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Piracy was not the trade I was going into. However, one does not always get to do what they want. So, drunk and shanghaied into a merchant man ship bound to a small isle someplace off the South American coast what do I know or do. Anyways my writing career was not going anywhere at that time. Thus began my career as a cook for a voyage that would turn me from a mild mannered writer to a sword carrying pirate cook fiend.

Once Ender was captured and taken aboard a very big ship that floated in the sky.. It was a trick of course. The grand scheme of things this outpost of a world held nothing of notice other then the latest world being built by the planet building ship called Paradise. There for some reason life was produced to hold on to souls from a garden called Eden. The whole of the game, if an opinion maybe expressed was to provide entertainment friendship and just something to do over the millions of years. The trick of course was the great light was given a chance to be greater, instead picked up on something Anderson and Anderson Company brought to the US. The idea of destruction often allows from the ruins something new to be built. Anyway at this lowly outpost a third of the angels decided to go along with the re destruction of perfection. They followed what some call Death, some call the power an angel of “light” that fell from heaven, some call the story malarkey.

Anyways, to start out there were 70 creatures created with two greater beings called Adam and Lilith http://www.straightdope.com/.../whats-the-story-on-lilith... being the heads of the group living on Paradise’s on-board garden Eden. If understood correctly this group split up. Lilith went to combine with death and his group created what is commonly called demons. While Adam being alone watched as G8d created another woman in front of him. Upon seeing the creation process he did not want his woman. If legends be read incorrectly which most are this woman became the mother of fairy folks. Meaning she ate of the tree of life, but not of the forbidden fruit. Making her forever young and her offspring numerous up to the point of the great sin.

......................................... A different Tale

Ender the pirate was sailing the Black Skimmer towards an isle known to few as the dragon's Isle. The Isle was to hold one of the last living dragon's and while the legends told of vast treasures and riches to those that could fight the dragon few if any ships ever returned with tales, one way or the other, so after a time few ships ventured towards the edges. Ender of course with his crew of a cat, bear, raccoon, and wild duck were of a different sort. Ender being blind and partially mad loved to think that the world was going to be an adventure. While the cat though, he heard that they're on the Isle lived a great ball of yarn, which could roll forever and ever and never loss all the string. While the bear misunderstood someone to say that the largest bee farm was kept there by the last dragons for the honey to be used in their tea. While the wild duck was along for the trip. Thus floated the Black Skimmer to the edge of the world's edge. For those not in the know, the world during this time was flat. A proven fact that North America had not broken away from Asia/Russia, and South America was still part of Africa. While Austrialia was part of Asia, and islands were just a myth at the time. The extreme oceans were still tanked up underground by excessive doors, leaking only enough to make small rivers. Mankind knew in those days how to dam the water from the ground with great iron bars. So the real question was what water was the Black Skimmer skimming on. The answer the mighty Missouri river which flowed through rivers all the way to the Meditrean, which was a land where the sky was covered in dew most days' meaning plants grew big and sizeable because of the excess water and sunlight which were always there due to the during of the world bring spun more on the top of the world with everything together. Thus, the plants grew excessive and great without much trouble. The timeframe was prior to Noah's flood, and the beavers were finishing a pronounced dam similar to the one they are building now in Canada. Which held more water than anything had in a while. The timing was bad because the earth was making its galaxy cycle, which would push it outside of the galaxy for roughly 12 years frying the atmosphere. Any ways on these rivers were chucked of lands, which were called Isle and that was where the adventurers were going.



Kith and kin

One's friends, acquaintances, and relations

no one knows you better

eternity spent with kin

someone´s special family friend

friends who know you

a kith a great group

kin a family of friends.