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That all my Australian friends that were antivaccination. They seem to have disappeared, makes me wonder about the lockdown in Australia. Did the Australian government do what the Chinese government did? Did the government round those people up and burn them to death?

I am no longer sure what reality is anymore. People that used to post gone. I know they have nothing else better to do. I in my boat and they are in their boat. The problem with wickedness is who to trust. Can trust none of the CEO that got their 3.7 trillion dollar cash bail out from the democrats. They took their money and are hiding in bunkers. From New Zealand to Germany to some place in Argentina. Waiting for the all clear sign. What is the sign? Well, it is when either the Clintons or someone blows up the federal courthouse in New York city. Realities change. The proper question is will they destroy all of New York city. Just like the Montauk project predicts or just the building? Per the bible, all the rich people are sad to see it go. However, it represents a transition from earth. To when God hears the horrifying evidence against the rich. On all their crimes on sex, cannibalism, murder, etc that Epstein and crew did. Is that what starts or transforms some people into zombies? Kind of hard to eat your spouse if you have a mask on. Run woman, run.

Can not trust the government. According to the internet site, Deagel. Which is a combination of all the US government data bases? Both the CIA, Army, and social security is expecting to eliminate 229 million US citizens.

Are they all Christians? Or antivaccination people? Or crazy or and here is the scary part about. Anderson time institute of satellite dragging formula and the slowing of light. Are they the people predicted to give problems to the new tracker program? You know the one the Democrats paid Microsoft to build for 100 billion dollars? With the patent number 666.

The mystery seems even deeper when you realize what the satellite drag did to reality. And how far back in time it has been happening. The Black Knight satellite was here a lot longer than anything mankind has thrown up. Into space in a decaying orbit. That decays at a gravitational rate. That in a few hundred years means satellites will litter the earth with broken debris of space parts. What satellited drag do? It allowed reality in certain time frames to occur faster. So that computers could watch realities happen. You think Escape from New York City is not a reality show? Or The Children of Men in 2007 when reality sterilizes humanity is not real? Think. Think people.

The mystery is like watching the HBO Westworld. It allowed for certain earths to pass more slowly. By slowing down light into the earth. Say what? Imagine everything is light. Everything is a film. Now imagine a machine slowing that film down. So that certain realities could happen faster. And the slower film could watch and gather the information on what to expect.

Now imagine doing this for something like billions upon a trillion realities. The problem is God. He does not like it as the director of his film to have his pre ordained reality changed or messed with.

Who would do such a thing? Evil. Those that benefited by stealing ideas. And thoughts. And books and realities from those people that would have done them in their own realities.

Why? Greed. Power. The 1000s of CEOs that got paid from the Democratic bailout of the corporations. Those in movie industry that had sex with tiny kids. Why? To fight God. That is the whole idea behind the mark of the beast. To fight God.

Why? If you read into the RNA vaccination the code being put into your body changes you into a hybrid of something. So? Christians to Greeks though shall eat nothing with blood. The common misconception that God DNA is pure, and that a polluted body could not go into heaven.

Sounds evil. It is evil. Once you realize the changes in the bible. That Mandela effected people have been talking about Zachariah to Zechariah. Say what? You wonder why people will wear masks when a virus goes right through the cloth? You wonder why there is no biohazardous waste baskets or gloves for people to wear?

Teh virus released attacks on the lungs like the common cold. It is a primer. It is why everyone is rubbing everything down with H2O2. And cleaning everything. Why should the government pay to kill or transform you if they can make you pay for it yourself?

So the government, CEOs of corporations, and Microsoft patent mark of the beast. What else is the evil to fight?

Read the bible. I expect the mask are there for when the vaccine or whatever happens. The hybrids start or transforms some people into zombies. Kind of hard to eat your spouse if you have a mask on. Run woman, run.

