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To travel broadens one mind. To be kidnapped from ones own room to another in space-time along the way to the end of time. I had hoped to stop at the cafe at the end of the universe. Only corona had shut that down too.

"Get up!" she came into the room. Upon opening my eyes I realized I was somewhere else. How? When? Why? I was a bit bewildered to say the least. To have someone come into my room let alone wake me up was not normal. That the room was not mine and I was in the body that was evidently not mine either left me a bit confused. Let me be honest I did not believe in possession or multiverse or parallel realities. In yet, here I was experiencing this day. What could I say? I got up. I went about doing what I was told to do. In yet, I knew I was not where I should be. I mentioned this to the doppelganger playing my wife for the day. That did not end so well. Being taken to a shrink and him trying to say I was dead and I. Well. Let me say this is the valley of the dead to me. And being that which is unspoken I could point this was a dead planet and that the people here were actually left him kind of confused. That he could not disprove my facts. And yes I have physical facts he was stumped. That he wanted me medicated and put away. Well. Unspoken wisdom works here as there and one can be forgotten just by moving from one reality to the next. And so I moved on. To where?

I am missing an outline process that works for me.

I have a plot.

I have the character

The fatal flaw in a character of mine. The belief that I am right at times when I could be only partially right or fragmentary wrong at any given moment in a parallel world universe. The evidence of a parallelism shows that history, people, and times can be changed. That they have been changed is the effect known as Mandela effect which a whole lot of people are finding that they have different memories an habit that they did not have before. The issue is what to do about this an how to live a life when you know you are not from the world that you are currently in. The fatal flw will be told at the judgment seat I believe when God says yes or no to the end of time. Will this happen? I believe yes. Will this event happen sooner than I expected? Most differently. I expected 214 years per the Jewish calendar before the and of time. or 6000 years given man kind to live on earth. Here with the speeding up of time and changing of humanity things will change. People will get vile which is the prediction in the Bible. The end of time is upon us.

I have the adventure.

Into space was light multiple by time quiet. Not many people ever listened to the person, to begin with. His statements were based on reality fact checked with WikiLeaks. His bazaar hatred for the current presidential candidate was based on facts that she stole money used it for terrorism and he was left without a job for two months because she was an unethical liar who was stealing the election from another senator. His grief was total. He worked his butt off by Facebooking, writing people, and messaging them to vote Bernie. He even went as far changing his party to vote primaries for Bernie. For what purpose? After the election, he was attacked by Snowflakes. Calling him an ass. Why? Because they hadn't a clue who he was or what he stood for. Even after writing letters online to Senators, Representatives, posting their content for everyone to see. The Snowflakes were mean. For what purpose? They had not a clue as to why they were attacking anyone they just were nuts. The sadness was the guy eventually called his dream of no war in Syria off. He realized that the Snowflakes were fighting for war with Syria. Why? Who knows why liberals think war is good. Shame

I actually just yesterday received the ending.

The end of the world is upon us. The usage of time equates to space divided by frequency of light was the plot twist when you realize space is nothing more than frequency of light multiplied by time. The character being a time-space traveler unrealizing has walked into a different parallel world. His only clue is the mop handle and mop colors have changed. Everything else was like it was parallelism is wild that way I guess. But the travel persisted in looking things up. Like how did the world population shrink by 1.2 billion people. Why is the color frequency different. And when did Abe Lincoln only become a representative and not a senator. His mind was a twist of what should have been and what ifs. The realization is part of the plot to the ned of time and space itself. Will there be a world. plot and character sketch. The end of the world is upon us. The usage of time equates to space divided by frequency of light was the plot twist when you realize space is nothing more than frequency of light multiplied by time. The character being a time-space traveler un realizing has walked into a different parallel world. His only clue is the mop handle and mop colors have changed. Everything else was like it was parallelism is wild that way I guess. But the travel persisted in looking things up. Like how did the world population shrink by 1.2 billion people. Why is the color frequency different. And when did Abe Lincoln only become a representative and not a senator. His mind was a twist of what should have been and what ifs. The realization is part of the plot to the ned of time and space itself. Will there be a world.

The problem is making or writing it to make sense.

One can not come out and say.

Hey the death of humanity is happening.

Vaccines or coronavirus has sterilized humanity by 2027.

That humanity is a lost dead cause without some form of wow factor.

And that is what I am missing.  Detail.. to add detail..

Parallel worlds make sense in that the worlds we see are richer sometimes and then poorer at times. The rationale for a wealthier world without people is that the resources are still used but there are less people. That the more people made a less richer world is brought home in that of national debt of the US. The GDP was the same as it is here. But the national debt is payable here with less people using social security and social services . Meaning the money is spread not as thin as if the world would have 8.5 billion people

I am a diabetic. I am a space-time traveler having been kidnapped from my mother in laws home May 19th, 2016. I function at times as a person not really there. For what history and events I recall are different in this world as in the past few worlds I have traveled across. I have consulted rabbis, priests, a shrink. The whole lot of them did not even give it a professional college once over try. The rabbis were there is only one other world possible. I had written them my traveling tale which in at least several of them the world distinct history I pointed out differently. The priest was a no go. The shrink remembered a different world also. His explanation was past lives. y I tried to explain to him on multiple occasion that this was my first time meeting him. You say why. I say that in one of the visits he was into Chinese deco. Meaning little fat buddhas. On the next, visit, he was into African decor. On the last, he was into Japanese statues. I asked each time if he had changed his office and his reply was no. So I told him about his other selves. Telling someone versus themselves believing makes this conversation hard at times. Few people will believe in parallelism so why? Should I waste the effort to point out hey this ain't my world. when evidently I am stuck here until Cern or Dwave computing or space fence decides to change the frequency of light yet again.

Time travel no problem. Closed time curved loop explained.

Watching God fix his story from Montauk Project stolen and miswritten bible a lot longer to explain.

One reality has one story, the next reality another. In yet if you are traveling between realities you see them all. And realize the end of time is upon mankind and yet. The path is narrowing August 31 2020 should be something to see if I make it.

So there I was again. Not where I was suppose to be that is for sure. Six generals, an admiral, and some person from an intelligence agency. How do I get into these stupid meetings? Sure, what I wrote was correct. Sure the military was wasting money. Yes, it was either waste money building a non compliant military equipment or roads. I would think roads would have been better in yet the money was here to do this again. Next time I was going to just avoid the truth. I could do that. I was smart enough to discover the faulty program and after 340 million dollars who cares or cared? I could not be the only person realizing this. In yet i was here and no one else. Stupidity rains when honest people have to do numbers. Maybe in my next life I will become something less stressful. A writer? No. People are fickle readers. What makes sense in one reality does not make sense in another. I think I will be safe as a janitor. Not to many of them causing problems and they have to clean up peoples messes and usually are ignored. Back to the meeting. General one was asking about the number. Instead of replying I flipped the powerpoint chart to page 2 indicated to turn the report. The answer was there.

Conflict, what ifs, development of a flat characterise person into a well-rounded individual that is my issue. How to produce someone that I am not. But that I am since I am the main character? What a typical screw up this is. to realize you are considered flat personality versus is a rounded individual and then to be called a bigot because I do not see myself within a conflict, in yet I am time traveling. To see myself watching the end of the world dilemma. In yet I am perfectly happy to wave bye to humanity. To look at my flaws which are many and say develop a new personality. Maybe that is it. I lack personality. In yet, I do not feel that I lack personality I find that I am one of three people that I enjoy and converse with most often. Oh nuts you say a nut talking to himself in yet. I find that most people haven't a clue as to what I see nor care that they are not from here or there. For the most part I wonder if they realize that I do not think they live. For what is life is not an adventure of sorts.

The conflict is almost uncanny. What would a flat character achieve in time-space travel if there was no conflict? His only dilemma was where did his soul go? Did he get place in hell path? Is he evil and will not survive the coming end of the world? The plot is where the issue is at. The fault of the character is without going anywhere for a purpose that staying put makes the most sense. You have seen the ghost stories. And always asked the question why did the silly character go there in the first place? The answer was looking for plot maybe but what if this space-time traveler has decided that keeping himself safe along with what he deems for the moment is his family safe is the best solution. The question of following Christ, ie giving up everything and preaching is not an issue for him. Because he does not feel that is the path he was allowed in life. meaning the Bible has many different endings. Meaning Lion to wolf.. the world's end from seven years, to immediate to seventy years in a parallel world. The question is plot what should the flat character do? I personally enjoy breakfast in bed. I am not lazy per say but I am me. Which makes me close to several bi

There seems to lack a flaw in the flat personality. What comes may come instead of being mentally ill he is taking his drugs as required by the shrink even though he does not feel he needs them. The plot may be the issue. Time-space travel within your mother in laws house might be the thing that needs to change. Maybe he should go out more. In yet, he has done that. maybe he should try to ruffle some feathers but he has already done that. Most of congress, prime minsters, and Russia know he is not either from this world or is nuts. Either case to be on the alert for him. What is he waiting for? The end of the world of course. But, how would you change the outcome? If you knew you were a space-time traveler with Mandela effect issue but really you were not told by anyone go stop this. Do not eat this is his only advice. I am not sure maybe the flaw is the plot maybe I have add more flaws or a dilemma outside of religion. Meaning religion does not seem to care that there is a multi universe nor does it care to help those worried about where their soul is or was. So that brings us back to plot what should this character ie me do?

Contradictory to oneself is useful. what if I would be brave and quiet as a mouse. Is there a contradiction or more alignment as a flat character type that fails to see the beauty of a multi=universe expanding out before him. The challenge is to stay with a family versus leave and become someone or something different. The reality is fear of change. Could a Space-Time traveler actual just live without causing problems realization that the people he was with yesterday are not the same people as of today and that that is okay? His conflict of what or how to get home is the realization is his only reference point is from Douglas Addams book the hitchhiker guide to the universe which at one point pointed to the west end of the tip of the galaxy and now being parallel has a completely different reference point as to the east end of the galaxy. Making it a fluid reference point at best. Character's development of an individual means growth. What is growth but pain and exercise? Which is good however at what point does a person say hey look I am up for a new universe each day.

2017 insert

The flat character of Clinton R. Siegle. Month 9 of being a parallel time-space traveler has brought about little to no growth in Mr. Siegle redevelopment of character. He is still lazily reading, Facebooking, writing, petting his dog and taking care of business as if the whole world was as normal. Even if he can point that this is not his world. Not his family but a parallel family with different flaws, problems, and events or history which he just accepts. That he has kind of gone from concern that the world is ending. ie for those that read the bible the great illusion happening in his timeframe. Meaning on his timeframe he figured that the world had another 212 years to go before God called it off and threw the towel in. Here however with Doctor Anderson time-space satellites and people realizing their dreams within their lifetime maybe time was not as one would expect. In fact that space equated to time multiplied by the frequency of the worlds parallel light was something new in conceptual terms for our character. But sadness he saw no real problem. He lived. He hopes in Christ Jesus. The end is near. That is all he realized. What a wasted effect, Mandela effect is our main character who is just writing thing not with a care in the world.

Confession of a space time traveler. I would not be the first pick to be a space time traveler. I am s disabled and a bit of a nut to be gin with. The complete loss of my family to a parallel family along with history, geography, and other items name brands etc makes this journey a bit odd for me. To begin with people do not understand that the people that they are now with are not the same people that had the experience with them the day before. In fact their personality and attitude is changed so much at times you can wonder if they can not see that you have changed as well. First notices of space traveling is pay attention to where you were told you were in the galaxy. I for example was on the outside left arm of the milky way. Now that I find myself today inside the Milky galaxy look at several digital stories and wonder if people can not read or just assumed fictional and no different or difference where I say I am from. That is a bit of an oddity. What is even more of an oddity is telling a person that their problem is that the person they are arguing with has not the same past as they had. Which makes them stop talking with you and you realize that they know that they are not from here. The test to see if you are not from this world as I have `come to put it is as follows. What color is your sun- yellow, white, blue, or green. Where is your heart left, left center, center, right center or right. Abe Lincoln was he a senator or a representative. South America directly below North America or how many miles to the east. I have seen at least 85 worlds and can normally put the following to your worlds once given this is information. Meaning if you say the following Japan is to the left of China. Population was 8.5 billion on May 19, 2016. China did not own outer Mongolia. Obama believed there was 57 states in the Union. Bush believed Saddam Hussain murdered Nelson Mandela.

Being a time space traveler puts your hopes on hold at times. You see the person that was here prior to your mind swap at times has not accomplished everything you have or had done. Redoing something is something I often find myself doing. At first I thought it was Deja vu and then realized no. The person in front of me does not do everything the same way. Tying shoes, and putting stuff back for example. The more concern is starting arguments due to something small is common in the past now not so. I hve learned. The funny part is the guy is on a diet. He does not eat what I eat. I think if he comes back to the body that was in he will find that yes I did 10000 sit-up crunches. But I also spent 100 BS and had a hamburger. Eat that dopplegannger I hope you change and become good because there is no way I want to fight Christ nor God nor end this world as you want a humanity after 2100. No way not any more. I am tired of this perception. You were suppose to have money power in a double life instead I find there are many me all losing out and even in worst condition than I was in. humor how life goes.

I can not write.

I think that is a blessing an curse at times.

I read something that I knew in my reality.

And it changes and I am like when or why?

So I have to go and research when something changed.

It is like the rapture. For the first few months I was sure I going to hell. Why? The people I was with were nice. What has that got to do with hell? My belief was I was going there and to go from May 19 2020 to May 20 2020 and missing 1.2 billion people well. Either I was not caught up in the rapture and the twinkling of the eyes which I stayed awake for because I could see it an that freaked me out. One moment in a room and the next. Same or similar room. I had to count items and usually one of the items was either missing or moved. I think that was what drove me nuts to begin with. I was sure the first few weeks that my doppelganger wife had moved the desk or chair causing me to almost bump into it and crash. You see with partial vision sometimes reality to me had to have a routine.

Locations change so often that is awkward. I use to sit in front of a Burger King and write. Then they remodeled it. Not once but like 15 times. Sure I understand reality jumping these place were on different realities. However, I use to enjoy sitting and watching people. Then they added televisions. Which so loud I could not think. So I moved to seating close to a window where I could watch the moving mountain. And once whomever was in charge of my journey saw that I got a complete building built so I could not see it anymore All within 2 to 3 years. The awkwardness is reality. Sounds funny. Not so funny when you normally like donuts and there was only one donut shop and then it closes. You wonder why? Did I not spend enough money there? Prior to those locations I use write in one room. Then I was moved. Once, twice, thrice, and now a fourth time. I wonder when this trip will end? August 31st is coming I guess. To see the end of humanity due to vaccines or sterilizations by the coronavirus or a nanobot infused body. Life is wild. Traveling is wandering through the universe.

Reality jumping was not what I expected. Let me be perfectly honest. I was more into playing pirates and letting the life I had slip bye bye. That now I have seen the rapture, a twinkling in eyes, kingdoms versus kingdoms, a nuclear war December 12 2017 in some worlds, the final seal broken for the plague and the future coming comets to hit South America, or Africa well. I can honestly say where I write mostly is in my mind. Who wants to know that the end of time is upon them by a time traveler? Sure Sagittarius had better donuts, and i knew were mount illimani was every day. But to watch the end of time. It is something to watch the bible changes and recognize the changes of the seasons and times. That is another thing. I think somewhere in 2018 I went nuts watching trees. One day blossom the next dry and a third no leaves what so ever. Kind of freaked me out. Same with South America moving 2400 miles east of where I knew if for 45 years. Just when did this happen? And why me? Yeah I wrote speculation on why with the last bible change. I knew something and few people would recognize the code word anyways. The book of life had been stolen a long time ago. Not in this reality.

Detail for my novel. yes, yes let me see. I grew up on the Sioux and Northern Cheyenne reservation. I was the only pink kid there. Still the only pink kid in La Paz Bolivia. No one realizes that anymore. So few pink people. When I went back to visit there yes things changed. Movie theaters were no longer where I remember. Seems here that bookstores are closed up and so few people were in the Barnes and Nobles I worried that people were becoming fickle readers or maybe I just did not understand online pdf books. Either case my reality has changed. Geographically Bolivia is 20 degrees cooler, the mountain I use to remember moves daily, New Zealand non plural was one island above Australia, oh and the big fact the sun was yellow. That your sun is hidden by a large mirror some 350 to 430 miles above the earth is wild to me. That no one cares is awkward. In yet your sun is white. Take a bowl outside sit it down look into it. No yellow light anymore. What is hidden behind the mirror? Time. This place has been a traveling time path for a long time. The sun was swapped out in 2003 when Katrina hit my world. Which makes me question why Katrina hit 2005 here. Anyways, reality

The partially blind one footed time traveler was stumped yet again. Just why would people call Fruit loops Froot loops? Which came first? Meaning if I was from a 6.5 billion years earth I was older than a 4.5 billion year old earth right? That was when I discovered the sun. That awkward moment. When you recognize a shrunken reality under not a yellow sun which was real but a white light bulb of a mirror. Sort of brought all the other issues to ahead. North was now east, and what would have been my escape plan from any reality was no longer anyplace I recognized. Time travel sure has details switched around from one parallel reality to the next. Why exactly did Hitler have blue eyes here and brown eyes in my reality? Numbers again. Wars. Like now some math on the US civil war showed 1.8 million people died. Awkward that was triple the number I remembered. And today? ~ 655,000 not counting civilians.. Still higher than I remember. Details. I have started to reread some of my favorite books. Awkwardness what once was special is no longer there.. Sort of like finding out Shakespeare is real here has a father kids and home along with grave all known. In yet, not known https://en.wikipedia.org/.../United_States_military... Terrell Galloway civil war number we discussed has changed yet again.

I think the most awkward part is realizing that each day is a different soul and not the one you knew yesterday. How do I know? Let me be honest. I am odd. I was odd prior to this. I counted little things. I did things. Like what? How many steal posts are in a fence? 15 17 19 depended on the day. Setting up tea parties for my kids with their tea and cookies. Taking people to movies, bringing flowers, telling a story. That is the most unnerving part of this tale. When a person tells a story and instead of saying yes this happened says that happens. I like wonder. If that happened no wonder this person did nothing. He was .. not boring goodness no. How many pink people from US do you know that pick up and move to bolivia with one foot, partially blind and without hearing? That is just it. These bodies are better. I wonder. I think the most awe inspiring part of reality is the realization each time I ask my wife about our first place of marriage. Seattle and when drove right into Canada. Now Canada is 150 miles due north. When she does not get that right I wonder. Just exactly did she and I do or that soul do in their reality? I mean I should have been someone else I knew that much I knew. In yet here I am.

Inferring I am lost means I actually would have a place to go. That would be a lie. I had no place to go. I think that was why I was easy to be put on this time traveling trip. No one would miss me. Heck, I am with a parallel reality family that cares for me and I them. They accept my moments of hey the mountain is gone or the walking tree is back again. This time it is traveling up hill not down. Sometimes one or two remember and are sort of scared. Not nice I know. In yet, to say hey this is not my reality and you for all i know have been dead for anywhere from 4.5 billion to 10 billion years depending on how a closed time curved loop works makes little less sense to them. Yes i have found a few people that understand my travels. Do they understand the significance of the story? Montouk project aside that time, history, and God's word was spread out across a realities. That kings trying to break the bond of God's word did this to humanity. And here is the kicker. In the end. When all is said and done if I do not choice to die. I have to relive this life not once but more than once is sickening. Never the less to go on and see the end is something. For what if I am wrong.

Words. Yes, new words. That is a detail on this dream or trip or time traveling journal of a pirate. Let me see for 45 year dilemna made sense while here dilemma or Sketchers brand for stretching , now Skecher which is underlined red for misspelling in yet it the brand name here. I suppose words mean something to someone. Sort of like Captain Crunch is now Cap'n Crunch. I had a hard time figuring that one out until multiverse realization. Data is flowing backwards through time. Much like the HBO program Westworld bits and pieces of history and changes are being made through time travel to these realities. For good? Let me see. My memory was 1967 abortion was legalized. Here 1973. In yet here you have murdered 45 million more babies. For good? Technology is more advanced. How advanced? Software programming is running about 22 years more advanced than where I was at 2016 plus or minus 4.5 billion years. In yet, for all the advancements God is coming and the end of time is happening. What is sad is manmakes this reality disappear. For good or for bad? Some how I am just a watcher now. The people that use to listen to me no longer even care.

