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061 days for END OF 2012 11 September 2020 Ethiopian New Year 2013 begins Welcome to the thunder dome.. 314 days until next blood moon May 21, 2021

Tag #poem 300 plus poems on Minds... most 100 percent readable with a lot of autographs.. Awkward where are they?  Poem

Tales that are real with the references right in the blogs.  063 062

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What did you do during the beginning part of the Revelations right before the seals started to be broken?

Oh I shared and reminded meme's a lot. Wrote a lot of questions. Asked for help here and there.

Do you miss your freedom?

 I am blind and reality is not mine any more.

Censorship is interesting

eternity of questions I have

need to figure out is this all a lie

seriously why did Biden not fight Corn Pops with a chain?

Open your eyes the book of Revelations can be read backwards or forwards.

reality there are multiply endings.

Seriously here no temple is needed for God to come back

hoops into his heaven spaceship and UFOs for 2021 or 2020 or..

In fact, life is interesting for a person traveling time.

People say I have lost my mind.

Cersorship is awkward part of the trip.