So into this final unknown worlds. Where there are Gods, demons in human flesh called CEOs. Governments trying to save themselves. Vaccinations that will turn you into monsters. What else can we throw into this mix or build up? I suppose if they sterilize humanity, the human soul and whatever a soul is worth or spirituality is worth.

So what are the future key events to look forward to? There are 12 full moons and two super moons this 2012. What? Oh, I forgot. Look up Ethiopian calendar. It is the only true calendar in all realities, in these realities with the correct date. 2020 is 2012 in reality. So full moons, the end of 2012, God is coming. Oh, and expectation of zombies.

Is there some plan? Read the bible. Believe in Jesus, Christ. Repent. So good. Be good. Stop evil. Sounds reasonable.

However greed, and reality are here. And zombies are off in either another reality or this writer’s insanity. Which is it?

Well, you can read the patent by Microsoft. You can read the democrats plan to track humanity using Microsoft. You can see or talk to your Australian friends. Are they okay or did they all get rounded up and put in the ovens already?

Surely you jest. This is all some horrible mistake. Sure, sure. I suppose I am coming into a story plot line with too many things attacking. But wait, there is more. Why is the government fighting God? It is the mistaken belief that given in a book called Belief and Time. The book states that just because everything is similar and perceptions are similar. That those with souls could be happy breaking the movie script of God.

Say what? Read Psalms 2. Kings and rulers break the yoke or bond of God. This whole concept of end times is because of someone with enough money and power to go about time travel. Changing reality and because they see things happen, believe they are real. And they were real. The reality existed. I know this is not my reality. I also know if I did this to myself, I am so screwed.

So is there an alternative plan? Nope, be good. So good. If you fight evil, they win for a time and lose at the end. Should we fight evil? I suppose the answer is yes. Pray for their souls. Pray that they stop being evil. Pray they realize what profits a man if he gains a world and loses his soul. This world is just a film or light version of reality, not the real ending of time.

What should you expect? Maybe I should throw in an alien invasion if zombies is not enough. There is always project blue moon. If someone wants to neck or chew on you, maybe sex is not a pleasant option at this point in life. Pu4dhqw3 wuppli3w? Well, I am not sure if that will help.

Maybe there is help we could call for? Like maybe the President? If you pay attention, the vaccine is being purchased by him through Microsoft. Billions and millions moved from WHO to Microsoft. So putting your trust in someone that might be a jew is not such a marvellous idea. Why? He might be the seventh trumpet. So? He blows his horn for seven years in some realities bibles. And? Well, look to your Simpson cartoons. Someone kills him in some realities. In others, the bible says a fallen angel takes possession. Maybe and in yet others there is the possibility that the mark of the beast saves his life and he forces everything both great and small to be marked. It is a military weapon, sort of like being something like making people into super soldiers. Oh, I forgot to say. Read the bible. The mark of the beast is like being a stud. Scorpions can bite you for three months without you feeling the pain. Also, it gives your sexuality to the corporate powers. So if you want a kid, let alone are you their batteries. You will have to pay to reproduce.

Have I built up enough suspense yet? Reality these days. What are you going to do? Believe in Jesus, repent. Or go down to a reality of hell or burn in someone else’s dreadful dream.

I suppose someone could storm the castle. In yet, I have not found that hero. Why am I not that hero? I am me. I was something else once upon a time. Not this time around. God is all there is left to hope for.

What is an oddity is God has already written the final battle? What? Time travel, my friends. The person who starts the time travel was in a closed time curved loop of time. Whosoever is above you, has control over the end of your time.

Pretty good if this was a Halloween story and not an authentic life, I would have expected an Oscar for this horror drama. Oh, Welcome to the end of 2012. The beginning is just little ways up ahead. After all Acts in the bible speaks of blood moon which might happen in May 2021 or 2035. Depending on what cycle of reality you are in the closed time curved loop reality show. Smile.


The second beast was permitted to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship it to be killed. 16And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark—the name of the beast or the number of its name.