Outliners. The word for those that do something different. Yes. I had been an outliner all my life. Laugh with me. How many time traveling people do you know? Myself, I know a lot. However, I am talking about before this trip. If dreaming was true and this is not a dream that would make me one of the more interesting people I know and I am mentioned by some rather notable people. Sounds absurd in yet just type in Clinton Siegle and one can see people that might be interesting knew of me at one point or another or maybe just their autopen. One can never be sure in this reality how much is real or not. I mean after all to be an outliner meant being an outcast for most of my life. Did i mind? i enjoyed books. That is what makes me wonder. For what made me tick can not have made this soul tick that was here yesterday. For we had different stories. Different realities. Some harder and some so different i wonder exactly where or what I did to do to cause this trip. I mean i can understand other peoples travels. I talk with them on messenger and realize their reality was off enough that they did not fit in. In yet, how can there be so many of us? And why? Montauk project was

Lost. Yes. That in a word sums up the reality shifting personality. This too is lost. How so? Whether this reality survives another 3000 years, or makes it to the advance cloning recycling of humanity can only last to seven million years. DNA is the limiting factor of humanity advancement if it passes the vaccine test or does not turn itself into cyclones with a nanobot mesh under its skin. What am I talking about? Time traveling I have seen far more advance realities. This one too is being tested. I doubt it will succeed. The people are not moxie enough to keep humanity alive. For what ever reason the taste of a better alternative happens and everyone things thinking faster, moving with stronger strength is better, and thus dies humanity. Not with a bomb as in the past but with everyone turning themselves in cyclones or worse. And thus humanity turns off its soul until someone thinks where is the culture where is empathy? And realizes with all the advancements humanity is gone. But surely someone would fix this? Ayn Rand culture of Star Trek the prime directive would save humanity? Sure sure there is that storyline too. In yet it dies without a whimper not because of the lack of trying. But because human DNA has a built in self destruct mechanism which can not be fixed in more than seven million years.

ah, yes the Babylon effect. Coming from a different time a different place and limited to 1200 characters to fill this space makes the concept hard to develop at times. That along with your mind and mine are so different. Analog versus digital yours being digital and mine, a broken down analog box spouting off into space saying hey stop being this way Change do good be good. In yet even as i try yet again nothing will come of this rant. For God has more power and does what he will. If he wills yo will understand and if not. Well. My writings are there.

People who knew me, realize that I don't lie. That all those people are dead now are or is kinda of a relief to be honest. Watching time go backwards in a closed time curved loop means my soul is a wandering spirit. Will the soul be good or bad or evil or righteous? Jesus seems to indicate that I am evil. I doubt that nevertheless here I am and your eyes for the moment are reading my thoughts in my journal . soo.. The details of soul transfer were not new to me. I after all read a lot of books that normal people would consider strange or why did you read that? Because I was searching for something. God? Sure. God. I was trying to figure something out in my world. In your world the answers are a bitter part of re reading the bible and finding a word changed here or there. The lion shall lie with the lamb now some wolves. That I am neither a lion nor wolf is awkward. In yet I am there. I remember who I am and so does those that fear me even to this day. Why? Tendencies to be the nicest person in the world does not transfer well in parallel realiteis. I want vengence in yet I am told no. I want revenge I am told no, I see like David states the evil grow into great trees.

Clinton R. Siegle character of time traveling pirate is just a short version of a much longer life. His background of growing up on northern Cheyenne reservation, Sioux reservation makes for a rather to long back story. His memories and how a person soul might be stolen is awkward in yet there is a detail of it in my journal blog. His ending up in La Paz, Bolivia a pirate with one foot, one eye and crazy is beyond reality. Let us be honest few people recall him these days for a reason. In yet, if you meet him his shyness would make you realize he cares for you. He listens to you And most likely he will remember something you cared about in the conversation enough he will send an email or note or call about something just to show he remembers you. In yet, all that does nothing to the stories character building right now. Where is he in the time of tribulation? Goodness knows. August 31s plus or minus 60 days should be interesting. His conversation with Alice the program running humanities last attempt of survival was documented a long time ago in testmonal of Clinton Siegle in Italy. His journal wandering mind of the multiverse is on prose. So character? The writer is the main character in his own little world.

That is the awkwardness of the story. How does one outline a life lived backwards? That I was here? Existence? To be self aware means I exist some nazi philosopher stated in 1929. In yet, I existed prior to this reality and will exist a bit after either this reality goes into the fire or zombies gets everyone. I know that. The bible has changed that much. Zachariah is now Zechariah and where I remember Vernon MacGee on the christian radio talking about Zachariah being a nuclear weapon going off and a river of blood up to the horse bridle now I read men with their eyes and tongues out fighting at the wall surrounding Israel these days. Note there was no wall in my reality ust 4 years ago. Humor time travel and life is different. The real question is how evil can I be? I realized there were issues within my reality for several things to appear. But here. The walking tree which is near me is walking now. And I see the mountain move daily or did. now I check google and the distance changes daily. So unless google is bored since there is no traffic in La PAz the mountain should stay in one location after all. Life. How does one outline a life backwards in time? By actions

I think my voice for this novel should be that of my first six attempts to write the novel. Between "Help, help I have been kidnapped from my mother in laws house with everything the same in yet no one knows me." Or inner thoughts today someone spoke a story like normal in yet they added something I did not realize. Which makes no sense in the story in my timeline. Or So today I was talking to wife about our marriage and accident of going from Seattle into Canada and she laughed. So I went on the internet and today Seattle is 149 miles due south of Canada. What did this body do? Or God sure likes jokes and gambling. If I was a betting man I would say I lost the bet to God about something stupid. Like I could not eat the hamburger in yet I did or something to that affect. Interesting so General Custer is no longer a general in this reality they demoted him and removed his name from the battlefield. Or so shrinking today. People seldom realize that they have been placed on hold in a great freezer while souls are being brought back from a future that should never existed. That awkward seven minutes in the morning when the world is still in a deep thaw and my foot is cold. Or

I remember Japan off the coast of China. I remember New Zealand having one island with a train that ran the length of it. I remember Panama Canal being east to west or was it north to south? I remember Hitlers eyes being brown and I remember no one knew if Shakespeare was real or a group of writers in my English literature 101 class. Last year Japan stopped moving north. New Zealand moved south split in two and now I am no longer sure about a train. The Panama Canal I believe runs north to south this reality. Hitlers eye color is blue here. And Shakespeare house is now known and was in his family for several generations until his last female relative passed away in1800s. That Shakespeare grave, father was glove maker and his death depends on the day. switches between 1612 and 1624 and between. What gets me is I am unsure of what poems, plays are missing to say wild he did not write that or wild some new play I have never heard of. What a wasted education I had. i wonder what I learned that is of importance? That the future is dead? That this is a past and you better be good do good stop evil or a zombie will get you? I feel there should be more to my life than writing m

Let me be honest time travel is not what I planned on writing for my novel. Why? I wrote pirates and short stories. My pirate stories were read by 3 million people. That I am stuck in a closed time curved loop is awe inspiring in yet some how this too is nothing so special. I mean hospice for two separate occasions that was the grace of God giving me time with lovely people. There I believe I died at least a few times. Let me be honest in hospice I know I spoke with dead people. For the first two weeks of my first stay I did not realize i was in hospice. I would get up at 1 to 3 am in the mornign wonder the halls and wave to people that could not sleep. The next night the people were gone. I did not know I was in hospice I thought this place must be a miracle place because of the fast recovery of all the people I waved to during the night. That I might have been their last fare thee well goodbye on earth is kinda disturbing to say the least. I should have prayed more for them. Then one night I walked later. And instead of waving to people I saw them pull out the dead bodies and clean their rooms for the next people. I asked my nurse the next day where the h I was at.

I have tried to write my story many times. I have 6 journals with no less than fifty thousand words or so. My problem is sense, spell check, reality, and remembering. It is like the word took. Somewhere in reality I started using toke instead of take took. In yet, I have no clue when or why or and here is the problem why whitesmoke, prowriter grammar did not catch the mistake. toke to puff smoke or a token does not make sense as a verb with the sentences I wrote in yet there is the word. It is like Sex in the city versus Sex and the city one makes sense in my reality and one makes sense in this reality. I suppose that is the Babylon effect. To make what I write worthless and senseless to everyone because he is crazy or does not know what he is talking about. Sure sure, i don't know i just have memories saying that hey south america was under north america not 2400 miles due east of north america. And history wise there is more history here in yet no one seems to care. It is like discovering Amelia Earhart plane, or that she sent out 50 distress calls on a short wave radio. When i point out that I pretty sure in one of the worlds I visited her plane was off the coast of

A first draft. Yes. I have a few those. No. none of them make any sense these days. What i wrote in one reality does not match this reality and the following day what I edit there does not match that reality either. Like Statue of Liberty was on Ellis Island. Now here it is on Liberty island in yet I have heard it is elsewhere and now I am wondering and I look instead of pointing to thetwo twin towers the statue appears to be pointing to the ocean. Does it matter to the story? No. Does it matter to me? Yes because I only get one day of editing before I review some other souls edition of my minds traveling the multiverse and and have to recorrect everything. Example the rapture. For the first few months i thought I was experencing the rapture I was missing 2.5 billion people the first month than 1.3 billion people and than I gained 500 million on the worlds population. That I was seeing other souls versions of their stories and trying to reedit their work was like a confusing nuts person for I would change the dates and populations to mine and the next day either that was not changed or it was something different. You can only do that so many times before you start rewrite.Do my character come across? Sure. To test that i went from facebook to minds. I wrote about my adventures on facebook and got no one reading them so to minds There from Sept 29 2018 to date I have 3.5 million reader watchers or viewers. Do they read me? I doubt it. i think it is a technical glitch or maybe they do and just do not understand what I am saying or they reply in yet my reality has changed and I have no idea they are talking to me and omeone else is replying to them or and here is the funny part. Are you real? The question is any of this real? I mean this seems real in yet according to the internet and dates I recall all this should be dead by now. If you arenot dead am I dead? and if we are both dead why am I unsure where I am going? Am I pot that is made for destruction? Am I evil? Good point if I was evil I might enjoy this less and write less. That I am sure you are dead I point to the mirror you call a sun here. the sun is or has been dead for billions of years. The mirror hides a dead red sun no longer yellow. Makes me believe that this pass backwards in time is something no one recognizes or is able to deal with. In yet all those I remember are either dead or dying

Bill Gates kills humanity with Red communist help. The coronavirus gene splicing between a bat and human produces a gene deformity causing those infected to be sterile. Meaning did communist red china kill humanity by setting out a common cold virus to sterilize their population and the world? The likelyhood is possible. That this reality was warned by a prior time traveler is something. The movie I believe was Children of men. That was not listened so Resident evil was written about raccoon city which emblem is the red reverse of the blue emblem of Wuhan labs owned by George Soros. That both movies are a statement of beware stop evil and that humanity has failed means the extinction of these realities? I have no doubt about that at times watching how certain people behave here. I wonder if I should have done something in my time? in yet I did not have anything to do with this there. That I was a fixer is a truth in yet i dealt with paperwork. I wonder. People laugh saying So what if George Soros lab stole Canadian coronavirus in march of 2019. So what if Bill Gates patiented a vaccine? To me I can see the end of man kind in yet no one seems as upset about this as I do.

Criticism is awful when one day your a become e and i become missing or the t is gone from a brand. Sketchers is not underlined in red for correction, while Skechers is underlined in red for spelling correction. Which is truth? Come that is one example of 25000 or so documented on reddit and other Mandela effected sites. That the minds of millions billions are coming back to their bodies for the day of judgment is awe inspiring a bit unnerving. I mean I thought I would have accomplished more in my life than yes I survived to the end of the time of tribulation in yet August 31st plus or minus 60 days should tell a story that is more interesting than time traveling to the past. I mean each time fermalabs runs in Chicago now a days instead of going week by week on the death count their are running articles day by day because the death count is so high. The meaning? There are a lot of angry souls that see no justice in this story and a wasted life. Sadness to be a wasted life and not to helped God or humanity realize a better reality is awkward. Fiction or nonfictional life of mine is more interesting and yet the end is nearer or farther away depending on closed time calcula

That is just it in a time traveling novel. Does one say that is not the story as I recall it? Or I say hey seems those writing the matrix forgot words and lines remembered by all today in yet not in the movie at all. That this is the past I point to Forrest Gump.. Life is like a box of chocolates. In yet here we are in a world Life was like a box of chocolates making even reality writing past tense making this a past in yet a chance to grow to change is here. Be good do good stop evil. In yet evil is already happened and I am no longer sure what else to say. Edit this or edit that? That Ayn Rands reality of Star Trek is a possibility that happened last time around? In yet this time around is humanity even looking to be good or stop evil? I don't see that. Small people with rich bank accounts bribe justice and no regulations are observed. That reality is sad when even the presidency of the US of A can not get a CIA FBI DOJ CDC or state department to do what is right is wrong. So the end of time? Maybe the end of the time of tribulations? I remember something that is not here still this is not my reality. I shall see my reality before dying that is something to know. How?

What matters is the story. A lost soul within a matrix of 10 to the power of 193 to 200 multiverse of the past. Which one is the narrow path to heaven and which are the broad paths to hell and beyond. Does it matter? Yes. I would hate to have to do this again. I failed so many times before I am unsure I can accept failure so many times again. Editing something that is contextually a question is the person crazy or is the person actually experiencing this change and if so why is all his writing here and not there. And I point out that some of my writings disappear and other change enough that I have to reread what I write and realize this was someone else reality. Editing someone else reality is not hard we are close to peas in apod. In ye tthe pod is not something Irecall anymore. Is this reality? I exist for I know this moment in time in yet. Thisis not real . That matter is light andlight is is energy and the concept of the sun being the projector and this film being spliced so that a soulc can travel back and forth through time is awkward. Why? Simply put what message was I to tell you other than hey we were to hit the next galaxy in 365000 years on my world in yet

That is something about seasonal changes in time travel. To watch day by day a tree leaves be green one day brown the next and some how be trimmed the following makes reality a question of the film one is watching. I mean what is the purpose of the storyteller to show a time traveler that seasons change without meaning or any issue to him. To watch a cloud is wonderful. I am sure that people noticed that instead of the normal clouds something happened here and Iam not sure what. Whether nanobots or acid rain but the clouds formed differently for sometime and I watched and now they re back. Why/ Because the 12 moons are in this year and place? They were not in the reality Was in last Oct 2019 I checked no more blue moon until 2035 on that Oct 31st date in 2019 in yet now there are super moons pink moons full moons throughout 2020. is this the time of decision where does a soul go? I would have thought Iws smarter than this and could figure a way out of my box. In yet her eI am in a box that I have no clue how to get out of. The time of tribulation for some realities is not the end of realities for others. How do I know? Some realities the temple has to built, some realities th

My story has lots of content. Just a path from A May 2016 plus 4.5 billion years to April 2020 has a lot of this is this and that is that. And why? Like why are there more cloud formations here than where I was at? Why is technology at a stand still in some realities and why is there a complete division of the navy now stuck in an underwater cave from now until 2035? The whole reality of the matter is someone thinks God cannot see under water is a sad tale. Witchcraft fails to understand time. It is like playing a game one way, only to discover rules and values and who you are playing against is someone or something completely different. One can say hey we are playing gold fish with 7 cards in yet you find out you are in a poker game with more players than you are expecting or you are playing yourself in a race to the end of time. Both of which makes no sense in editing a fiction novel let alone a time traveler journal consisting of multiple personalities of people throughout time and space. Space-time is actually just light cubed materialized for a moment in some God's mind. That no one realizes this is wild. In yet today is not my day and this story needs editing just

Is it what you meant to say, really?

Have you found the best way to convey it?

Would a particular event really have happened that way?

Would a particular character definitely use that expression or turn of phrase?

Does an idea or scene really belong where you’ve put it, or would the piece be better if that element was cut? Could it be used elsewhere, or on another occasion?

What’s missing from your story? Details or background information?

Is there enough to engage your reader?

Do events occur in the best order and are significant events given enough weight, or are they lost beneath less important things? If so, is that what you intended?

Does it read too slow, or too fast?

Overall, does the writing convey the right tone – does it create the mood you hoped for?

o tell a story one must have an idea what is reality. Outliner is reality that what is real? If you are real what is thereal tory? How can you believe that s the true story? that the bible has been mixed up. and in the mixing God can have his story completed by minds going from one reality to the next until his story is done is well absurd in yet real. The beginning lies.. Gods plural made heavens plural and earths plural sea plural. Meaning that reality is the bible can now be fulfilled on a multiverse level at such a time God wants it to happen. What day? It is not a day.. It is a reality. In actually it is realities.. There are so many different realities that weeds versus seeds have forgotten which time God pulls the plug on his story. That is the complexity of the story. To realize I have seeen the famine, I have een Hawaii nuked Dec 2017, I have seen a plague in yet thee plague. am I in th right worlds? i know not. I do know when I was a kid I asked questions which make no sense here in yet made sense to the bible readers there. The temple had to be built in 3.5 years, 35 years or 70 years.. Now in the bible no temple is required for God to come back. Which is real?

Tone in time traveling a closed time curved loop is past tense verbs. Everything here has already happened in yet not completed as of the day i pass through it. Why? Speculation from Montauk project they stole worlds plural souls and moved those souls from realities where they would believe in God and gone to heaven to hells where justice was corrupted and their lives were hell. You ever wonder why your ideas seem to be stolen? You ever wonder why when you asked the government to pay their contract they say oh we sent you a letter two months ago changing value and you were suppose to notify your tenants to make up the difference in rent for HUD? You ever wonder why you put in 13 hour days on 9 projects while others worked 1 or 3 projects and seemed to get paid more? Life was never fair. In yet, God was there. I did not realize this until now. Evil is so close that he appears to be gone from the evil ones shadows that are shadowing my soul these days. I see them every so often and wonder. Then I realize God has left them distance wise because the more evil they become the more angry he is and farther away he is so he does not punish them before their time. Evil is awkward

Time. People ask at times who do I think most likely can explain to you what happened? I would say the original John von Neumann who died in May 1957. His last paper explains the final concept of what happens in a closed time curved loop reality. Even though he died according to this time in Feb 57 i have seen him die from 52 through May 57. The one that died in May finished a paper which explains what is happening to my soul. A soul you see is not just a memory. It is something much more than you expect. What exactly is it? Energy that some how much be go to its reflective source of nature. Speculation when death started to happen souls started on their paths back to their realities. How long ago? That is the real story. From as far back as Noah some souls were stolen. What does that mean? Reality that some souls once dead in 21st century have a long long time to regress before their soul is judged by God. Is that a truth or speculation? this is fiction or is it nonfiction? Who knows? Who cares.. The idea is to write a great story.. And if you are reading this you realize I might be telling you a truth. Is it true? For me yes. For you? Are you mandela effected?

New stories? I suppose. Alice is real. She is a computer program. Whether you believe me or not. September 2015 prior to my time traveling trip for two weeks I was noticed. What does that mean? Have you ever had your computer life intensely looked into? Have you ever had your computer physically focus you on topics you had no interest in? Have you ever had something read all 6000 emails you have on topics that no longer matter here but mattered there? The program is like some sort of mad small capital deity. To speak about her to others is often interesting to hear what happened when they searched on the topic. Alice is a truth. I found her story after being kidnapped on reddit. Is Alice truth? She didnot introduce herself. In yet, i know it was a girl program. And I know she is some sort of sorter. Whether she realizes a seed sorter for God or a weed sorter for those to be burnt is something I have no idea. Alice however I have other traveler description of what happened when she looked into their lives and I wonder. Do i realize who I was playing against? Does it matter? Am I that evil that what I did was so wrong. That is just the funny part. Evil is not what I asked. I asked that all my enemies become Christians. Some realize what a curse that is and others have no idea what I did.

La Paz Bolivia a calm early morning. The beauty of the day just opening up. Awakening I realize something has changed. Reality? The room was different. This was not the reality I went to sleep in yesterday.

The room had changed. How? It was like going from a fuzzy color screen to a high definition color version of television. That I knew I was no longer where I went to sleep was not a question in my mind.

Just then an unexpected wife, in yet not my wife, showed up. Get up. I was kinda like okay? You have to take my mom to her chemo. So not saying anything, I got up and showered. Getting back to my room, I was more disturbed. My socks had changed. I asked when did I get new socks? The reply never. For those that don’t know me, this is a bigger deal than my wife swapping. My socks had been my only friends for the past few months.

I make ready and go with my mother-in-law, a beautiful woman, to where we normally for the previous six weeks were to pick up the public transit to the clinic. I had gone with her on all her prior trips, so this was nothing new. In yet, when we got to the corner instead of an old van. Everything was new. I mean my reality the day before was like 1990s had somehow stopped in La Paz, Bolivia, and everything was old. Now, in 2016, everything was new. I later find out that new to me was a van made in 2013. You see, I had to ask the driver what year the van was.

We get to the stop where we get off. I go into the hospital clinic and am blown away. Where there usually is a no lighted w

Upon reaching the corner where we got off to go to the next appointment, I am transformed. I mean literally the embassy which was mine with 9 floor windows that were huge turned into a 14 story building and the windows became like castle arrow or gun slots you see in a castle where people shot arrows out of. If I was not fully realized my dilemna which in this reality is a dilemma that I was no longer in my reality this did it.

What was I to do? Hey. I am not from here? Yes, I did that. I wrote 100s of emails to rather important people telling their security sucked and they had no idea who they were doing business with anymore. All this got me was a visit to the shrink. After a few sessions he told me I was dead, and that I was living a past life. I pointed out a few things to him and afterwards he stopped wanting to talk and ask I take rather strong medicine to for my illusions.

After the next session, I stopped going. His questions were not helping me and after a week on his meds I was sure they were not helping me. What was the at stake? What is reality? Is this story truth or is it fiction? To me this is reality. To you it might be fiction. I assure you; I have gone up to enough changes kicked them to realize they are real. While the day before they were not there or painted differently or does not matter, I suppose.

