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Geeks + Gamers is a website that is dedicated to all aspects of geek culture.

Freedom of Speech - Pro-Second Amendment - Center-right Conservative - Christian - Environmentalist - Nature & the Outdoors - Canadian who loves the USA Fact based reporting, curator of content and creator - Aggregating news and current affairs - Conservative but unbiased. Please subscribe, will subscribe back. Trying to grow @truthfact into a political presence and media curator on @minds and other platforms to speak to the ideologies entrenched in political parties and social constructs in an unbiased and fact-based way. "Watch 'ol Bandit Run." More detail to come - new to video and content creation, new to Minds - new to Bitcoin and crypto etc. Bear with me folks. News * Politics * Current Affairs * Our World & Environment * Photography * Videography * Technology * Music * Books * Abandoned & Urban Exploration

Civitatemque Legum Oblitum Ministerium

Comic Artist, Illustrator and all round genius. Artist on Super Dead, Wart the Wizard, Rocket Gal & Case of the Littlest Umbrella. #ComicsGate

Creator of City of Venus: Dead City, Through the Woods & Shadow of the Kraken. Former lead designer McFarlane Toys. Covers imagecomics

World Famous YouTuber, Jet Setter, and Author of Cash Grab, The Graphic Novel. Available on Indiegogo now.

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Apr 2019
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