerous spread of corona virus.


No one cares that deja vu, movies, and other realities told you to stop the plague.

This could make sense given that corona-virus patents exist going back to 2015 and Wuhan has a lab that can work on weaponizing viruses. Thus, maybe a stolen corona-virus got weaponized and then leaked by accident out into the public?


Who owns the lab? Why did they do this to humanity? 

Who paid money for a cure. Using non taxed funds and most likely federal funding?

Sickness that people have a cure for a sickness.. Reminds me of 2038..

Raccoon city how far down into the earth does this go

How much more money for a cure? Or is this Kingsmen with some hero to save humanity?

Movies warn people.. Stop sickness and yet does nothing..