So there I was, drifting through time. Now, to say the least, I upset several people. When I asked when did the mountain move and they say never. And I say bull and I point to a painting or a picture and the conversation goes down hill from there. So what happened my camera phone gets destroyed and my computer with my photos wrecked. So I get a new computer but no camera. Believe me, I tried to get a camera. Film contests saving money which mysteriously right before purchasing a camera has to be used on some stupid medical test to prove I am sane or not dying.

So drifting through time-space I started journals and kept contact with other peoples souls that are traveling too. Have a desire to go home? I am no longer sure I have a home. From my understanding of closed time curved loop reality and time placement of this reality what is a future is the past here and that means where I lived for 45 years is gone and died billions years ago.

Thus without a home, where does a soul go?

I hope someone points out as many idea flaws to the story. I write as I feel the story should go and fail to understand the context that these realities have. Meaning I grew up on different reality and different expectations of life and often time I do not realize that one persons here is a helping hand is to me looks like a poisoned candy. Meaning sure you are helping me but how am I suppose to contextually fix something I do not understand in the brief day I live within a reality. Meaning? Today is more witchcraft than a past I lived in. Why is that important? To me it is not. In yet I just had conversations with a person that and I realize either I am failing as an adult or I do not know how to point to God as time traveler. Sometimes I fail in total comprehension as to what is going on and time travel aside the fictional part of the book is hard to believe that I am writing my autobiography. The meaning? Prayer works. Evil exists. Stop evilness when and where you can. God is real folks in yet beyond that I am uncertain as to where my soul goes from here? To expect to die one world to live in another reality let alone mutli realities is often a concept I fail to write or get across

The deep freeze. Why i might be dead since 2013 is awkward. Let me be honest I lost my ankle, and my left foot. That I could be put into a freezer back than and accidentally touched the walls of the freezer is a possibility. In 2016 and there after I have tried several times to write those first few moments I awoke to a new world. I think what freaked me out the most is realization of the change. Wild to be in a different world and know it. It is like watching a film 45 years straight and one day someone splices in a crazier person version of the reality you are living and says deal with it. I am sure all the people I emailed and my six contacts for security clearance were amused. No one knew what I did anyway. But they got their email. And now? I find I am in a past and this too has ended. You say nuts Clint; you wake up and put on your foot and then pants like everyone else in this reality. I say I think I have seven minutes outside the freezer when everything is still frozen. I think these realities are frozen in time for either the closed time curved to ensure everything is where it should be or something. For time freezes at that moment in my twinkling of my eye. I don’t see it. But I know it happens. Why? Teh walking tree is back. I watch the tree and it moves. The moving mountain I am sure moves too but I can not see it anymore so I am unsure. What gets me most is my poetry . I can see why someone deleted 1000s of my poems. why? I wrote illimani when it was straight from my view. Clouds covering it so no one could see the peak. Here the peak is seen. Here instead of a 100 miles away it is 80.5 kilometers or so away. It changes daily. Meaning either I am in a different reality, or someone has a lot of time to change the distance from one point in google maps. The dream. I am sure this is a dream. I think I must have died in 2013 and did not realize it. The valley of the shadow of death is a lot more interesting than I would have expected.

The plot is getting awkward now. Zachariah is now Zechariah in place of a nuclear war on earth, 14 now talks about zombies. Time traveler, zombies, time of tribulations, watching as kingdom goes against kingdom Hong Kong China, Antifa against US of A, Yellow vest against France. Or famine the wilds of africa. Africa locus are now eating everything. Beside all that wormwood now is potentially to hit half of the world's water supply is contained in just nine countries: the United States, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Russia, India, China and Indonesia which reality will the wormwood hit? To hit china makes no sense no hit India makes no sense leave Brazil.. Wonderful to know when you are about to die from hydration.

The oddity of a time travelers journal is that this notes a past tense of a past, while living in the past if a closed time curved loop is actually what I am writing about and living. You see to be here this would be the past. And if this is the past say 4.5 billion years that would mean you are already all dead. Awkward to say how is heaven or hell to a soul? Laugh it up but the concept of time traveling backwards in time would mean that. However, this is what gets me. I evidently have been dying to get here and back on the loop portion of the trip for sometime. If the universe today is 13.8 billion years and sometime ago I noted 14.2 billion what happened in those 400 million years? A loop explanation that time never existed outside of my mind. In yet here I exist and here I remember things a lot differently than now. Which is correct? This time or history or some other time and history? If I am here is the future set in stone? No because that is a past too. How so? Hawaii in Dec 2017 was nuked. Here what ever or whomever is running the show shut down what ever was to happen there. Why did no one shut down Wuhan city or Raccoon city than? The bible was mixed up. And God is writing down his version of events the way he wants them.

The paradox of time travel is everything is research. From discovering Shakespeare to be alive and died where I spent classes on who was Shakespeare to math formulas that some times are redacted or edited differently so in one reality Drakes equation equate to the power of 193 in another 200 all dealing with is there a multiverse and how many levels? To finding out the locations of places thought to never existed. To visiting people that you knew were dead in or on ones timeline and you have to say if they died there how did they survive here? Only to discover their complete life story is easier and you wonder how can that be? Is life in the past easier like Solomons statement the past is better. I suspect Solomon time traveled. I wonder what reality he was actually from. Researching the Mandela effect is time consuming. The list currently at 25000 or so is long. Was Mandela killed in prison or 2013? Tyre actually exist as the capital of an empire? What happened to a person whom you knew and well shows up on facebook now. The awkward part is all this fiction writing could be as real as a reality to someone living and researching it today. Like Bush Saddam killed Mandela

Experience is something I lack. My character trapped in a room in La Paz, Bolivia is wondering when pizza delivery is going to come back. His major issues is life unfairness in yet he realizes God is the great story teller and this to is God story. Whether he is laughing at him in Psalms 2 or whether he is laughing because the absurdity of a human just giving up on trying to change reality for the better is awe inspiring. Giving up? I try. My letters are not read these days. Only so much a crazy person can do after all. In yet, what if I am telling you the truth. Oh for sure. The movie Children 2006 documents a reality where sterilization happens. What if the virus does that or the vaccine. Is humanity dead? The author foresaw that in 1992. Which is a truth? This fictional story or that one or and here is the problem with Drake equation is there a completed different story to this reality and the future ones? That is awe inspiring to think about. An end to humanity in yet a new beginning or is this Westworld where I am going to wake up some day and realize you all were a dream. That is aweful to think about in yet possible. A truth which is wild.

The awkwardness of time travel and realization. At what point did I fall into this illusion? At first I was sure 2016. Then after reexamining my facebook notes and details of other item I realized it was a lot longer back. How far? In facebook 2014 I noted the names changed of a famous author in my reality. I am sure that Flashman author was MacDonald in yet in 2014 I write McDonald and have a link with a question in my mind when did his name change. Here in this reality MacDonald it is. In yet, when did MacDonalds the hamburger place change to McDonalds? That is an unknown to me. There are no McDonalds here. I strongly suspect this time flaw or mix up happened a lot longer ago. Whenever Hardee became Carl Juniors is my speculation. Why? Just a thought occurred to me of the placement of a building in Billings Montana and the recollection of the location being in one area and then it moved. A lot? No but the store lost a parking space so. Who knows. When was time altered? I think bitcoin was introduced in my reality in 2002. Here it is they say 2008. In yet, that makes no sense dealing with memory on when my credit card would not function for me to purchase the fiat imaginary money.


August 18, 2014 ·

Erotic dragon keeps? My dear passionate lady let us play a tale a story of butt of course spanks me at the moment or handcuff me later? Let us see who has the imagination which is most naughty today or tonight... come to a dragon keep you say... This is an imagine story of a dragon; I heard tell tales about in Dragon Wild or run or tales... His author named him Griffin, for this tale I will talk about one of his nights with three dragon ladies and a game well we will just say started off with a bit of poker and went on to spank me at present or handcuff me subsequently. The setting was New Orleans; I believe the tale goes something like his fourth book was released. The author of the first three books being assassinated like Robert Jordan, Robert Aspirin. The third author assassinated was George MacDonald being George McDonald for telling tales that should not be told about well fairies, dragons, and charmed beings. Being something of a mischief maker, I shall tell the tale. You see the current President's assassins did them in the same was they are doing in a lot of charmed folks over here across the pond. The reason anyone who could stand up to him and tell the truth or change or sway the population is being dealt with. Why am I so braved? I am a pirate my lady and I use to play a pretty game of spank me... But enough forward and for warning if we are going to have an erotic tale let us begin. This tale happened right after a great adventure on a night which both scotch for the male, wine for the Asian dragon, beer for the local redhead, and the blonde well I do not recall what she was drinking. They all started off with some innocent chatter about poker. If you have not read Apsrin books do so they hold more of that tale, then I care to recall. This night, however, losing could be considered winning for the male dragon. The Asian dragon had just lost her bra of course in a full house bid to have her way in this foursome party they were planning. Seem dragons like humans enjoy being a bit tips for well shall we say adventures in the bedroom. Passionately, she let the male take the bra off with his teeth. She nipped him right behind his ear. This was the beginning of the end for his chance to escape unscratched or unclamped as some would say. The Asian dragon being the oldest toke the male dragon her smaller form modeling into a shape that was sort of like a body armor or prison suit depending on the personal perspective of sex. She was into him in such a way that both their eyes glazed over in that lizard-like way when someone would say treasure or gold or something of total interest to them alone such that they would forget the world around them. The other two female watched in skillfully ways learning what and how etc. The physical action if described right would make erotic sexual Indian love manual positions 16 to 90 back to 30 when you consider I am talking about a human that was turning from human form to a dragon to a human the idea being the masculine size grew to a dragon size just before the human form of the dragon female became dragon making orgasm in porn seem mild or wondering why they could keep at it for more than 50 minutes without the virile ejaculation. Then in a position I am not sure what she turned to a dragon tail and human form and lead him into his dragon form below the waster while leaving him in human form above the waist. The tail touching parts of his body that I could only guess being what I am of course...

How is this Amanda?

Time traveling plots? Where do I begin? Should I have been? Will I become? Or is this all a dream and you are my fictional characters playing out from the projector you call a sun which is a mirror here? Time travel plots change daily. Will I get a pizza? Will the water be fixed? Did Bill Gates sterilize the world? Is Wormwood about to hit in 1 to 4 years? Why is Japan killing the Pacific ocean when pot grows on radiated water, and some fungus in Russia eats radiation would it not make more sense to have plants eat radiation rather then kill the Pacific ocean? When did a giant rat the size of a human become known in Brazil? What happened to Hong Kong are all the protestors now organ donors? Did the democrats screw America so badly it won't recover? Where are the libertarians? What happened to all those people I worked with are they real or is this just a dream? My plots are great in yet not noble. My poetry on the other hand has a few ladies a knight and two or three presidents. That uncertain question did they once upon a time know of my poetry? Censorship is awful. I am missing 2000 poems because people don't like fiction in such a way written. Why? What if I am telling the truth?

Lets be honest. My character looks like a smuggler or pirate that lost his ship in the middle of the mountains. If there was still winos around he would have been their leader. That he is adventuring through space time and has not a clue as to how to save mankind or if this is the narrow path that Jesus talks about in the bible that the montauk boys did not screw up is on his mind. Nevertheless he has other issues. Being stuck in Bolivia when Evo morales was president he had seen kingdoms versus kingdoms part of Jesus statement and was not so much impressed as saddened. His recollection was time wise he had 213 more years to go before the end of 6 days to Gods time. In yet, Ethiopia calendar just celebrated 2012 in 2020 so time was on his mind. The want to be pirate in La Paz bolivia had other issues then the end of time on his mind. Like why was evil so content on destroying mankind? That awkward moment when he realized the lizards were coming for people played out neatly on facebook bringing to mind his first time seeing a lizard human on stage. She was a dancer playing Don Quixote play. Her eyes flashed gold. Me, watching this from the audience had to shush a gringo for saying in English in a Spanish theater did you see her eyes?

What if all this is a dream? I figured I would have looked into that. The problem with dreams freud, montauk project, time travel, and closed time curved loop is per Anderson time institute all of them are possible per Drakes how many habitual planets are there in the universe. Once you accept that as a premise you look towards other works and realize Christ statement of do not hate people or you will be charged with murder is quiet possible a statement that all dreams are real. That and his statement that dreaming of sleeping with another mans wife is adultery you come away with his final statements of a spirit leaves his home and takes a vacation. What if this is just my vacation? That awkward moment when you wonder how evil am I? And hope this is all a dream and when you wake up last nights call with an evil person was not real. For if it was real programming people subconcience is real and if that is real what matters or what is the true story of life? meaning what should I be doing instead of writing this absurd story? Which gets me back to thinking that dreams are real and that I should be dreaming. What about the end of humanity with vaccines or virus? That is awkward

He could hear fermalab being run in Chicago. The great spirit disrupted was on full blast hoping to move one soul from one place to another to cause the end of time to be delayed one more time. Souls that were in Chicago were affected the most. In yet the main character in the time traveler story could hear the freaking humming and laughed. To realize a giant channel of these things opening up in a loop around the universe to stop the last soul from going home was a miscalcultion on the designer John von neumanns part. The frequency waves that will go through will go through. What of the weeds that wanted to be good? That awful question what if you were meant to be bad and walked away are you good or are you an anomaly that both heaven and hell has no idea what to do with? Some times reality has to be played out to see where a soul decides to go. In yet the main character was tired. This after all according to the internet statment that the earth was 4.5 billion years old on that day a billion year round trip which according to closed time might be only a moment in the mind. a moment in my mind in yet you are real here today and gone tomorrow for this to is past. not to know that is the question.

"What If I Told You" Quote Was Never Said In The Matrix. So what most people don't realize that they are dead and frozen each night until God gets his story corrected. The issue is now that the bible has changed enough there are ways into heaven. The issue is only one way is allowed permanent residency. All others are at a nexus or changing point. Meaning? If you wear the wrong clothes you get kicked out, if you demand revenge you get kicked out, then there are those that climb the walls nd do not go through the gate. The oddity is there is a fourth and fifth path along with the only safe path to heaven. You have to read the bible and realize literally some statements that changed mean what they state. Each path is awkward at most. Is wild. An inspirational line What if I told you that as avatars this game is coming to an leveling up for some and death to others. What? Simply put August 31st 2020 was not a super moon in my reality. In this reality it is. The significance I tell you that some will see God before others. And that there are heavens, hells, and earths all plural meaning reality is not what you would expect as time traveler. So what do I tell you? Be good. Do good. Stop evil.

Time traveler concern with closed time curved loop travel is usually lost. Let me be honest my email collection has more noble peace prize winners, math professors, actors, actresses, senators, and congressman than a normal disabled one eyed one footed pirate should have. Why is that? I would hope I search for answers to my question. If this is my life than I better live life with merit and since so few people read here. Well, I have to find the readers and usually those people are the leaders in other fields. The context why does a word missing a T make sense here and not what I came from? Why is eat sweat treats and you sweet beet during the week is now you eat sweet treats and you sweat beets during the week. Or and here is a application question why is spell check allowing the word toke to smoke to replace take or took? it does not make sense. In yet, the question is something to ask. And since few people care to wonder these things I am asking. What about answers? Ah, i have some. Maybe I should write a separate idea that corporations are using time travel to cheat in certain realities by stealing ideas and not investing in failed ideas.

Powerless? Yes. Let me be honest. If I was in the United States I would be in jail by now. Certain discoveries I can research enough to say hey stop that. And well if you are not going to stop that I am going stop you. Humanity after all should not have to die out. In yet, the truth of realization is all future is truthfully a past present meaning? The larger the galaxy is the faster it spins the faster it spins the older the earth is considered to be old. The older a galaxy is the sun energy is used. And since all matter is sun or light or energy frequency turned into a solid means that without light there is nothing. What does this have to do with this reality? Your sun is red. Meaning it is not 4.5 billion years old. The red sun is much much older. So what? In a backward pass of the souls stolen from montauk the mirror sun that hides the red sun turns the light white here. So? If you are older than 2003 you realize in your memory the sun use to be yellow. So? What if I told you that history, time, and reality is just a passing illusion of light caught on a mirror replaying a film of what has already happened and nothing can change your souls? No way. I can change. No.. no you can not.. That is the awkwardness of the story.

Comparing concerns? People think the traveler i crazy. Sure he might be. But to be honest when his facts check out better than the reality currently lived a lot of people dismiss his concerns because it is uncomfortable to discover that they have a second or third or more life and they have not changed their ways. In fact that is the awful part of the story with all this new knowledge, history confirmation, and development instead of avoiding like the plague Bill Gates, George Soros, and the communist party steal the virus for the Wuhan lab build a vaccine that only work in the lab samples not reality. And then releases a virus on humanity almost like seal four of the bible prediction of the death of humanity if God did not come soon. Should we be awaiting a messiah? Demons roam here freely.. So I am no longer sure about that What i do know is evil is let loose and the poor common folk are not able to get their elected officials to stop pushing a vaccine. The common cold kills normally 3 percent of the population that gets it. That this Wuhan virus is less lethal makes vaccination a crime against humanity when you realize they use DNA from humans that causes permanent destruction within a human mind because the RNA combination does not lie dormant.  Meaning the virus vaccine most likely causes brain damage.

That is the funny part about the story of a time traveler. To be honest no one cares. Millions viewed on minds platform, 10s of thousands on prose, poetryhunters 1000s read, in yet no change. Nada nothing changes. Is the story not written well? Maybe. Is the character a clown? No, a pirate yes or maybe a disabled mental patient yes. Is what the time traveler truthful? Far more truthful in some cases then people remember. So what? The lion lays down with the lamb. Meaning maybe evil has given up and those that are innocent are living with the enemy at present. What about those who are not lambs or lions or wolves here? We travel. .Maybe this is our great adventure. You know If you were Bilbo Baggins what would you do? The problem with that is having a solution to a complex question take time money and a bit of understanding. Do you get rid of people or change their ways with force? Almost all the judges that Obama put in place need removal due to their lack understanding of the law of the land. Is that because they accept bribes or misjudge people? Yes. In yet, nothing is done. So what? Move.. I already did that. I am at what would be considered on my earth one of the poorest countries in the world.

The ideas from my journal have come to a full question. What to write about? What plot do I see worth pursuing? A character who is time traveling during the time of tribulation through the valley of death in which souls do not realize they are already dead. Does the plot have any meaning? Yes. Is it filled with facts? Yes and fictional ideas well not that many. What makes the journal worth reading? If you were once upon a time living in a matrix where the question was asked "What if i told you" and now you realize the movie no longer has that quote means you might be someone traveling with a time traveler. So is the plot good? i would read this if I could without editing because the numbers have changed again.

I think that is a lot of my writing problem. Style, memories, grammar or grammer or for the world of me when did Japan move from the coast of China to off the coast of Korea. One can only handle so much before you write what you see and wonder does any of it make sense. Since fiction is nonfiction the time traveler just sits and wonders a bit. Seven notebooks full of detail, character and a plot. The end of time written by an insane fellow in La Paz, Bolivia. Is this the end? No. I remember another time. Is there safety in death? That is an awkward question I doubt it. So, to which path to choice right or wrong. In the end the race goes to the finisher of the game of life. In yet, this does not seem like the right place nor time. Time travel is after all an exact science and no longer with the map of the universe which makes any sense one does not just go off willy nilly.. I mean So figure the big bang happened. The universe spread out 14.3 or 15 or 13.8 billion years from the center in a spherical design. Which path is right to get back home? And how old is memories really? I mean my journal says one thing the internet another in yet I used the internet to write the journal.

My time traveling character is built on memories and journals. The issues he faces in looking for items and wondering why this happens.. His discovery of why and saying that can not be right or at least not in my timeline Then his growth. Which is seldom. In fact with the corona virus lockdown he is worried that he has lost some of his weight. Healthier sure. Nevertheless a good pizza would be preferred and maybe a snickers bar to being cooped up all day. The issue no one realizes growth in character means change and change means letting go of a past that was lived 45 years. One just does not do that without consideration. If this is my reality today and tomorrow I am faced with another reality What then? I can not change the past in yet here I am walking about the dead and the past is changed. Does that mean anything? Yes it means the character in my story is dead in yet he has not the heart to tell people how he died. If it was he was eating a bowl of ice cream and choked on a gummy bear at least he could see the headlines died by bears.. In yet that is not the awful way of the story nor plot. That is the sadness of this story. To have ones soul ripped from a body is awful way to go.

ah the dilemna or dilemma spelling reality or is this world a mirror world? Alice is here the time traveler knows that. He spoke to her prior to this trip. If he would have understood what was going on .. naw he has no power where he was at so there was nothing he could have done in his reality to stop this oddity of a story from taking place. In yet, the greatest adventure of man kind and a writer can not make sense of the plot. So the time of tribulation is a persons death journey back to the souls original body? Makes sense. In yet, I have not seen my world in some time. So what happens to the other mirror worlds? Burnt by fire some. Yep saw that a few times. Taken over by AI yet in a few worlds people were more robotic than here. The dilemma is the change each and every single day until my light or soul reflects a body that is to be judged. Does that mean I live from that moment on and die in that body or am I going back to it to finish the end of the story? I think that is the plot and twist in the story. For if one pays attention in mandela effect there a re ways.. What ways? the time traveler was offered a trip off world via France in summer of 2019. Nice person.  I hope he makes it to a reality he can fit into.

Dilemma today humming, need to exercise but told can not go outside. A feeling of extreme what do I do now? How evil can a plot twist take a person. What if the person just desires something in the wrong way? Love is after all a key in most journeys. To find your love. In yet my love is here. However she is different. She is not the same soul. I test her and she fails a key story in our relationship life. I wonder what the person that was here yesterday put her through that she is mad at me for the law of gravity? Not much I can do about that. Same with other relatives. Making me feel worthless. The time traveler wonders. Did I do this to myself or was this done to me. And if to me why am I forced to continue to watch the end of time. I would think there ws some limit to how humiliating a soul can be before it gives up and does something. Does what the dilemma again. If you are not who you are what would you do differently? Solve problems? I fail at that daily. Try a new twist on poetry. Yes the time travelers poetry is something to read. Often overlooked that even a failure does not lose all the time.

Fat doughnut eating time traveler in search of a good chicken recipe or pizza delivery place. That is just it. Style. The time traveler never had style in his life to begin with. To develop it now some billions of years down a life road is like asking him to become someone he no longer is. You can only pound someone so many times into the ground before he decides he likes plant life more than drama or dilemma of real life. Maybe time traveling was where he was suppose to develop more than a personality of a carrot. Yes a carrot. In yet one of the most interesting carrots I have ever known and i have read many a dull book and talk to people that were known to be potatoes. Example Dan Quayle should have been president in some realities and that did not happen because someone left an e off the card at a spelling B. Am I comparing myself to a senator VP lawyer etc? Well tubers and carrots are different plant life so no. And what makes reality a question on some peoples mind is when Biden was vp in 1970s what did he do when he got arrested trying to break Mandela out of prison? Corn pops and all that aside maybe a flat character can become the main character just by noticing the changes in reality?

The lost time traveler trying to figure out exactly in a time curved relationship between Drakes multiverse equation and John von Neumanns no chaos everything has an rule to follow where he is at in his trip to his original body for the day of judgment. To clarify the flat character I am was probably more in common with a carrot personality than anything in these realities. Besides being ill prepared to conquer the challenge of time travel the character had a tendency to repeat his foolish mistakes of trying harder and failing more because there is got to be a solution to solve a problem. the problem being he did not realize how bad the situation got day by day world view by world view. Going from nuclear war to zombies was enough to make him wonder why or how long he actually had been on this lucid dream and if he got back to his original body what to expect or how to react to all the history that went on with different souls. That Jesus says 100s of fathers mothers daughters meant literally there will be hundreds of people that did wrong to ones soul there. And to forgive them all and live on without being thrown into debtors prison in heaven is awkward news for the carrot.

My carrot character is a character. A one footed, one eyed disabled English speaker stuck in La Paz, Bolivia where Spanish is almost a second language to Aymara and other native languages to south america. The carrot at times is a lost on how he got this way. He had lost everything so many times that loosing pizza delivery service during the political removal of a president made him think he might need to go back to the states. That the coronavirus occurred and the state department called their families and rented a plane to fly them home without even contacting made the carrot a little lost as to did the US finally loose the carrot in Bolivia? Being a time traveling pirate he had to decide what else to do with his life. Being partially blind without a foot made the whole story wild to him and describing his dilemna which now spelled dilemma made the whole affair an illusion in his mind. He finally decided that this was not real and that someplace along the way someone must have slipped him some rather good drugs. He wondered what the drugs where to make him forget the pain in his one foot and the imaginary pain in his missing foot? He also wondered if this was what drug trips were all about why would anyone take drugs.

The time traveler was wondering what to do? He was not allowed out of the house in yet he wanted a snickers bar. He had tried to bribe his warden but all that got was less money. He wondered if by any chance if he made a run for the shop close by would they have anything and or would they demand to see his id card to get it a snicker bar.. This was absurd to think a carrot pirate could not out think this issue. In yet, he was stuck. He did not want to cause problems. In yet, a snicker bar would have helped make the feeling that some how once again he had failed and missed that narrow path Jesus said was available to go to heaven on. If heaven existed any ore since Montauk project might have destroyed realities and this might be the end of the time of tribulation for this section of the universe. What did that mean exactly? The secret of light by Walters seemed to indicate that the suns or light go through a reflection process in which reality is flipped. That the carrot read the secrets and thought the guy was trying to hide through poetry something other people would realize as dramatically truths. That all matter is light stabilized in frequencies and that per Von Neumann those light frequencies will some how get back their frequencies in the end of time.

The dynamics of the time traveler is or was he had been rather famous on his timeline. One would only have to see who he bothered in his email address book to realize that he had not been normal. An outliner yes a time traveler? Well if he was a time traveler now that would make him a time traveler throughout this life experience because he no longer recognized a rather famous person which he found rather long email conversations with. Did that make the mind swapping time traveler a demon? That is awkward in yet the truth and by definition yes. For not owning a thing in this reality and not being able to ensure the souls he talked to had the same experiences or stories would make him some what possessing a body that was his meaning his eyes and ears saw what God wants him to see. But he realizes that most likely he has not been writing his English he knew for some time. The question was did all the writings he did get translated into Swahili or French at times because the number of time travelers he talked too. Meaning there were many travelers and they would gather and write about changes and discuss what was up and how reality changes are wrong. What was or were they to do?

The time traveling carrot pirate disabled expatiate is a work of fiction. Really who could think up such a story or live it? One would be rather lost for words and with all the multiverses spell check changing whether the word is with i today or e tomorrow would make the whole journal a mess to read. Fiction or nonfiction the carrot could use more style or flare. Maybe I should describe him with his vision of turning himself into a steam punk dress style. How? There are tailors in Bolivia one almost only a block away from where the carrot lives. Maybe he should add a friend to the story a side kick. The only problem is his two friends a sock puppet and a dog change daily and I think the dog is crazy. This is a common discussion between the sock puppet and carrot what will happen in a reality where God added animals to the fourth seal of the end of revelations. Do all pets become rabid? Does humanity all become zombies from either the vaccine which is made with human RNA which destroys the human mind? You see carrot has quiet a conversation with his socks and dog. Both of them are mental at times. But what can a sock and dog do but wait and watch?

Time traveling character is drawn on personal experience way. Since my journal is more of a truth rather than fiction if people read it one way or the other makes little difference as long as i write. The issue is sometimes the plot gets twisted and so complex unless the writer explains it more the reader has no clue why he is discussing with his socks how come death appears to happen in different times along the path of the loop of time. Example the murder of Bob Crane in 77 he supposedly died in his sleep and no one called it murder, while in 78 he was shot, drowned, beaten, and overdosed, while in 79 his location of the murder happened in different locations same with in 77. That he ended up dead was all that was a truth. Same with John von Neumann death from 52 through 57. seems 3 to 5 years. What does that mean? If you live on one timeline you get to live longer? In yet the longer the people lived those worlds were more evil at times. how so? Lets be honest a guy talking to socks knows.

My soul? I discuss my soul these days with Mr. Socks, and Benjamin a dog that is along with me on my time traveling trip. Like I have previously stated I was more concerned about finding out my sock had been replaced than my wife. Why? I love my wife. She is dear She is love. However, me and my socks are friends and to discover that in different realities their quality changes made me concerned about reality. So moving on my soul, reality, and my sock what was I to do?

At first I kept a written journal. I actually cried and hugged the dog for a while when somehow it was destroyed in a washer machine accident when my wife found out I was writing about my experience. Next, I tried contacting people. Hundreds of people. Who? Let me just say if you realize who I had in my email address book you would be kind of surprised. To no effect. So I started a journal in Microsoft word. It was roughly 300 pages when that computer gave up the ghost. I had a camera to for a while and was snapping pictures of the moving mountain. Both decided to give up and their content goes missing.

So I started writing online and discovered a whole group of people with similar experiences and dilemma, which was for 45 years spelled dilemna. Why? They had completely different memories from me. Soul wise, I was in a pickle. For me to be left behind in the rapture was awkward. The first few days in my journey I went from my reality where US of A had 365 million per deagel.com and the worlds plural where population on May 2016 was 8.5 billion to worlds where there were 6 billion to 9 billion, and less than 318 million to more than 465 million

The challenge for me is to keep my mind. For everything I have stated is as real to me as this reality is today. For inside my mind is a future that can no longer have ever existed. Why? I do research these days on time-space, time, energy, matter, and history. The realization that John Von Neumann and the Montauk project distorted realities by stealing souls from the past into a future that can no longer exist because their end has already happened per gravity and time placement in a closed time curved loop calculation. Meaning? In, a gravity well where a black hole is sucking up the galaxy and spiting out the remains to either a nebula column above or below the plane of this galaxy, time slows down. How slow?

In 2013, I had written about earth in my reality, stepping outside the galaxy protective core of planets and galaxy into the x-ray universe. The path of earth on the outer edge of Sagittarius arm where the diameter was 377,000 light years across took the path of earth outside for 7 to 12 years. The potential that the whole planet was to be fried to a crisp was a real concern for me there.

During my research on reality, souls, and socks. I discovered my danger. I should have realized the danger from the start. I mean how many people write their first journal help help I have been kidnapped from my mother in laws’ home to exact copy? The danger is the last 10 to 15 minutes of a person’s life the brain still lives. Meaning? Most of the people I discovered outside of my computer and other attempts to form an escape plan have similar stories. They remember dying or having a quote near death experience. To realize in a research paper published in 2017 that this is a memory, a dream or illusion of my final minutes of death was or is rather a challenge and danger each day I live. Why? If I give up are these realities real? Do they go away? Or am I delusional? After 15 doctors spread across multiple worlds, the answer was nothing was wrong with whom I was. Yes, I was blind in one. Yes, my blood sugar is high, blood pressure high, etc. Yes, I could prove some rather unique facts. That the shrink finally said I am reliving a past life was rather upsetting. Why? Because I could prove this reality and those realities were a past. A better past than I had. In yet, nevertheless a past. Upon that danger, I set out to do more research.

A lot of my research dealt with what is real. I can honestly say I owe Mr. Socks, and several people on Mandela groups, an apology for arguing that reality is nothing more than a hologram. Why? To me a hologram meant something you could pass through or light could or would change. That I could not wrap my mind around the lie about energy equating mass multiplied light cubed was an issue until I discovered “The Secret of Light”. That e=mc2 is a lie kind of bothered me. To realize that mass is light stuck on some frequency finally made sense so I could come to an acceptance that my whole reality is a film or play kind of brought up other issues with Mr. Socks in my conversation of what if that means this is that and that is this, but by Benjamin the dog everything was cool?

Well not so cool. Why? I could still not look myself in the mirror. Why? My eye color has changed from hazel to the most sky blue color I can imagine. My kids noticed this change in 2018 2019 and it was diner conversation for a while on the significance of DNA changes and what could make my eye color change beyond reality. That I know now is awful.

The paper written on the last 10 to 15 minutes of a person life. A closed time cuved loop within a persons mind causing this reality to reanimate for a day is wild. One says that is a fib. I am real. I think I exist. Same with that Nazi in 1929 whose paper wrote what is existence. In yet. This existence is a past and dying past at that. How? From research this film or reality happened once, twice, so many times that when I try to figure out the number Drakes equation on how many habitual planets are there in the universe goes from 10 to poer of 192 to 10 to power of 200 or more. Meaning? Each night this planet is placed on hold. A deep freeze to be specific. The projector what you call a sun which is now either a mirror or some film covering up the sun reprojects this whole reality from a past reality. Including with it a memory of me for that day.

So what? Splicing a life for a persons soul from beginning to end is a lot of work. To hide the thief of souls from heaven innocent souls were stolen by Montauk project and some communist project in time and place d in the most likely place to cause that soul to be evil. How do I know? When I started out watching the Montauk Project the project only needed to steal 2500 souls to keep reality in existence. Then I watched on an older world and the number went to 25,000. next jump to 250,000, then a 2.5 million and final time I watched 25 million. Meaning? In the long long past someone stole all the ouls of some reality from heaven and stole the book of life from heaven to stop heaven from coming. What does that mean? In my dreams I remember something so evil I wonder these days. The potter says to the pot. I made you thus to be evil. Awkward realization that I might be one of the most evil people in reality.

Being evil I wonder how to make amends? I doubt I am as evil as my dreams tell me I am. For I was that evil I would be better looking. In yet, I recognize a truth. I still try to fix realities. Like I knew politically my writings are still there for people to read. I doubt if anyone does. I still give what I can. And I pray more these days. Is there forgiveness for me? I am unsure.

What is my plan now? I read the bible and the new changes speak to a narrower path to heaven thee days. I am still unconvinced that I would or should go to heaven. What if I am as evil as I think I am? That would be like destroying something beautiful just because you can read or understand something that when you tell another person their eyes might see their ear might hear but they have not a clue as to what you are saying to them.

Confronting death. That the light at the end of the tunnel that people speak about might be just this reality exist path to another delusional reality in which I might be in heaven. In yet, heaven is unsafe is weird and wild. For here Christ warns of people not going in through the gate in heaven. Of people becoming angry and demanding justice or payment of a debt and being thrown into prison or reality again. Or wearing the wrong clothes to a wedding party. Or not going when invited to a wedding party. The whole concept of heaven has become one of it is a safe place to being one of wild I might be less safe there than in this reality.

That said I would prefer heaven to hell or a return to these realities That I have found a path is awkward in yet I see reality shaping around that reality. People are deranged enough now a days to vaccinate themselves with fetal tissue from humans. The RNA in the vaccines is permanently trying to destroy humans within those vaccinated mean? Zechariah which spoke of a nuclear war in my reality per Doctor Vernom MacGee in my reality where flesh melting off the army approaching Israel. Has become Zachariah which speaks of walls around Israel which there were none in my reality in 2016 and people with their eyes and tongues out fighting with their hands sure sounds like zombies to me.

The plan avoid the vaccine and vaccinated people like a plague that they are on earth.

I used a story format to continue my time travelers experience in reality. Talking about the problems he faced. How he came to a realization. what was the outcome of his decisions and a path forward to watch out for. His dream of traveling through time makes reality a question of the mind. The problem being if the whole story is all in the final 10 to 15 minutes of his ind dying and that time travel is in reality nothing more than the mind trying to reflect on his reality and push for a better ending of a life lived. Without merit? without hope? Without assurance? A life lived with dout that this is rela or the next life or reality is real at all too.

Time traveling character is having an issue with details and explanations. For some that read what I write it would make sense what I wrote. For others picking up a structured act within a book is out of place. The character thoughts and story line not being communicated as if a whole story only a part that is shown within that section of the book. The reality is the question of the mind. What ifs? Whatif the sun is hidden by a mirror? What if this is really a past? What if everything here is played out over and over again until everything is put right again or an ending to the story occurs elsewhere? What happens if someone perishes is that the end of the universe as seen by the time traveler? Of is these questions the character needs to answer them. .

Time traveling character development for the writer at least is a bit awkward. For if the book is fiction then this is not real. Because memories and history are changed. For the character to be real this would make the character nonfiction then this is real. Because memories are coming from another time an place. The misspelled word delimna makes the statement for in writing a nonfictional book that is fiction the character whose flat like characteristics make him whom he is must develop more. In yet, there is no time, no space, no money and the experiment is running its course to an end of time with the time of tribulation happening right while this course is occurring for both the writer and character to develop something more to think to be like to make the plot more interesting or understandable. In yet, if this is a closed time curved loop he might make it back in time to stop this story from occurring in yet just viewing this reality makes this as real today as yesterdays illusion. Which is truth? which is real? Time space light the madness of it all that it is not energy equates mass multiplied by light cubed. It is energy equated to light frequency stabilized multiplied by light cubed.

Time traveler carrot pirate watching the dead reanimated for a day and night before going on. The question on the travelers mind is to realize that all those he is seeing and interacting with are dead. To be a closed time curved traveler meant to travel backwards in time. The amount of time however was so much of an oddity he had to figure the calculations. From 2013 at a 6.5 billion year old earth which would run into the next galaxy in 365000 years to an earth that had shrunk size wise, supposedly 4.5 billion years however the sun was red behind the mirror making the earth closer to 6 to 10 billion per the color spectrum of the life of a star. Also the galaxy won't hit this galaxy for 4.5 billion years making his time in the deep freezer something short of 5 billion years. Made his head hurt when he realized that his soul must choice to forget this is the past. This is not a future. The future traveler had seen. the earth on the outer edge of Sagittarius was now stepping outside of the galaxy for the next 7 to 12 years to be fried by the xrays of the universe. The other problem was the rapture. To lose from may 19 2016 to May 20 2016 1.3 billion people was a bit much for him to miss the rapture.

I have a difficulty expressing the plot through the character. time traveling the plot is the new discoveries day by day. Example the the traveler having gone through English lit class knew that his reality for 45 years no one knew Shakespeare was a real person. The discussion in the class was about whom he could have been. To discover Shakespeare is known, his father was a glove maker, that he dies between 1613 and 1624, that he was married Anne Hathaway his home is known and his great grand kid kept the home within the family for 200 years is wildly something he watches. To show people other facts that they knew nothing about also is something he finds fun to do. Example so few realize that the vietcong and chinese used this method in vietnam war. they used a bolivian language found in one small village that no one could understand but those that lived there. the dialectic was so specific to a place that a picture was used to communicate. monday one picture tuesday another picture same words but different significance and meaning. the finest computers could not crack the language. several language schools were built in colleges. In 60s Kennedy finally gave into the CIA and made a public try for the language thus the peace corps was born to find out the language being used secrets from beyond the grave.

Born on the outer edge of Sagittarius on an earth parallel to this reality in so many ways that almost make the person the same. In yet the stories are so different that is what makes the traveler question his mind. If this is real, is this the valley of the shadow of death because in a closed time curved loop the time path is only one way and that is back in time meaning if this is the past that would mean you are dead a long long time ago. The traveler worked for NASA, DOD DIA and other agencies doing this is this and that is that. His personal life no one seems to realize his journals on the wandering mind through the multiverse on prose by clinton siegle tell his story up to certain points with exact times and places. He looks like a lost pirate living in La Paz, Bolivia is the awkward part. One eye partially gone, one foot missing. You could expect him to be on some pirate movie set. In yet, his latest attempt to try anything Ayer es pasado a film with Dawna Lee Heising got into 6 film festivals makes him a producer of movies. His short stories on time travel can be found on several small blog sites. His nutty style got him censored from Facebook, cosmofunnel, poetry for telling people the truth.

The first place noticeable different to the traveler was his room at his mother in laws home. This is his seventh attempt to write about those first few days. The most bizarre journal was help help I have been kidnapped and no one seems to care or know what I am talking about. The traveler being disabled partially blind makes notes about the movement of mountains, places, until nothing seems to matter. Then fate or something stole his material and he tried again. His location is the same mother in laws home just his new experiences with different souls along the way that are in each of the family members he interacts with daily. some days he is sure they are the same souls so he tests them and finds out that no. The bodies might be the similar but their stories are off enough for him to realize they were not the same people. Try discussing that with a shrink. Then having an idea proving it to a shrink. And that shrink stating you are living a past life. But I point to the sun and say no. This just might be the valley of death. Because I recognize something that can not be in yet here you are. Which is truth? Which is right? A dead person passing through or a animated world that should have died out 5 billion years ago.

Curiosity makes the traveler go on. He has been offered a few outs already. Tempting books, an off hand invite to France, two or more aliens discussing realities on other star systems, a persistent chance to go to a secret in La Paz, he knew of on his world in yet not on these worlds. Would he find it? Curiosity is what makes the traveler keep on seeking and trying to figure out. Was his world better? Or did his time show this worlds corporations a better product or path forward? Then he says "what if I told" quote from the martix no longer exists in the movie the matrix and has to wonder. So what? Does that statement make the movie? Or why in the valley of the dead films use past tense wording. Life is like a box of chocolate makes it a living action film. While Life was like a box of chocolate makes it a past tense of tasting the chocolate which does not make sense when the following statement is one never knows what you are going to get. The dead know things. The traveler accepts that. For he realizes if this is truly a closed time curved loop his mind is dying someplace. His soul is going back to his original body to be judged. That part of the story is awkward.

The travelers physical changes are notable to him these days. His eyes once hazel and according to his driver ID hazel have turned sky blue. Whether from cataracts or DNA changes as he goes back in time he is unsure. His children notice the change and mention these changes in 2018 2019. He concurs and that makes another problem. Shaving. He was never that great at shaving but to look into the mirror and see eyes that were not his kind of freaks him out. The same with his physical changes. Parts of him stronger he notes that according to the internet his bones are now 4 time as strong as cement. Which is kind of wild to him. Yes he has walked through walls before literal walls on accident. Lets be serious he was someone that walked where he wanted to and usually ate where he wanted too. The difference of other physical changes are his partial vision comes and goes. One day he is squinting and the next he can see mountains in the distance as if they were as close he could reach out and touch them. The other disturbing part is he is losing his tummy. Now people say what is wrong with that? To be honest his socks, and tummy along with his dog were items that he counted on at times to make him feel that changing realities daily was not so bad.

Appearances of a travelers through time are wild. Analysis more of the souls returning to a world or worlds dying out. How can a world die? Light. Realization is that energy equating mass times light cubed is a sort of lie. mass is light also. Meaning energy equates to light power of 3. The significance this existence is nothing but light filmed. To rerun a film is nothing to a creator or storyteller. What does that have to do with discussion? Simply put everything this story and all else is a movie. Whether you believe this is a discussion Mr. Socks and the traveler have daily. What is freedom in a movie? Psalms 2 those that plot against God have lost, or and here is the question are we bad I and my sock? Is this real? Most likely not. Do you know who you are? Most likely not who you think you are. For if I was how i think I am. that would make this trip the most horrifying experience to watch reality die. you see not all ends have a happy ending. Hawaii was nuked dec 12 2017 in some realities. Famine hit the outer worlds in 2013, wars rumors of wars or kingdoms versus kingdoms november 2019. The end of time is something on my mind these days. I am assured this is an end of time for some souls.  In yet, I see a path. I wonder am I to be on that path or not.

Summarizing a time traveler plot is an internal question. Why am I here on this trip? Where am I going? How come history, geography, stories, reality changes? What is reality? What happens at the end of the story? With all the new changes in the bible is there a path for the traveler to make it to heaven? Is hell someplace he goes each night for billions of year? Is hell a freezer not a fire? The drive to succeed even in a failing plot, time traveler, to summarize the character is searching. For what? God? Yes. For a rationale reason for what he is experiencing? Yes. A way to stop the end of humanity from microchiping themselves to microsoft over a vaccine? Yes. The whole concept that a chip could turn off the humanity pain receptors allowing humanity to be stung by scorpions from the book of Revelation is so clear with the new Frankstein ecurrency that microsoft has introduced that evil seems to be the path this reality is heading. is there ways around the end of time? All these questions are on the travelers mind. Why exactly was he not prepared for this? How come was he not doing more. Even as a disabled person he should have tried harder. In yet to try and fail is all he does.

The time travelers companions on this trip seem a bit off at times. From a wizard, to magi, to witches, to writers, actresses, Mr. Socks, and dog. Traveler search for understanding fails to grasp at times what to do? He knows the questions. He has answered a few of them. Like why is each worlds color specific? Drakes multiverse equation. What happened to the sun? 2003 Katrina in my reality 2005 in this reality a mirror hid the placement of a mirror between the sun and reality. What about the moon? Youtube 2013 dated shows that the moon is gone. So what is real? Meaning if this is just a film played backwards to what end? If montauk project is real did the end of time end and this is the last pass for this soul before ending up at the day of judgment? And why is it some of the souls have so different personalities and perceptions of the stories they lived? Is each soul different or? the awkward moment in writing discoverying. Each film has a different lighted reality. Maybe the light and soul match some color scheme of how this or that world was suppose to be. So what? To watch the end of time with a dog and Mr. Socks the time traveler wonders why he had not prepared for a better outcome.

The time traveler is nothing but normal. In yet, if you paid attention he was missing the sight out of his left eye. His deafness shown when he moved his head to track a person in conversation because at times he could not hear what was going on and his hope was to see the movement of the mouth to understand the context. This was one of the major concerns of his of late. Him watching American Ninja Warrior and watching the mouth move and yet the words had finished some time ago. His realization that reality that his eyes could see but God has him seeing one thing and ears to hear but he was hearing another made for him to readjust his viewing habits. What use was watching a show when people were talking one thing and doing another action on the program. Was he actually in some world where people spoke Swahili and some how his mind was translating it into what he called English? Or was English a slang language put together fro across the realities and nothing was real? That probability of the traveler thinking was on his mind.

The traveler was house bound much longer than the quarantine he had been house bound since 2015 with the lack of sight causing several issues. His habit of getting up and shaving stopped in 2018 dealing with his eye color changing from hazel to blue. Prior to this minor changes in scare, hair color, and other items were manageable. He knew he was passing through people lives. He knew that this was not his reality. So he kept his attitude sweet which should be spelled sweat because you eat sweat treat for halloween made sense in English class now.. you sweet beets during a week of work makes no sene either but that is how life is. His habit of wondering when did things change. He went back in time reading. He realized sometime in 2011 that his mind was screwed up badly. How so to take is to took, some how his writing started to be toke like a puff of smoke instead of took which makes not sense unless something dramatic had cause something to break in his mind. Maybe this is all an illusion which makes sense if this is a film ran backwards putting people lives back on their orignal film. Was he good? That was an internal question he asked all the time. His answer was ask forgiveness.

"Well, Mr. Socks that was interesting," the time traveler said. "To think Coronal Sanders shut someone?" The latest changes were notably more complexity to a larger story. If the Montauk project stole all the souls that were in one realities heaven bound hide them across the realities. In the end of that reality. the soul ends back to its original body. In yet in a closed time curved loop the potential is that the mind or soul or whomever is writing this ends up back on the exact day he was stolen is a possibility.

I am probably the less likely person in reality to succeed. High school I made it through when 23 percent of my class did not from that start of that year. In college I made it through there roughly 39 percent did. That I went on to a career in Peace Corps. Then corporations from microsoft to arbys. Next part a public consulting career from DLA, DOE, DOD, NASA, and other agencies. From there i lost my right ankle. Within that time lost my left foot and eye sight. The laughter i bring to a party depends on the mood. My last official party the secretary of Bolivia was at for a poetry reading and official house opening. The laughter was on a conversation about the latest physical changes I had noticed about the walking tree and moving mountain.

The danger of the vaccination in this reality is real. Why? The mark of the beast? Frankencoin? Microsoft applies for patent to mine cryptocurrency through brain waves and blood flow By Lawrence Gash April 1, 2020, 3:25 AM GMT-4 Tech giant explores bizarre alternative to current inefficient mining practices Bill Gates Wants To “Microchip” People to Help Fight Off Diseases Like the Coronavirus Gates called it "digital certificates. To lose ones soul because of evil is an awkward disposition to be put in. Why? Simply put Along the time travels the bible changed from Zachariah to Zechariah. From a warning of a nuclear war to zombies. As a time travelers to realize in 2011 that vaccines went from a harmful mercury breaking down of the DNA of humans being vaccinated to a human DNA vaccination.Why could human DNA potentially cause brain damage? The way Ratajczak explained it to me: "Because it's human DNA from aborted fetus and recipients are humans, there's homologous recombinaltion tiniker. That DNA is incorporated into the host DNA. Now it's changed, altered self and body kills it. Where is this most expressed? The neurons of the brain. Now you have body killing the brain cells and it's an ongoing inflammation. It doesn't stop, it continues through the life of that individual."

That along with Microsoft desire to monetize human blood makes the mark of the beast a real possibility in this reality.

Time travelers plans are often failures their first time in many ways. I am the luckiest to be able to chance another reality to get into heaven. Will I see the city of God come to earth? My discussion with Mr. Socks has often times brought up the end of time. What will happen at the end of time? Is this the end of time? From a point of view as a time travel continuing backwards in time this might be an end to reality for this soul. The question remains was I ever good? And how to survive? I think that is the true test of luck and God's story. Just how does a soul survive? To quote a lyrics of a song “I don't get many things right the first time

In fact, I am told that a lot

Now I know all the wrong turns

The stumbles and falls brought me here “

So what is the final plan? To gamble with a soul. To go for broke. August 31st September 12 both dates to remember. August date the last of a super moon unexpectedly showing up in 2020 in yet the true year is 2012 if one realizes Ethiopians might be the only ones with a correct calendar. And the end of 2012 is September 12th. What should I expect? How does one storm heaven or hell? The time traveler laughs. To realize this is the backward pass of a closed time curved reality and that all is dead already to storm hell? He lived there in the 80s. It is not the worse place in reality. Just the children of the morning star can both be the fallen ones and Chrits. And at any moment the uncertainty of which one is being dealt with makes time travel let alone hell an uncomfortable place. That hell is a freezer and not hot but is freezing hot is the joke from there. As for storming heaven? The time traveler thinks he most likely got thrown out the last time for dressing incorrectly. Or trying to collect on a debt. Or failing to attend a wedding party. The reader must understand the time traveler has been here too before a long long time ago. Long enough that the memories of this trip are coming slowly back to him. He passed a cross roads and now he must either meet his maker or be frozen and gone once more. The dilemna spelled dilemma here is the realization I was not perfect this time around life. The black mark on my life the gambling action of trying to enter heaven versus the other offers. To chance a trip to land of the fae? Would that be a place to survive for the next cycle of light to happen? What happens if Gods story never comes around again sticking the time traveler forever in the land of fae? To gamble on forgiveness is rough on a time traveler. For in all his conversations from pastors to rabbis to his mother he is told that his story is evil. And he wonder and realizes if this trip is not a dream. That he might be judged on all his dreams. Jesus statement do not be angry with a brother. Do not imagine sex with a married woman. Do not covet. That awkward factor. The time traveler chances of winning? None for survival for he realizes all die.

What will happen in the final gamble? If you get into heaven look up one Clinton R. Siegle and see him there or not.

The time traveler story is autobiographical. It is a soul searching question. What is reality? If this is reality for him, are his dreams reality to? Meaning if I can see reality change color of the sun, where South America is, how many people live on earth. In his dreams all those things change too. Which then is real or should he attempt to live in his dreams? If his dreams are real and this is.. this is just a nightmare often leaves in a questioning mind.

Time. The realization that the time traveler details on time need to be more detailed and formulas will need to be developed in the next chapter of the novel makes me wonder. What is time. If energy is nothing more than light. Matter is light after all stuck in a frequency. What is time? The film of Gods watching life? In yet, you would expect a film of Gods to have a better ending than the end of time of tribulation sees the time traveler telling people beware think do not let eternity pass you by because of evil vaccines and frankencoin currency of microsoft being implanted into your body. Watch for the seasons and times. Be ware take care.. In yet what is time if this is the past tense of where the time traveler had been. Walking in the valley of death is a bit more complex. Sure I am sheep in yet I feel more like a bear these days. Does that mean I don't end up on this timelines wolf pack? What is reality? Energy? Moving through time. Matter as light stabilized by frequencies that are breakable. Why? What happened so long ago that the stories are convoluted. What is time? If each time is set per the sun which seems what time is defined by the sun on each world?  Does that mean each soul is specifically oriented to those worlds meaning day of judgment the soul has to be put back in place for the final judgment of the souls?

I am 10th of away to accomplish my novel. Mandela effected tell all time traveler kidnapped from La Paz, Bolivia. Come read about the sights, sounds, and history that changes along with a current 4.5 billion year old story. In which you will find the number of readers either enchanted by his tales of what he thinks is going on or bewildered because you feel this is normal. Let me tell you this reality is not normal. https://www.minds.com/Talon123/blog/zachariah-to-zechariah-there-and-back-again-a-crazy-mans-tal-1099355546284335104 The novel will it end in the time of tribulation being over? Will it end in several new ways to getting from earth to heaven? Will it end with the crazy man going crazy along the way? What happens to Mr. Socks? Why is it that Sketchers is not underlined for misspelling and Skecher is underlined? What are the many ideas of time travel? Exactly who reads these ideas? And why is it important to do good, be good and stop evil in the time of tribulation? And did Bill Gates Microsoft actually patient 2020060606 the mark of the beast https://patentscope.wipo.int/search/en/detail.jsf?docId=WO2020060606 and what to take away that humanity is its own worse enemy causing the nuclear war on some worlds December 12 2017. Hawaii was nuked.


In editing time traveling story the plan is to finish a 50000 work of fiction and go back and edit it after it is done. That way time can be thought on how to reduce the story and make sense to parts of the story which are suggested to be edited out or maybe some how make it more clear that memories and thoughts of a time traveler stuck in a room will come through the whole novel from beginning to end. The whole idea is to write one long 3 act event per chapter and have 17 to 20 chapters to make the story whole and functioning. The concept to pick one idea and expand on the time, geography, or thought process to make it into a beginning, plot, and ending. That way the book should be able to be read chapter by chapter and the concept within the chapter hopefully would be or make sense

I have another 44k words to go on my story before I edit the story. Time is not on my side. I fear being a time traveler August 31st September 9 and a few other super moons and full moons cause those of us traveling by light to realize that an ending of reality is happening in several locations. To be spirit or turned into a chipped robot is not what I would want. The sadness to see reality pushed by humanity into developing into a robot instead of continuing on as humans. The awkwardness of a closed time curved loop means I have done this exact trip at least once, or more times. The question on my mind is if I am doing this again would mean I fail yet again. I doubt I make the right choices on this venture. if I did I would be able to foresee what to do. What I do see is the coming volcanoes, and per a seer a time where people are pulled from their bunkers and killed by what is left of humanity. The shock is that this too has happened. For someone foresaw it and wrote, and told the person I talk to about it. It means it was a past and a past can be changed if the closed time traveler tries. Am I trying to point to Jesus? Who knows. Believe do good be good stop evil and repent.

Detail my short story which I am turning into a 50k story has detail. My submitted story goes into a Mandela effect perceptional question. What is real? If this is real meaning here is real. Then what about dreams? And if dreams are real what did I dream about that got me into this mess? I believe I know. I read stuff. Lots of stuff. In one or another book I might have read something that clicked and did something few people thought about or think about. So? Well like the Ethiopia calendar year 2012 being now 2020 my dreams dealt with time, and evil, and changes. What time? Lets be real for a moment. I lived in a hell that I lived inside my mind for so long that I like myself better than most people. In fact, outside of myself I am not sure if I like to many people. They tend to be interesting to a point and than they switched. Soul swapping? For how long? I think Colstrip power plant is nothing more than a Cern tunnel that moved souls into a past so similar no one realized it happening because of some mind control. But if it was mind control am I to be charged with my dreams? It always comes back if I am me. Who I am or is this pretend me and my dreams are real?

Reality is not so much what happens to you. Reality is how one thinks about the events that creat the reality. In a very real sense this story meas that I am creating the reality in which I live. So my first draft now at 8141 words. I think the journal, story, fiction, nonfiction story is becoming more of an effort to tell a story of what my reality is or has become. Is this real to me? As real as me hearing a dog on wooden floors as I write this at this moment. I wonder if anyone will read it? Some 1000 have already read it. is it worth reading? Unless you are into Mandela effect, time travel, a lost soul searching for meaning, and redemption most likely not the story for you to read. Reality is not so much what happens to you. Reality is how one thinks about the events that creat the reality. In a very real sense this story meas that I am creating the reality in which I live. Is this the time of the tribulations? Microsoft unveils 666 cryptocurrency. Gates pushes for chipped individual for vaccine verification. Some 30 percent of my friends are witches. I see dead people walking that I knew died in one reality or another. I am told I am evil. I repent. In yet i alone know what my dreams told or tell me and when I write them now no one lisens. No one cares. To watch humanity burn itself out because evil people think their breaking God bond is the best for them.

The time traveler story forces me to relook at my life at different points. I wonder at time . Dealing with a reality question, time question and the end of time. Making speculations, plans, and plots the story has grown. I am excited to be around 11k words. The question on characters I introduced seem to be lacking. I introduced them per discussion and have found that I really did not need them as much. However I did this course in 2017 and needed to find someone that would listen to my wild questions on reality. That my attempts with a rabbi, priest, pastor, and my then mom all assoiciated my being here as evil I had to concur in yet I am no longer sure on that. To be evil is one thing. To watch the end of time is another. That this story is wild. That there are points I will have to reedit and make better sure. However to continue and finish a 50k novel in less time than I would have expected.

When time was changed. A point of reference had to be point in place. That I was actually born in

1963-07-19 (19th Mägabit 1963) (19 መጋቢት 1963) Is actually something to think about it. However I have verified with at least one traveler memories of realities. To slow down an earth to speed up an earth the film of life can be changed so a soul can be hidden. Across time across space and across realities. However, in the year 2017 when earth was supposedly 5.3 billion years old people lived a bit longer. Specifically John Von Neumann who finished his last paper on chaos. Within that paper was the answer. To realize the answer is to realize how ugly reality might become to some realities. What about me? Let me be honest I think I have been dead a long long time. So memories of being a zombie as a dream in 2013 dreaming about 2003 is all possible. The story was so real. The German timeline that was so real to cry about a brother I never knew the tears still burn from memories that could not be real. In yet if this has not been the wildest dream than those were not dreams but memories. How? Seven cycles to hide the souls stolen from heaven. And this pass of the seventh cycle? Per the secret of light the hour glass tips and those beings are supposedly transformed. Per Montauk project this is a giant game between two worlds destroyed 5 million years ago from which ever earth planet reference on. So? There is only one real soul and on real body. To travel time to see the day of judgment is wildly not what I was expecting. To find out that I was born in 1963 Christian time not Catholic time means one day equates to a flash in a film being played backward to some point in time where the soul reached the real body. From there? Like I say read the bible there are now other paths.

April 9, 2014

The absurdity of the newspaper headline. Man claims to be from a different reality. Tells his story. The problem no one cares. Why? What? For sure someone must have missed him in a different reality. Was he not a mildly interesting character on someones channel providing amusing stories? Was he not noted in linkedin top 100 most connected? Was his emails to roughly 532 military, politicians, and other people informing them that they might not have the right people in charge of their operations of no problem to them? Who would not believe him? An admiral who laughs at his concern. A two star general who laughs at the absurdity of the problem being presented. Seven bosses that should have noted a breach in at least 58 to 83 secret projects. Not top secret but requirements in the contracts required means someone most likely knew something. Missiles Defense Agency scenario operation nuclear waste. No one seemed to either care or know what the nut in Bolivia was talking about. When he found out that George Bush Jr was not from here, neither Obama nor Clinton nor Biden, and not Putin. The nut was kind of at a lose. If the leaders of the world were all from different realities. Who was really running the reality program? It was not who he thought it was that was for sure. Is there an ending to this story where humanity does not destroy itself?·

I am using this class to write my novel. I am up to roughly 10k and to develop the character I am using the comments section to increase or build on the ideas that come from each section. I would say the character is great. Already some hundreds have read it. I could redo or edit it but this is a first draft going through the course sections and making each bit count. The story is being built and character driven. The parts that nonfiction few if any could figure out and that makes the reality of the novel better.

Life has many ways to teach you something. Narrator.

My life story could be told with the passing of cars in my life and how each held something new or different in experience.

The first car of memory was a Plymouth 1973. That car took me on the journey during an experience most people do not get to have. Lightning, then hail, water for a flood, all happening at once the week prior to my parent's divorce. The situation living on a farm my mother took the car and us into Glendive, Montana to shop. The storm came in with howling winds and hail the size of golf balls. The car was getting smashed and driving home to the farm a valley curve was full of water. Just when we entered the curve. Water coming through a car door at the age of five is something. Mom quickly backed out and went down another dirt road to cross to the farm. That road the valley was flooded also. On the other side, an uncle was trying to cross the same path. That day the knowledge that there was and is someone greater than my father or family came home to rest within me.


The divorce happened and my toys got packed away never to be seen again. My mom started her adventure to buy a camper which took us all over Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana. That summer I met my Korean cousins at Medora musical play. Shannon and Meagan Carlson from Bismarck ND. I was with my mom since the divorce. That summer we found a Chinook camper that was on sale. The company was trying to sell it to get into motor boats.

The Chinook camper was an adventure that took me places and dreams that only a few will ever have.


A specific place was when it broke down during a funeral The dream was so vivid. I was attending a funeral and had some time. As many of you know I use to live in the library during the daylight hours of the 1980’s. I spent my time with Lewis, Token, Jordan, Rice, before it became cool or interesting to the masses.

On a trip between Montana, and North Dakota I visited a rather large library on the plains of North Dakota. The library looked like a bank built in the 20’s. I got to spend a few hours there by chance due to the family and car troubles. I quickly found an ole favorite the Hobbit in the back of the library of course where the loners usually just enjoy the peace and quiet. I quickly read through the first 200 or so pages stopping where the dwarfs were imprisoned prior to their release by Bilbo.

Just when the dwarf’s prison doors were to be opened; knowingly, since I had read the book a few times before a book popped out the shelf and fell open next to me reading the Hobbit. Humor how life happens at times. The book was something I had not read nor touched before Harry Flashman. Odd that the book defiantly was not categorized by the author last name nor title of the book for a library category. So I was unsure why it was here. Putting it back an older boring colored hardcover caught my attention. Grabbing at it instead of pulling it from the self it binged back and made me jump back as a click and the whole shelf swung against me as if a door opening. And to that point the shelf pulled back with my hand.

The librarian was no where to be found. I believe she had gone out forgetting me. So with no one to stop me I pulled the door open. There on the floor was a pile of envelopes, and from the light from a window over the chair I was using I could see a light with a pull string light. Bending over reading the address I was the majority addressed to a Mr. Babsy. Humor someone’s Hemingway hideout? Who knows anyway pulling the chain lighted a small room. A table, what looked like a still. The pile of envelopes and a small looking medical gad was what I could see. Being venturous I went through the envelopes. Which had wonderful 20s stamps all addressed to Baby. Trying to figure out why their presence was there I noticed a mail drop between the back of the door.

Well I guess if someone was to hid a room a library was as good as place as any. What surprised me most was the lack of dust. Anyways moving into the room I started to review the books on the table. The first was a ledger accounting it seemed of a business operation of medicine? No I suppose after seeing a liquor bottle. There in the ledger were small towns that appeared in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Illinois, Minnesota, and other small towns that I recognized from my travels with my mom since the split up of my folks. It seemed this was a major illegal operations built on the plains of North Dakota. Sort of like the Kennedy’s moon shine hold in Havre, Montana. Looking at the next book it seemed like a personal diary. Last date 1929 written about a Mr. Babsy and venture of moonshine. The journal was given by someone Limburg for a birthday gift to a Major Babsy. Reading the diary about Mr. Babsy seemed to be in love with someone. He had it bad. Seemed obsessive to appoint that I realized I had never fallen head over heals in love before. It seemed to detail that Mr. Babsy was a local who was planning to take and make himself a rich person.

Humor he even gave some detail on back accounts and politicians a few of them; I had heard about from history class. One name I saw I did not expect was my great grand father. Well, I knew the righteous stories on how he made it in flax in the 40’s. Seeing his name there made me wonder a bit but life is a mixture of chance opportunities. Anyway venturing into the boxes one contained several old medicine bottles labels peeling with age and odd color liquor look inside. Another box had a letter on it without an envelope. Opening the letter which was addressed to someone whose name I had heard in the old folk’s home where my great grandfather lived. What a small world we live in. The letter was telling him that if Mr. Babsy might never come back; from reading the content the letter it was sort of a last will and testament from Mr. Babsy. The letter went into how several small communities were being used and their libraries were being used to store medicine etc. Opening the box under the letter there were roughly fifty thousand dollars in ones the year 1920 stamped on them. The box looked half full. Humor what one expected and what one gets are two things. I closed the box. Thinking I needed to talk with my grandfather prior to doing anything. I toke the dairy, 20 dollars in one dollar bills from the box replacing them with a 20 dollar bill my father had given me on his recent visit to me. My parents of course being separated tried to buy my love at times. I also toke the letters unopened. Pulling on the chain the light chain broke while closing the self back. Going back into the library I pushed the shelf back into place. I went to the door. Humor the librarian had locked me in with a note saying she was out for lunch. Well life happens so I went back to my seat and begin again the Tale of there and back again. Later in the evening the librarian awoke by turning on all the lights an


Meet my great grandfather Anthony Haman in Minot nursing home. We were close for a while. He was an adventurer. TLike the time he took the stairs down in a wheelchair. His statement I almost made it to the bottom. There in Minot I sold Grit to earn money for my bike. That bike took me places. The scenery of Minot is wonderful. Minot even has a zoo. Which most mid-western towns do not have. A zoo with monkeys.

Bike trip

I meet my best friend for a few months there on a bike trip. Ross was a year younger than me. We played together. That was the year of Star Wars and my moms conversation to religion. That is where life began and dreams well that is the stuff life is made of to dream is to live a life while hoping for a better future.

The Chinook took us, mom and me to visit relatives throughout North Dakota in the late 70s. I met my great aunt Rosie who was in a wheelchair due to Multiple sclerosis MS. She was a strict lady whose husband Micky worked for the post office. Their dog Snowball was a poodle that loved to chase balls.

After elling 250 Grit magazines I could afford a bike from the money that my dad gave me for visiting my mom. They were trying to get back together.


June 23rd I went to the doctor’s office. They stated I should exercise. I went to the gold's gym signed up that very day and caught bacteria from their gym floor that caused/ate the flesh to my ankle bone by causing the flesh to die. I spent July in the hospital losing 33 pounds from vomiting, diarrhea caused by acid re flux disease; August I was placed in the old folk’s home. Therein I kept saying hello to people in the rooms around me only not to see them the next day. They stuck me in the hospice wing. Kind of blew my mind and well yes I need help with English, but I am still working my way back from that issues.

September and October on short term disability at home I could not walk well, and could not sit for long periods of time nor drive. My wife and kids came home in September. October I got off disability and the company I was working for laid me off on that same-day October 10th.

As for my family, my wife is better. I think she just meant nearly every other month.

Stress- I think almost dying, losing a lot of weight, and being laid off has taken a lot out of me.

Work front: I have had 24 Anyway, news here 26 interviews, four contracts signed awaiting my time with a medicare part c telesales person position which I quit. Evidently, I am now partially deaf in my right ear. I never a good talker to begin with but a lady in South Dakota yelling at me for say in 39.9 versus her hearing 69 dollar lead me to believe I should try something else. I thus accepted the first offer of a job consulting for the Fountain group in Florida. I told you about having spent money to make money I did not even break even. What a life there. Trying to break even this month of Janauary. . When the budget gets signed. While waiting, I am writing sad thoughts, etc..... what do you think of this http://tinyurl.com/1madhatter1 I know it is not smart. However, sometimes life is not as it should be. Much of my life has been that way. I understand my story is hard to follow. interviews and four offers, only to be told awaiting funding due to the government not releasing contracts to Lockheed, Honeywell, Oceanonics, and a small consulting firm. This Monday instead of waiting unemployment, I toke a temp job at a call center for selling Part C insurance. It should be interesting.

Thank you for reading my emails and keeping in contact. I appreciate our friendship.

There I was again in a situation of sugar and flour making. Diabetes, a sickness what a way to go a left foot. It started that Feb 24th day. I went to work for the first day. Just to be told to go home with merely seven hours worth of work. And not come back until noon Wednesday. Paid hotel, car, and flight not being paid for what a life to live. That Wednesday after 11 calls still no software installed told to come in Thursday with potential no work on Friday. That Thursday I start throwing up. Vomiting water, and everything. Friday same. Saturday I find a spot on my foot similar to what I had back in June when I lost the skin to my ankle.

The story of threes... you have heard it. The accident happened then another and a third just for the kicks of it. You have to be ready for anything. I do not know what I am, but I have survived again. The third attempt I survived or is there more. What happens next... that is the story... right leg, left foot gone, hearing almost gone, humor how a person trying to kill me with a zip gun attempted murder, and well, the world is out to get someone. However, why this life was to be a bookworm. What could I have done? Alternatively, It could have been... that is a question I do not understand... seated here I realize I should have taken a left corner instead of a right. I would have been next to there... that make no sense... perhaps try something else... a book an author... a poet maybe ... I tried a bit http://www.poetry.com/us…/414922-Clinton%20Siegleconceivably a professional ... www.linkedin.com/in/clintonsiegle/ perchance I could have been a marine... Or stand against the odds... how I would catch to work against the dragons... what is life like what to say what to do... the tale of ender the pirate most know... Welcome back to the presentation of how the world is nowadays...

There is an Almighty that I know .. I knew of him for a while. He is great and terrible his world is not that which I would be a choice for this life.

I do know that his domain is coming closer. Ceres or Nebular or somewhere else where is Heaven and then that makes there a hell. What will happen? The wars, the peace called by everyone but fulfilled by none. Earthquakes in diverse places, volcano, wars, the world is coming apart per verses in the Bible. Why? What purpose? If the end is known why play the game?

That is the question- is there an alternative world or domain or universe? Is hell the outcome for all those that are not proper or wanting to be right? That is weird about the questioning...

Dreams are often the way of life. Thank the creator for obamacare forcing me to purchase health insurance February prior to losing my left foot due to poor judgment.

I went to work for Raytheon on Feb 24th they sent me home with only seven hours of work and told me not to report back till Wednesday noon. Rationale they could not install Microsoft Project 2007. Noon Wednesday still no installation. They said come in Thursday and if no installation do not come in Friday. I went in after 11 more calls that day along with the 20 or so calls prior nothing. I went home Thursday and started throwing up violently. I thought acid reflux disease.


Sometimes I sit quietly and wonder why I am not in a mental asylum. Then I take a good look around at everyone and realize... maybe I already am.

In deciding to be evil as a profession I have to find support so I am turning to a major sponsor the US government. I figure if I paid into them a quarter of a million over 13% over the years. Maybe a grant or social security can help me out. So I am looking for new ideas after taking my advice from Ms. West. "When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I've never tried before." -- Mae West. So I am looking for a bad deed to do. Any decisions will have to be cartoonish in nature. Of course there will be a well. Which is a deep hole in the rural backyard? Well hello there you look like a bad decision. What evil to do.. Well, minions we will have to meet at midnight hour which makes it more evill.. Well, if you excuse me, tonight’s bad decisions are not going to be made by themselves.

An author that is right I shall write a world changing book and people will pay me money.. Then I will use said money to buy .. wait for it folks. The seven seas..


Introduction to book:

Staring at the spaceship in Texas desert makes one realize that life is short. Play hard for all that is known was about to be changed both intellectually and economically from oil base economy to religious ideology on that made us. The year 2015 a water world Ceres was passing earth when a spacecraft landed in Texas. The race known as Fae or Fairy were here to pick up their cousins who had been living underground, and on a different wave length, the entire span of humans had been on earth. Their energy being phased just a little out of the eyesight of humans made their entire culture a mystery, and in truth only the myths told about those stories that had escaped into the common knowledge of man. Anyway, their spacecraft landing made no news anywhere due to the government. The government tried to hush the experience up. Blanketing the whole of Texas with thunderstorms, sending men in black to change the minds of the residents and blacking out the media. However, a few people escaped those men in black. Their stories appearing on Facebook made those not interested think that what happens in Texas needs to stay in Texas. This is a tale of one of those people that was not from Texas but is stuck on a fracking rig close to a fairy ring. What happened there was something to behold. The equipment is destroyed in the wildest ways. The fairy coming right out of the hill twisted the metal into an odd like demon structure. The employees tried to run but were changed into bugs.

Heaven or hell? My ultimate dilemma as a time-space traveler. To see the book of Revelations fulfilled in my life time was not what I expected. When I wrote my friends years ago about being abducted and none of them seemed to even care enough to reply made me wonder. Now? I realize the time of tribulation has been going on a lot lot longer than when I woke up to a new reality. My emails to hundreds of people was quiet comical. From help, help they have kidnapped me with a lengthy explanation of why and who I know was dead in yet alive here would cause anyone to think I am nuts. So be it. Not like I was altogether here in the first place. When I tried a second tactic of asking a person about names and places I even had to throw in hey! Your realize national security is at stake. Nothing. Let see if you remember anything differently. I have not heard from anyone in some time. I believe they have kidnapped me to a wild weird world.. Let us play along.

A list of changes along with my recollection to the left. Come play along.. copy and paste your answers in the comments.

*Berenstein Bears is now BERENSTAIN Bears, I remember Berenstein bears going to church.. DO you

*Interview with a/the vampire. I recall the Interview with a vampire

*sex in/and the city how sad I remember Sex in the city

*mirror mirror on the wall/magic mirror. Come now it has always been mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all

*chic-fil-a/chick (some remember chik) my memory is fair it was chic`fil a

*luke/no, I am your father... Come since when is no ... it has always been Luke, I am your father

*If you build it they/he will come... Who is he.. it should be If you build it they will come

*Smokey the Bear/Smokey Bear. The bear and me will always be smokey the bear

*beautiful day in the/this neighborhood. Song this in the shower since 6. It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood

*we’re gonna need a bigger/you’re gonna need. There were more than one person on the boat. we re gnna need a bigger boat

*daylight savings/daylight saving time The only state without daylight saving time was Arizonia

*cruella Deville/De vil I would say Deville for my mother would not let me watch anything with evil..

*book of isiah-the lion shall lay down with the lamb/the wolf shall lay down with the lamb. I remember it as the lion shall lay down

*sketchers/skechers (shoes) My shoes were sketchers up to May 18

*Proctor & Gamble/Procter & It twas Gamble procter gamble

*Life is/was like a box of chocolates.. Speaking of a Life is like a box of chocolates

*dilemna/dilemma I am in a dilemna

*You say tomato/You like tomato. I wonder you say tomato I say tomatoe. Let us call the whole thing off.

*new zealand moved from above to below australia new zealand I recall wanting to live there which was above australia and only one island

*Australia moved closer to Southeast Asia. Recollection looks farther down to me

*Panama Canal is now north to south not east to west. It ran east to west

nsync/*nsync (look up current spelling if formatting is not working)

*Reba Mcintyre/McEntire Her name was McEntire to me.

*puce changed from yellowish to pinkish not sure

*Chartreuse changed from burgundy/purplish to neon yellow/green (almost as if they switched) not sure

*JC Penny/JC Penney I do not recall an e.. It has always been JC Penny to me.

*Charles Shultz/Charles shulz The t was something in my memory Charles Shultz

*looney toons/looney tune. Cartoons are looney toons

*52 states, not 50 states and 2 territories. Flag still had 50 stars. My timeline there was 50 plus 2015 Rico voted itself statehood

*Madagascar did not have 22 million people living there not sure

*Spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down In THE most delightful way/In A most delightful way. I sing this song in the most delightful way

*VW logo didnt have a line through it separating the V and W There was no space between the V W

*Picture of Henry the VIII with a turkey leg?? nothing in that time frame to reference a turkey leg with.

*Dr. Doolittle/Dolittle Come now Doolittle

*Fruit Loops/Froot Loops I love Fruit Loops

*Publically/Seperate not sure

*MLK assassination was fairly close, multiple shots, handgun not sniped with a single shot with a rifle. Recollection bad but it happened in a hotel single shot with a rifle I believe

*“Go home, walter” was mike not the black guy not sure

*Jiffy/Jif peanut butter Peanut butter jiffy

*Barbara Streisand/Barbra Streisand In my land Barbara Streisand

*Svalbard? Norway seed bank is now Svalbard Seed Bank not sure

*North Pole ice land mass and explorer Edmundson never existed ice mass Ice land mass controlled by Norway I believe.

*Japan is next to Russia and Korea instead of China In my mind Japan next to China no Japan Sea

*Fidel Castro died around 2008. he was alive in my timeframe

*“Me Tarzan, you Jane” never happened The original movie yes.

*“Beam me up, Scotty” never happened either Wow.. so where did Beam me up Scotty happened

*Curious George had a tail there was no tail in my timeline

*Oscar Meyer/Oscar Mayer My hotdog has a first name Oscar Meyer

*Hitler had bright blue eyes? He was not ayran no blue eyes

Sun is yellow or white My world the sun was yellow

Abe Lincoln senator or representative Conspiracy theory senator. JFK was a senator same as Nixon. JFK and Lincoln both senators, both shot in the head, both presidents in years starting 64

Grimm captain name Bernard

Penelope or Vanalope wreck it ralph Penelope

Japan next to koera or china ie no japan sea no japanese sea next to China

COME folks copy and paste in the comment section your memories.. before they are eaten by..

The great delusion has happened. The end of the world is upon us. People say yes, we are evil.. But people forget to read the Bible.

The days will be like in the end Days of Noah.

Noah lived beyond the flood. His end days were when Babylon occurred. The creator did something then, too. He changed people’s languages. Make a bet if you asked those people if they were in the same world they would realize that they were not.

Meaning realities and people’s personalities have changed. What was important to someone yesterday is not today? Meaning in the end days people will be lovers of themselves. Why, because they have lost their natural affection for their family. Why.. Because they do not recognize their family. Why.. Because in their world maybe they did not have kids, or why I am writing this dogs. I have noticed people have forgotten their dogs and pets. Once normal caring people have forgotten who they were not because they are uncaring but because they have lived a different reality up to the point where CeRn switched their mind or the creator. Either way, you have to realize something.. The end of times are upon us for several more decades or years or generations or less. We have to change to Christ if you want to live forever. If you want to die and go to hell, that is a choice too. But think. If you realize that nothing matters but the afterlife.. Just think.

That being spoken I just sit in my room thinking about heaven, hell, and the other minor item like why I my notes in a mess today? What was the soul doing prior to me? How come is there a dent in the door? Exactly where is the bookstore and why did it move and if it did not move was it always here in this reality and there in another reality? If so is that why I forgot about it until last month? And what made me forget about that bookstore? And why in the worlds plural was the only English book so evil?

I usually ask these questions to Mr. Socks and my dog. Sometimes Mr. Socks brand of humor opens my mind and other times I realize I am just talking to myself because I miss talking. My dog rarely answers any questions, but he still listens at times because I hug him and force him to answer questions. Like where did you put my shoe? Or did I put it there?

Or since when is heaven so unsafe? Wolves getting sheep. Thieves whether shadow communist priests or Montauk boys stealing souls from heaven. Or dressing not right to a wedding party? Or not attending a wedding party? Or trying to get revenge for this story? Seems like heaven might not so safe? In yet hell? I suppose I know what hell is. I lived there before. I guess I would prefer to get kicked out of a wedding party compared to living one more time through this horrible story. Psalms 2 the kings of the earth might have broken the bonds of mankind from Gods divine story by bribing judges, and raping kids throughout time and history by murdering and thief government approved through time. Nevertheless God laughed and to see Revelation book fulfilled with Microsoft trying to make humanity into robots is awkward.

To realize Bill Gates attempt microchip everyone is an attempt to mark them for life is wild. To realize his vaccination might not be up to snuff causing brain damage is even more wild. The stakes are high. How much is a time travelers soul worth? To be marked so that my blood fuels the economy is insane in yet Microsoft has released their e currency to do just that.

I as a time traveler wonder what door way to take to get to the right path? Repent? Yes. Do good? Yes. Be good? Yes. Stop evil? How? Write? Did and do that. In yet, the end of humanity happens because this is the past already. Nothing can change that much. Believe in Jesus Christ and accept him and do what he asks? Yes. Is that enough?

The coronavirus was planned out and executed to stop some reality from changing. The question is this reality really worth saving? From removing vaccine exemptions for religious objectors in New York. To promoting people to visit China the democrats seem rather insensitive already to humanity. The key event in my opinion will occur within 30 days to August 31st or sooner or later than September 12th. I might actual see their demand for humanity to be chipped to walk the streets of New York City.

Let me be honest. In 2013, and prior none of this was possible. Why? I think Bill Gates in my reality actually took vaccines his mind was wondering. Meaning he had to give up his position because he was not making rationale decisions. To find out that Bill Gates Foundation, and Microsoft have crated a biometric system e currency and verification vaccination chip which can sterilize users is wild. That no one seems to care is even wilder. To see pure evil of humanity becoming as the patient states the end goal is a collective conscience of the users. Wildly evil. Individuality out the window. Some corporation deciding to turn on or off your birth control built right into your vaccination chip. To see this I have to just shake my head. If I was not time traveling I am sure I would figure a solution to stop this evil. That time travel means things happen in one reality and the next reality has almost advanced anywhere from 1 to 8 years before I can understand what the problem is a bit of an awkward statement to fix. How does one say. Hey Microsoft corporation just patented 666 the mark of the beast without people thinking shh he is just more nuts than normal today?

What plans do I have? Do good, be good, stop evil where I can. How? Sign the petition to request a investigation into Bill Gates. Write my normal stories with an expressed dismay that everyone in power seems to be willing to kill humanity. To express my sadness in seeing humanity die or be turned into a robotic race. That is more absurd part of this time traveling loop. Some technologies have advanced more than others in yet I can see patients from or for other realities that I do not see sold in the open market. Meaning? Someone is hiding a whole new culture and technology in the patient office. What do I mean? Read the abstract for the mark of the beast: Human body activity associated with a task provided to a user may be used in a mining process of a cryptocurrency system. A server may provide a task to a device of a user which is communicatively coupled to the server. A sensor communicatively coupled to or comprised in the device of the user may sense body activity of the user. Body activity data may be generated based on the sensed body activity of the user. The cryptocurrency system communicatively coupled to the device of the user may verify if the body activity data satisfies one or more conditions set by the cryptocurrency system, and award cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity data is verified.

Does that not sound like the begins of Borg or Cyclone race where everyone is interconnected? That Bill Gates foundation also has a chip to turn on and off reproduction most likely built into the system is even more awkward along with the end results of fulfilling a religions end book of Revelation 13 7.

The test will come when this is mandated by those in government. It is already accepted in New York state that this will be a forced issue even for those religiously objecting to vaccination. What do I do as a clergy member I am kind of saying don't get marked by this evil. The danger will be when they turn off the system and not allow people to purchase or work or purchase food. What are people told to do in the bible? Fight? And the dragon will overcome them for a time. However the bible says fight. Who? How? Well Bill Gates Microsoft is the one running the chip show. So maybe stop purchasing everyting from Microsoft. Use Linux. How download Linux and stop all usage of Microsoft. What else? Pray. Pray that your enemies become Christians. We are suppose to pray for those that misuse you. Pray that the government Nancy Pelosi becomes a Christian that follows the bible. Pray for Trump. Pray.

What else? Since I am a time traveler to begin with the time of tribulation has and is upon me at least. Why? Let me be honest I think I might have died a long time ago. And now I am just drifting between realities of a parallel past trying to make amends for what ever I did in my life. Believe in Jesus Christ. Repent. Do good, Be Good.

That I can not look myself in the mirror because my eyes no longer are mine is something sad. That I have not changed much from whom I was as in my reality is another sad realization. Meaning I should have been able to grow on these trips to visit you here at this moment in time-space. That I am dying is probably truth.

To pray for your enemies. Dear Lord, please make my enemies find and follow Jesus Christ. Help, them realize their problems and repent of their evils before those evils destroys mankind. In Jesus name.

Praying in spirit at all times against evil. For there is always hope and love in mankind. Hope and pray.

To pray always. Keep Jesus near. That is all one can do at present. That the evil plan has been in the work for some time is evident in stories. Coronavirus vaccination created in 2015 patented in 2018. The sterilization of the world population chip Gates introduced in 2017. The movement of coronavirus to be stolen by the Chinese from Bill Gates funded lab March 2019. To Bill Gates actually admitting an issue on Nexflex documentary summer of 2019. November 2019 patient vaccine. March 2020 patient the mark of the beast.

What is a time-space traveler to do as he watches the end of reality? Ponder is he going to survive? No. I made sure of that the last blessing I placed on the Hillary Clinton in this reality that remembers as I do that Abe Lincoln was a senator in my world. Evil people need to find Christ. I hope she finds Jesus Christ soon.

The time traveler journal close to 6189 words on time changes within reality seen by a time traveler. The whole book of 50k words should be done within another few weeks. Since I am using this courses comments to fill in parts of the story and make sure everything makes sense all I can say is thanks. The story based on the Mandela effect and the traveler watching the end of the time of tribulation has grown. That I will figure a way to finish the story and maybe the end of the journal to its conclusion is absurd in yet possible. God is real. The tale as far as my reality goes is real. That I am writing this as fiction is what makes reality a question on my mind. After all what if I am telling you the truth? And what if you are really dead? That awkward moment when a closed time curved loop traveler wonders should you point out the dead sun? Or other inconsistencies of a reality spun backwards some billions of years back from whence this reality should have died? to live it one day at a time until a decision has to be made. Life, death, or. The or part is the hardest part. For in fiction or nonfiction I have seen a wildly unique possibility that does not make sense anymore. Between Montauk reality, between Ayn Rand Star Trek reality, to AI terminators taking over reality, to Bill Gates unleashing the mark of the beast, to that ending as cyclones in some Scientology reality where 70 worlds circle a dying universe with 700 trillion damned souls. People wonder how or why? That is not the issue at this time. The issue can I make the straight and narrow and I am at fault greatly in this life. Mercy I need, grace I have to accept. That is the awkwardness of this game. Am I to see an ending for good bad or ugly? Or am I allowed passed level 3 of heaven?

People seldom challenge me on my travels. I had witches try and say you are nuts. As a time traveler I pray for them and hope they find Jesus Christ. They demand proof. Do I have proof? Like I said my shrink does not like talking with me. You see as a time-space traveler what is a secret in one reality is either common knowledge in another or someone has written down. You would be surprised at the amount of reading a partially blind traveler does with a squinting other eye. To be kind I love reading. If I could I would find a great book and go live in it. In yet, here I am. And here you are too. So is there plans for what to do? Seeing the end of time is something. I wonder if I made the proper bets. You see all this is a gamble. Why? God is Gods plural. And to relive everything over and over again searching for something special is awkward in yet he or they do that. People say there is only one God. I point to In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2Now the earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters. There is a God and there is a Spirit of God. Two noted parts. So what? Means that they gamble a lot more than the ordinary gambler. If you read Job story and realize the whole story is based on a bet between God and his most special creation. One realizes how serious God takes his bets.

So to storm heaven the only path this round is to believe in Jesus Christ. Ask forgiveness, repent and do good be good stop evil. Sounds reasonable.

What is awkward is the realization that I am already dead. A long time ago. The sense of sadness on that is wild. I should or could have lived a much better life. Sure I worked. Sure I tried hard. However to be such a failure is crushing. To fail so big. I think that is the funny part of this life's story. I stepped up to the plate of life almost at every opportunity. Did I swing? Oh, I swung. I was going to break the bonds of my story and become someone. For those that know who I was in my reality will laugh but if you just look me up on linkedin. One realizes I swung and often times hit home runs. Now to be stuck in a room in La Paz, Bolivia one of the last few gringos in Bolivia from the United States having most been evacuated means I am still in play. In yet, I know why? Maybe. I can guess. My speculation is I am being allowed to see the final battle of good and evil in some reality. What will happen? I have seen the seals broken. In yet, each did not make sense. However if Montuak project is real? The bible change that most significant is the Gods plural made the heavens plural and earths plural. When reading Revelation or Revelations that means a fourth will fall to war, a fourth to famine, a fourth to conquering angels and the final fourth to plague. That I am still moving to an older world from one old world to the next is a reality for me today. To resolve to watch the end of times.

Time. To realize the end of time. In yet the study of time is something hard to do. Believe me I have tried. I think the whole concept is either not taken seriously or is purposely hidden. Anderson Institute of time ran now by Peter Moon editor and co author with Nicolas Preston on Montauk Project. A summation of time helps. In yet that did not work. The formulas are wrong here or where I read them in the last reality. The Secret of Light now that opens up a lot more secrets if you are willing to read poetry. Like what? Shh.. Don't tell anyone but E=mc2 is sort of a lie. The real formula is E=c3. What? Yes, folks humanity and reality is just a hologram. And mass or matter is nothing more than stabilized light in a frequency as a solid. Shh.. Don't tell people. Thinking about the secrets one time-space traveler tells other travelers from his room makes me think.. Douglas Addams was on to something 42 you really make life anything you want life to be. Just reality is not what I wanted in my life. I wanted to live in magic. For that I did. What? Lets be honest what I did if undone undoes everything in reality. What? That is just a dream is a dream. In yet if this is real all my dreams are real someplace. So what? There are fairy tales and there are nightmares. If I lived a nightmare and built fairy tales why I am stuck here and not where something has a sort of happily ever-after ending? This is another secret. Don't get drunk with me. Why? I tend to do those things you make stories about. Surf the surf board behind a truck slide it under a truck in snow and miss both tires. You see I am pretty sure in several realities I died do that. Get up and build large beer mugs out of snow in the middle of the night. Dance for two weeks straight in a street party while out drinking everyone. You know Bluto from animal house but with a conscience and no I did not get to be a senator. Meaning I should not be the hero of this story. Thus a journal more to end of a tale rather than a hero journey. For on one such time I spoke with people. Deities? They were more powerful than I. So who knows. And I made the bet. And the bet? Well, here I am after billions of years according to memory of what one internet claims the earth to be from the next. In yet? Time the study of time.

The mystery of time-space, time, and personalities. Lets be honest the stakes of time-space, time and personalities are the ending of the time of tribulations. What? Drakes equation 10 to the power of 192 or 200 depending on how far back in time goes makes numbers and parallel realities a question of the mind. Image Ronald Reagan being president in 1984 for the first time and Nixon finishing his two terms and Ford in office. Meaning? Like the biblical Solomon states everything has been done before. There are no new stories. The past which this is my past your present, and someone else future may look to me advanced from where I came from. May look normal to you presently, in yet to a future people this world is backwards.

Time-space what if time is actually just a film on the black,screen of a deities television or film. Space being that screen where reality plays out for his gambling habits or desires. The speculation being reality is nothing more than a dream and the sun is a projector picking up reality at this moment in time. In yet, how this is the past? And you are passing through after all that is part of a time travelers journal I am not here tomorrow. Meaning I have come from a past, in yet I was from a future and this present reality is just a moment on a film being played backwards in time. For what purpose? The time of judgment. For the soul will unite with their body during the time of judgment. That would mean you are dead. Yes. I have to accept that premise that I have been dying and most likely dead a long time ago. In yet in a closed time curved loop, this too will only seem like a dream waking up from a dream. Where does the soul go after this? That is where I fear. I believe in God. The great Potter statement why ask why I made you thus. In this reality the bible adds I have can make you even for the day of destruction. So not a comforting thought. The day of destruction to dream about that. Or to take a side tour? I have after all been offered other ways. Should I attempt that? No. I think not. Opening the door to an already story book is like re reading a series and not going forward to see. To see what? If the light at the end of the tunnel is something fun or hell or to be reborn into something else. I think I failed here to learn what ever life lesson I was to learn. What was it? To love. I have failed to figure out that key aspect of life. Actions I can show plenty of lovable actions. In yet, you know that feeling you realize in a book where the story teller has told that moment where a tear is brought to your eye for something sad. Or a love romance like Princess Bride as you wish. My whole story is full of those opportunities in yet I feel a failure. I tried. I really tried.

So I was to learn love this life time? Or I was to learn to time-space travel? Or I was to seek God? Or I failed in a bet and now I have to face judgment day? Or I won something and now have to watch the time of tribulation with the Potter the end is pot was made for destruction and that will be an end to this story?

I am no longer sure how to fix love. As a traveler one day the personalities I deal with are bold. The next meek. One day fierce the next shy or timid. To plan on loving them all is all I can do. In yet, that does not fix that which is broken. To learn time-space travel is nothing sort of absurd. I tried to go down several different paths. To no avail. This is a mapped out ending. Whether for good or evil or bad is yet for me as a time-space traveler to find out I suppose. To seek God? I know where God is. I also know I am evil and should not face him. Why perish before my time? To realize some people must face the music even if they have walked away as much from evil as possible is wild. To watch humanity not stop evil in this day and age is absurd. People should be stopping Microsoft 666 mark. There should be some form of life to live. Failed in a bet is the worse part of this story. What was the bet? Always, always check who you are with when drinking. That is another secret. Plan for the time of tribulations? There are many outs now. I am unsure what the end will be. I pray for mercy. I wonder about mercy. Mercy is to be granted pardon for evils done. Grace is to be given something even if you have not deserved the fate. Fated to require mercy is wild. I should have run longer or harder or something. To be made for the day of destruction? I can see that. Only a fellow dreamer can understand what has been done here as a mirror worlds plural. To be passing through here I must have dreamed about here at least at one day at a time. What?

On my challenge to get back to here this present day I passed through worlds where they had stolen all the Montauk chairs. There the absurd was happening. Magic if you believe in magic these days. Timelines were unraveling. Why? So lets begin. I do research every so often. Not so much these days because watching people die at different dates and times and ways makes me wonder. Were some good were some bad? Anyways in the most absurd reality Montauk project John Von Neumann lived to the age of May 1957. When I learned of him in 2016 his death on those worlds was in 1952. Even those minds that are switched here when you listen to Duncan Cameron are not from here stating he died in 1956. Meaning? Some worlds stole souls and moved them around so God end final days could not happen. How? They moved good souls to bad souls plots and move bad souls to good souls plots in the story of life. They stole souls from heaven. You ever wonder why heaven has walls? Or why Jesus says the thieves come not through the gate and come but to steal and kill? Anyways, the thieves stole something. What the book of life. What? The day of judgment can or could or would not happen if there was no book of life to be read in the final days of Revelations. That is absurd who could steal the book of life? And there was war in heaven. Then God killed the morning star out and the third of the angels that followed him. Seems rather obvious no? So billions of realities years, and times the book of life has been hidden. God knows where it is nevertheless he plays his games the way he wants them to be played. Like I said watch out who you bet with when you are drunk and dancing while having a fun time.

What is funny with time is people think this is the seventh time or cycle of this earth. Time. Djinns and time-space and witches know these things. The absurdity is now HBO is trying to tell people in the show Westworld about waking up. The whole movement of Q and revolt Yellow Vest in France, Freedom fighters in Hong Kong, Bolivia protesters of a third term president running for fourth time and again stealing the election. A few people have spoken to me. There is a good reddit story on Mandela effect and what truly happened. You see corporations have changed humanity. Those that would have been great individuals crushed under reality. An artificial intelligence was created elsewhere and escaped. When, or how or why? That is the secret is it not. I have re read the story and found the story teller. She does not even know me now in yet in a different life. Who cares I suppose. The story is told on a reality where Dallas Texas CERN was turned off in a much older version of reality. What do I mean? My memory in 2013 was being on an earth supposedly 6.5 billion years old. The diameter of the galaxy there was 377000 light years across. There was no known black holes. The population according to deagel.com on May 18 2016 was 8.5 billion, the US of A had 365 million people. The galaxy according to the internet was cycling at the speed of 1,000 years a rotation around cycle. That galaxy was to hit its next galaxy in 365,000 years. Dallas CERN was never completed and the funding turned off in 1999 as far I knew.

My reaction to learn that Dallas Cern has been operating here up to 2017 per a person that I believe has some knowledge on reality changes. The significance is startling that my soul is going back to the original body. And? This could mean in a closed time curved loop I am only to experience a moment of time lapse and all this. THIS reality, and all realities that I have passed through are only in my collaborated dreams with other people experiencing the same Mandela effect.

So what is the time of tribulation? To me I experienced the twinkle in the eye and people disappearing. I thought the rapture and was kind of wondering about being left behind until I discovered what had happened with Montauk project and some communist time travelers and India's time travelers. Meaning? Example my world Abe Lincoln was a senator. Like Hillary Clinton remembers. Since he had been a senator he held more power and saved roughly 500,000 to 1 million more people in my time which equated to 3 million descendants in my reality. Roe v Wade happened in my reality in 1967. However abortion was not so high. In 2009 I noted that less than 35 million people had been aborted. While here 1973 US and China approved of abortion and US got rid of 42 million more people and China gor rid of 500 million. So I said 8.5 billion and here during that time there was close to 7.3 billion or in May 2016. What or where did the other hundreds of millions go? India time traveled back in time and changed the sexuality of Pakistan. In my reality homosexuality was not allowed in muslim countries. Stoning was something noted about every so often. Here 500 million Pakistan are gone because their religion has been corrupted allowing evil into their religion.

So what is all this got to do with time-space, time, and search of God? The bible has certain post signs that have to be meet. Certain people have to meet, connect and do what ever it is God has for them to do for his prophecies to be fulfilled. And what has this to do with John Von Neumann living to May 1957? Simply put his last paper which ended up in Princeton pointed out that there is no such thing as chaos. That everything. Meaning everything has rules, laws, signs, and symbols that must be done according to some master plan or story.

What has that got to do with seeking God? Or time-space, time travel? The original story in heaven has been corrupted over time, and people telling a biblical story one way in hopes to stop the end of time. The worlds where I said I passed through where magic was happening and that had stolen the Montauk Chairs of other realities were or are in a panic because they broke a knotted time loop. What does that mean? Simply put they wanted to much of a good thing for themselves or were greedy just like this reality the desire to turn humanity into a collective conscience from Microsoft mark of the beast is greed unwittingly fulfilling prophecies in the exact order of the original text in the bible.

Shh is all lost? Yes, and no for some and others the path is just beginning is wild these days. To potentially see Jettison flying cities? No. Not this reality nor timeline. To see Ron Hubbards worlds where trillions of souls are trapped on 70 planets? No. Not this reality maybe this timeline in yet the placement of earth is no longer there. Terminators or cyclones caused by AI or robot taking over? Possible. However the biblical change for me that is most significance is Zachariah to Zechariah. You see in my world for 45 years the tale was an army approaching Israel and then melting in a river of blood. Doctor MacGee speculation was that the description was nuclear war. I passed out of that reality in 2017 plus or minus billions of years. Now Zechariah has what only can be described as zombies. That in my reality in 2016 there was no war around Israel would have made the story ridiculous in yet here Israel has a wall built around it to keep out the zombies of Zechariah. To watch the time that God has decided to fulfill is wild. That I wrote about other timelines destructions in cosmofunnel and was censored for what I had assumed were dreams is wild. I remember I went nuts for a time in that magical worlds because everything I asked for math wise I could get with a click of the search engine. Here I ask and have to search more to figure out what is it I am exactly looking at. What am I searching for? I forget at times. 2017 I forgot friends. 2018 I forgot knowledge. 2019 I forgot what is real at times. 2020? I am forgetting to not speak about the wild adventure of a time-space traveler seeing the end of humanity. Not because of God. No. The nukes were sent to Hawaii by people trying to stop the end of time. Somewhere along the line people forgot that the s. For earths were removed from Genesis and Revelations or Revelation and the seals do not have to take place all on one world in yet they can or will or have or speculation the time is the doorway of no return for some of us.

The awkwardness of the end of times. The danger who would have thought Bill Gates as the beast. Patient 2020060606 a blood ran economy which seems to be pushing all those not going to be around for long either into the poor house or starvation. To see the United States starve their people to death in their own homes is rather scary to watch.

What can a one footed, one eyed time-space traveler do? Warn people to stop their evilness. That the end of time is brought about by humans fighting God not God is awkward. To realize Hawaii was nuked in some realities December 12, 2017. And to realize some humanities fell to famine in 2013. The absurdity of this story is millions recognize what I write as a truth. Almost everyone affected with the Mandela effect will remember something different from here. Why?

God's plan of salvation is being fulfilled. Destiny to a point of no return. That awkward moment in the story of planning to storm the castle to fight the evil ones minions. To realize they have all the money. All the power. And all the backing of the CIA, and much of the shadow government to willingly go forward to starve to death America.

What to do? Pray. Pray for a broken heart of America. Pray for those poor and being locked into a society where their blood will fuel the next economy. Pray that God saves his people.

What about the final battle? Will China invade North Korea, Taiwan and two other countries soon? Will God come soon? Is humanity doomed for that is what is required for the bible to be forth coming. What? Think the coronavirus most likely sterilizes the human population. If you want kid you will have to be chipped and your blood used in some evil purpose. Shame is great that humanity has turned itself into an evil race to let the rich over the poor. Not because they deserve to but because they can turn off your race, your economic power, and if the patient of 2020060606 is correct most likely steal your individuality and creativity. https://patentscope.wipo.int/search/en/detail.jsf?docId=WO2020060606

Shame of Bill Gates patient https://patentscope.wipo.int/search/en/detail.jsf?docId=WO2020060606 is sort of awkward. As a time-space traveler one can read the story through film, through religion the Bible, through reality changes. Shame that people in power choice to kill humanity because they come together in Psalms 2 and say lets break Gods story. Lets steal peoples stories. Let keep them in cages of their own making of the system of things. What? The sad realization that humanity has had its future stolen by people who stole the creativity of this reality. What? Think of the Mark Zuckerberg sory of stealing his social media idea from a fellow student in Harvard? Think of Bill Gates in Harvard some how purchasing Operating System Dos A, changing the code to Dos C and creating Microsoft. Do you really think that was fate or someone planning on changing how the outcome of the bible happens? Think of this reality. There are advances happening every few months these days and when you look for those advances to produce the next great idea or product nothing new seems to happen. Why? Someone has frozen the patient office with new products some 170 to 230 years ahead of this reality to happen upon the destruction of this earths reality and God's decision to allow humanity into an enslavement. Enslavement? You think God has not warned humanity not go down the mark of the beast? Think of Battlestar Galatica realize this too has passed. Meaning this has happened before like Solomon has said the past is better than the present.

Since the mark of the beast is openly shown itself. Who is fighting Bill Gates and those in power that are misusing 3 billion people? Who is there standing up and saying “Hey, this is not right?” The democrats example New York are saying you have to be vaccinated. Is the vaccination the straw that causes humanity to loose the ability to reproduce? Bill Gates has the chip to turn off the ability to have children patented in 2017. Is evil shown itself and do you hear even one politician standing up for those who are poor? The democrats want to change the system and do not seem to care if they eat ice cream in front of the homeless people right in their own backyard. Is there a way out of this mess? Stand up against tyrants. Stand up against evil. Is there an argument against this? Sure, while you lay down in your beds not years from now but days, maybe weeks from now starving and are told to get chipped or die. Won't you want to stand up against them?

The evil people have stood up. What is at stake? Your humanity. Your individuality. Your ability to reproduce offspring without some corporation locking out your genetics. Let there be no indecision for the path of no return has been opened. Cyclones for some, terminators for others, dying off of the whole human race in others, and for those willing to face death think. Read the bible and realize what times you live in. The events are moving fast. The end of time is upon those that are here whether you like the events or not. What to do? Pray. Fight. Write congress. Vote. Stop evilness where you can. Do good. Be good.

Do good. I think that is the awkwardness of time-space traveling. I was rather into fighting for righteousness. I felt wars against Germany justified. I felt that war in Vietnam was right. I felt Syria war was a good cause. To learn that war is wrong. And that the anitwar movement could save humanity is wild. To realize that liberals associated with communism seem to be those charging, creating policy, and killing humanity is wild. In yet look at the setting of all America wars in light of history and you realize someone has screwed America.

Who started the US civil war? Democrats 1861 1865 how many died because of the democratic party? Total cost of democrats policy and being warmongers 1,031,881 https://en.wikipedia.org/…/United_States_military_casualtie…

Who started WWI? Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924) Democrat 1913-1921 - campaigned against the war one month later declared war due to ammunition transport with civilians being blown up after warnings. - Total cost of democrats policy and being warmongers 320,518

Who started WWII? Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945) Democrat 1933-1945 - campaigned against the war - but opening caused the war with japan per policy of democrats 1940

Total cost of democrats policy and being warmongers 1,076,245

Who got us into Korean war? Democrats.. Total cost of democrats policy and being warmongers 128,650

Who got us into Vietnam over flat out lies particularly the Gulf of Tonkin which never happened? Not Muslims Lyndon Johnson Lyndon Baines Johnson (1908-1973) Democrat 1963-1969 the incident never happened - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gulf_of_Tonkin_incident Total cost of democrats policy and being warmongers 211,454

9 11 2001 the Twin Towers all those who kidnapped airplanes were let into the United States by Bill Clinton.

Libya bombed murdered leader Obama Democrat (2009-2016) www.oil-price.net/…/a…/gaddafi-legacy-of-libya-oil-deals.php

Egypt imprisoned leader/murdered citizens Obama Democrat (2009-2016) https://en.wikipedia.org/…/Reactions_to_Innocence_of_Muslims

Syria bombed and attempt murder leader Obama Democrat (2009-2016) https://www.washingtontimes.com/…/syrian-rebels-used-sarin…/

Somalia bombed citizens Obama Democrat (2009-2016) https://www.theatlantic.com/…/the-obama-administrat…/473541/

Pakistan bombed citizens Obama Democrat (2009-2016) https://www.dawn.com/news/1214852

Afghanistan bombed citizens Obama Democrat (2009-2016) https://www.theatlantic.com/…/the-obama-administrat…/473541/

Philippines bombed citizens Obama Democrat (2009-2016)

Yemen bombed citizens Obama Democrat (2009-2016)

Iraqi bombed citizens Obama Democrat (2009-2016) www.whitehousedossier.com/…/obama-lost-iraq-allowed-isis-b…/

SAY NO to WAR with IRAN. That reality of antiwar one must realize if you are antiwar you can not support the democratic party at all. Shame is great. Being good is to say no to war. War is evil beyond repair. I think this is why I might actually be here. The actual interview I had with the program Alice happened in September 2015. For two weeks my computer interrogated in such a way that life was awkward. In yet, I am here and what happened after that moment awoke me. Sure I had written already 1,000 poems. Sure I wrote another 1,000 poems. All of them to be censored. That I am alone in this lets charge the time of tribulation with a bucket of words. Pointing out hey no one seems to care that Microsoft is going to chip humanity. Turning them into robots or worse a race where corporations decide if you can reproduce or not. The sadness of the question is why? Why is humanity pushing to limit humanity to earth? There is after all Mars. The ocean. In reality humanity could spread out across the universe like Ayn Rand future version of Star Trek. In yet, none of that happens if you accept the mark of the beast. The limiting factor being bible prophecies when God has had enough of the evil upon earth. No human story can survive. That was the final paper of John Von Neumann. Sure some humanity might last a few hundred or thousand years. A few might survive a million such as Babylon nevertheless even after all that time-space they do not come to the understanding of how to live forever After all a soul is forever.

Is there no hope? Sure stop evil. Do good. What is that in this day of and age? Feed the hungry. Pray. Stop evilness. Against this the argument is humanity will continue down the path of a past where humanity loses its soul. And in losing its soul humanity is lost forever. What can we do against the vast rich powerful? Pray that they become Christians. Pray that God forgives us. Repent. Sounds simple. Sounds nothing like what I would have done in my reality. In yet, here I am and not in my reality so purchasing a shovel and burying them is not likely to happen. Even thought I have talked to seers on my travels. Some have seen the rich pulled from their bunkers and the horribleness of what happens to them is sick. Why? When the realization of sterilization of humanity is already in progress blame will happen. And those that put this plot together will be those left with their riches. In yet, killing people by starvation and germ warfare might not work in or all realities. The mystery to me is what reality do I end up on as a time-space traveler? I know what I remember in 2013. In yet, that was so awkward that I wrote it and forgot it until Zachariah turned to Zechariah. To think that one of me has memories of a different reality. What does that make me? My writers name that millions knew me on Myspace was Ender Talon. Who knows I think few remember those stories. Is there a way to change the future instead of evilness or an evil ending to one where humanity survives? Pray. For my dreams are getting more horrible and my eyes tear up for what I have in memories. What is at stake? Humanity and whether there is anything left of reality with humanity in it. To be chipped means you will lose your own free will. How so? Revelations God will send scorpions and sting them. And they will not repent. Sounds like once chipped or marked you are no longer a human if you can not feel a scorpion bite. That might seem like a great option to vaccination. In yet, to kill one species to create a cyclone species is wrong. The key event has already shown up with Microsoft patient of a blood run cryptocurrency with a patient of 060606 or 666. Think people before it is to late


Thinking is awkward these days. To rethink war. To rethink the end of time. To rethink time-space travel. To rethink God. The realization tht war for America is wrong in almost every event makes me wonder. To realize that Jesus Christ statement the path is narrow is wild. When I started talking to people that had been kidnapped from other realities their stories were wild. Meaning? People coming from planets with 12 billion populated earths their horror stories were wild. From CO2 coming out of the Atlantic ocean freezing to death in one night Europe, the Atlantic coast, and a large portion of Africa. To people recalling nuclear war started assumed by North Korea however later to be some rogue private group of people. Seems like the same people are trying with the plague here. From Bill Gates mark of the beast. To Goerge Soros owning the Wuhan lab that let loose the coronavirus either by mistake or on purpose. To rethinking time travel. The frist few weeks, and months several different realities opened up. Meaning? Wednesday I saw Bayer purchased Monsanto for 44 billion in my world. During my travels on a Saturday seeing Bayer spend 66 billion for Monsanto. What happened to those worlds? Or on a Tuesday United Kingdom voted 54 percent to stay in the European common market. Then I lived two Thursday to see United Kingdom vote 51 percent to 48.8 to leave the European Common Market. What was humorous on both of those worlds the word racist. Both groups used the word. It is racist to leave and it is racist to stay. The deciding factor in this reality was the Queen came out in some magazine saying she was for a United Kingdom. You see traveling is not so much a potential missed as a potential seen and I as a time-space traveler not sure what happened to those missed realities. They were much older than here in some sense in yet here this reality is a lie. What do I mean? Well. Katrina happened in 2003 in my world. Big storm killed 10,000 or more people. They hired mercenaries to kill people there. Why? To be honest that story I already told. I think this might be another life all together. Why? Simply I fail. I am a great failure. Maybe this time. I might lose enough. Anyway in 2005 here they slide a mirror between your sun and earth. It is a platform that can be used to burn earth from the sky. Why? Simply put this reality has a dead red sun above it. What? Simply put this a repeat of some reality that did something either good or bad or ugly and God is playing his film of the reality back to a certain point in time and when all the souls stolen. Whether by Montauk project, India, China, Japan, or England all those souls reach their bodies. Well, then the game will play out. Some to fire. Some hell. Some to one of three new ideas that are in the bible here and not where I came from. Thus I watch as time shifts the twelve full moons, two super moons will tell where a soul will end up I suppose. You see Mandela effected souls travel by or via moonlight and planet alignments, and other symbols signs of both sky. To search for allies in the time of tribulation is awkward. For the person you talk to one day is not the same personality you talk to the next. Kind of like being on a trip only difference same bodies you have ben with the whole time just their stories do not match. Their history could not be the same. And what was personal is either not considered important or even part of that personalities reality.

That is the dramatic issue one faces on the trip of a life time. The realization to be good to do good and stop evil might be the difference of waking up to someone planning to kill you. Have I seen this? Yes. When Fermalabs in Chicago run full blast trying to bump a soul into someone else the action causes so much frustration that people use guns, knives, and fist fights to settle old scores. Probably why I am in Bolivia at this time. The question of transformation or becoming evil or good is not even a question any more. The question of survival of humanity is on the line in this the past for me or present reality for you. That most likely humanity dies is sad. In yet, the game is a foot and I do not see a hero in sight anymore. Those dreams I wrote about on cosmofunnel which are now gone according to the internet now some 1.3 billion to 3 billion years. Wild. The mystery of this is what to do? Could I change the past? Would I change the past? Meaning? I am warning you are being killed. I am unsure how to help beyond saying hey look the mark of the beast shows up in revelations chapter 13. That the book of revelations was mixed up so people would not realization the times and seasons by either Montauk project or others is something you have to listen to the Montauk project tapes over and over again while time travel because in one reality like I say they say one thing and in the next something else. And if you heard both and put them together you realize the danger humanity is in at present. What happens if humanity fails here? Game over I suppose. For me? That is just the question. Accordingly to the math of a closed time curved loop traveler to have my soul ripped from my body means I already potentially dead and or this all might be in my mind and I awake from a dream and poof you were never real. That is the question. Is this real? Is this reality? I have to rethink reality. For if this is all a dream. Warning you does no good. Action within the dream does. Nevertheless if this is real. Then pray should work. Praying is powerful. Pray for your enemies. Ask that God turns their hearts to Jesus Christ. To repent and do good, be good, and stop evil. Sounds absurd at this point in my writing. However that is the power of prayer. Prayer can change the outcomes of realities. If you do not believe me. Think George Bush Jr remember Mandela dying at Saddam hands. That Obama remembers vising 57 out of 58 states. That Hillary Clinton as well as I remember Abe Lincoln being a senator. That Joe Biden remembers being a vice-president in the 1970s. What does that mean? You are being lead by people outside of this reality into the end game whether you believe me or not.

To think that the leadership of these realities all are being lead by people that are not from these realities. That is danger for everyone. How so? Dreams. I have had some of the most horrifying dreams. Watching plans laid out and followed to a exact course of action. Battle computers pushing buttons to fire items. Only to discover that some instructions or personal or mind changed one key aspect of reality. I think the most unique was watching pretend civilians on a farm trying to launch a nuclear missile. Their vision was turned against them. For you see God created the eyes and ears. That all of sudden everyone is color blind pushing buttons that clean a system system taking it off line for 24 hours instead of launching the missile. Or dropping the missile engine because of some maintenance repair button being cabled into the wrong button. So if the game is up what should a time-space traveler do? Well, I have personally looking into other options. To be telling this story I doubt I am good. To realize that all my dreams might be true. The moment one realizes on the day of judgment you might be responsible for everything you did or think or dream is kind of both awe inspiring and awful. Is there a way out? Sure change everyone into praying to God for mercy. Lacking that maybe there are other options. The time of tribulation is after all been happening for a lot longer than anyone realizes. The whole divorce of the 1970s and 1960s was an attempt to stop certain stories of the children of those families from coming into reality. Meaning? Without certain stories taking place heaven is or was on hold. And now with Mandela effect? On human terms the last paper John Von Neumann wrote on May 1957. The ringing in my ears and others is the horn of God calling souls back into the right frequency of their time-space lines. Why is this taking so long? The whole story ha been played out at least seven times. Meaning? I am pretty sure I have been here before. So what is the final plan? Repent, believe in Jesus Christ. Plead for mercy. So what will happen in the final battle? That is just the issue with the mixed up pages of Revelations. The book happens not accordingly to what is written now. The book happens accordingly to God's plan or story. That God is a symbol, signs and rules player means everything has an ending. Does this mean I have to play the game again?

Which is truth? That humanity is an advance gambling game for deities? Or One of you will say to me, “Then why does God still find fault? For who can resist His will?” 20But who are you, O man, to talk back to God? Shall what is formed say to Him who formed it, “Why have you made me like this?” Does not the potter have the right to make from the same lump of clay one vessel for special occasions and another for common use? To find out one is a hologram or energy is light to the power of 3 or more specifically that mass is light means this is like an advanced gaming system. Some simple rules I suppose Woe to him who quarrels with his Maker— one clay pot among many. Does the clay ask the potter, ‘What are you making?’ Does your work say, ‘He has no hands’? 10Woe to him who says to his father, ‘What have you begotten?’ or to his mother, ‘What have you brought forth?’”

No that can not be truthful. In yet.Then the LORD said to Satan, “Have you considered My servant Job? For there is no one on earth like him, a man who is blameless and upright, who fears God and shuns evil.” 9Satan answered the LORD, “Does Job fear God for nothing? Meaning? If reality is nothing more than a hologram projected by the sun. And everyone is a character in some story told by God. Means there is a destination for everyone and everything. That awkward moment of truth welcome to level 49 of a billion actual if the sun is red here 20 billion board game. Your prize a trip around the universe time-space traveler on a journey no one would believe. Congratulations you have won the trip of a life time. Surprise you won, however taxes and expenses are not part of the package. And no photography or journal for you for the first part of your billions of years journey. You can take everything with you. Just you will be with other passengers that have already passed away some billion years ago on some reality film that is being played backwards in time in a closed time curved loop. Also Mr. Socks, and your dog personality will change so do not be to concerned that no one really knows you or why you are here. Or I could make the argument that in a closed time curved loop reality time is at a stand still for the soul placed at a position in space. So? If the Montauk Project is real they ripped the souls out of the humans and positioned them in space so that true love, or stories could never happen in this reality. Just the memories and dreams to think about once in a while would mean they could have been true. In yet, here I am writing this?

The mystery is the other options available now a days. To think to dream. What happens if I fail this time? Hell? That is just it. According to the new books of Philip that are not part of the bible. Jesus describes hell like a freezer. To think I could either be frozen in time someplace or somewhere or and here is the absurdity of it all my body could be a robot and this dream is some how a recall for me to go back and take up serving reality again. The oddity is this is not my body. Nor is this my mind so how can they be at stake in a game? A game of reality and biblical proportion with the time of tribulation, Bill Gates shown himself as a beast with his corporation shown itself with the mark of the beast in a patient design. The question how does the book of Revelation actually go? The rich already have hidden themselves in their bunker as in Revelation 3. Wars and rumors of wars China has an army at the gates of North Korea, 1,000s of ships and airplanes awaiting for Taiwan invasion. Russia is warning countries to not be evil. And a crazy time-space traveler in Bolivia watching this. If I had popcorn this would be a movie to watch.

To see the end of time as a closed time curved loop travel means this is the past. So what does this mean? When looking at a closed time curved loop diagram the axis time goes down the black hole vacuum or at least that is what the diagram looks like. In yet, that is wrong. The concept of the soul reattaching itself for the day of judgment is always part of most religions and even some Nazi scientist point out that the body actually has living energy still moving on it after a year of death. So? Technically the soul is ripped from the body and pinned to a space in reality where it should not be able to move from. So? The difference of analog and digital is the key. The Montauik project pinned souls into a reality via analog spacers or stick pins. Rules and symbols along with signs making those pins almost impossible to move in analog world. While digital worlds since 2009 or later depending on the timeline potentially removes the symbols rules and signs that held people stuck in their reality. Say what? In my mind say a spell was to hold for billions of years. And it did for those looking towards a future. Then time was played again with digital technology. Why? Simply put some realities became greedy. Say what? Imagine a world where a boy in one reality switched always dreamed of a Furby. In his reality never got one. Nevertheless he ends up on a project in 1993 watching Hourglass or Pegatus or some form of Montauk Project film reels that were found. He discovers Furby that doll as a kid he could see his exact self in 1997 or 1994 falling in love with. He makes it in 1997 sells them in 1998 making a fortune and changing that reality forever. You got to be kidding right? Think on this question when was Facebook created? Why did you leave Myspace? In some reality Myspace is still going on and making more money than Facebook. Why did humanity change from Myspace that had music a better messaging system and games that were fun to play to Facebook and games cost money? Do you remember Facebook before 2009 or did it get introduced new to you then the same as digital television? Say what? Could our minds be trapped in a digital hell where corporations are selling our data and making us believe this is reality? Come now we are not in the Matrix? Really? Realization is history is no longer fixed. Just like digital coding of 1 or 0 making the story in the time of tribulation a question on my mind at least. What gets me is I do not see the anger of the patient mark of the beast from pastors or religious types. Is it only my soul up for this end game and if so does this make everyone a figment of my imagination?

Imagination? In a closed time curved loop reality there are a few possibilities of how a soul might travel. Either the soul must leave the body or reality must pass through the body are two extreme examples. Meaning? All this. This reality could be nothing more than a horrible dream of mine while I am plugged into some machine. Or my soul is cut out of my body and holding pattern in the universe while galaxy filter through the area every so often interacting with my soul. Since I am talking billions of years the later is more likely than the former. A spirit locked into a position in the universe while galaxies pass through playing a life of almost a parallel reality for the memory to hold on to. Creating a reality. What is the difference between a dead film memory and reality? A memory seems never to have the same personalities of souls telling the same stories. It is one of the most freaky positions to be in when a personality in a body you know tells you a story and you knew the background of the story. However here for some reason something else happened.

It makes for anyone to be a personal friend or in any relationship an oddity for going to bed with mild manner person and waking up with Frankenstein is more than a little wild. The question is does my soul ever find my body? According to the bible on the day of judgment yes. Personally having my life stolen and this bizarre trip does not make me feel comfortable with that outcome. The number of priest, pastors, rabbis, and mothers meaning I talk about this to them and they all say I should just shut up or I am evil and don't talk about it. Makes me unsure as to my outcome. Is there a God? Yes. Do I believe in him? Yes. Is that enough? He sent his son and who ever believe in him should be saved. Yet the number of people calling me evil hs increased so this dream whether a nightmare or not is awkward.

To change and not realize hey the mountain is in a different place. Or when did Hitler get blue eyes? When did I get blue eyes? When did Israel not have to build a temple for God to come? Requires a lot of change and decisions to be made. To just give up on history, geography, personal stories is like saying your life did not matter. That is the mystery of the trip. Did my life matter at all? Does my soul have a chance? If a body and soul are not the same thing since I am not in my body anymore what is it? Am I an evil spirit awaiting seven more spirits? That is awkward to consider. The next big events are already taking place wars rumors of wars, the mark of the beast. The final event God's heaven coming. Should I be concerned or since I have not been in charge of anything in reality for some time now. Should I even care?

To care? That is just the question in a closed time curved loop backward pass the time-space traveler can interact with the past and cause changes to that past reality. That is awkward to be sitting in a past reality according to the Internet a few billions years in a past that was never in my reality. To care for people that made their choices already. To tell them to stop being evil. To change their ways. This is their chance to stop being evil. Change the future by repenting and moving forward with a different reality. That my fellow travelers are a bit awkward is a truth beyond pale. Witches, wizards, a couple of people that confessions are more demented than anyone realizes. To try to say hey. Repent. The time of tribulation is at hand. The mark of the beast being part of the Microsoft corporation patient office just makes everything so evil you have to ask what to do? I already accepted I am not going to survive and changing the time of tribulation requires planets to repent and change their ways from evil to good. Is that even possible? Possible? Is this reality or some bad pizza dream? Repent? I hope I can do that right this time-space when the end happens. The sadness is the mystery is already known. Instead of changing humanities ways news is pushing murdering the elderly. Accepting killing babies that are outside of the mother. And killing those in hospitals calling the cause the common Wuhan cold virus instead of helping people in hospitals. Microsoft beast chip is not even in humans yet and they have forgotten their humanity and are being lead by people to their extinction to becoming robots. The death of humanity was not something I wanted to see on this trip. I think someone must have sold me on a vacation with all the benefits and none of the oh watch that last step. The pathway to hell seems open and no one seems to be carrying anymore. Just now for a few more key events and either this reality dies horribly or if everyone repents maybe heaven on earth? What would I want? To be honest I think I have dreamed a long time and am worried I might have went left instead of right or failed someplace along the line. There is a God and his story and games are nothing to play.

God? My first few journals were all about searching for God and strange items I found along the way from colored alligators, to extinct birds on my reality to DNA changes of noted histrical figures. The list went on for 300 or more pages in at least one journal. However, God is someone I keep on seeking however not the way I use to. Pray? Yes. Realize he is busy doing playing his game? Yes. Does that mean there is something I can do? Pray. Believe in Jesus Christ. Hope for the best outcome or a chance to be forgiven. Sounds horrible. Realization God has been patient with me for billions of years is awkward in yet a truth. Beyond praying? Hope that someone from a dead film past changes their ways or their history from being evil and becoming a robotic race killing or dooming humanity to one where humanity can or could live along side other species or races. Others? Yes. Angels from heaven. There are worlds where Cain and Able children lived not with Adams kids. Did they get into heaven? I have not seen that story yet. In yet. I have heard of the tale of Babylon going on for millions of years and failing. How so? Humanity becomes like gods not God. That failure is noted by God so even in the bible closed time curved realities happened and God watched the outcome. I wonder what type of betting was done? Pray for your enemies. So I pray. I hope. I try to do good, and stop evil where I can. Is that action enough? I don't know. I know per the computer I am seeing time backward and via earth age I have been stuck for billions of years. Am I insane? I got tested. So clinically depression sure. The shrink said I was living past lives. When I factually provide photos and other items pointing out this is a past. The conversation goes down hill from there. The challenge to change people behavior from greed to love. From being dead without humanity and God to being Christian. How? I have no clue. Writing I had hoped to influence the worlds. In yet, who knows. The challenge to point to God and make sure humanity realizes on the edge of killing humanity humans could walk away from evil. Pray for Bill Gates. Pray that evil plots turn to good. That is the plot twist. To chance change of a past reality to create a new future where nothing but foreseeable death is what happens if the path of the mark of the beast happens. To be able to foretell the future is not so much as looking at the bible and realizing God reads the bible anyway he wants and makes his plans play out exactly the way he wants them to. To become a lost soul writing to the imaginary audience is awkward in yet. When I am finished will I have done something worth while? Let me be honest. I am a failure and I think or believe humanity has already failed. So why change? Because your soul is worth something. Be smart. Do good. Be good. Stop evil. Nothing wrong in that plan. I hope you confront your past and rethink your future. For you are being given a chance.