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Artist, model, live-streamer, lv22, I speak my my mind how I perceive the world most of the times with facts sometimes theorizing the situation about what's to come in the future stay tuned for the latest thoughts you like great minds that think alike well my mom is just as I two drops of water 馃憠馃徎 @jikstra

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Just an IT guy who aspires to make games one day. I like anime, video games and the occasional bad pun. I also like to stream video games every now and then as well!

Dominic Lancer
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Gamer 馃幃, Art Lover 馃帹, Culture Sophist 馃摚 Occasional 馃憴NSFW, arbitrary and gratuitous. Politically Independent / Constitutional Collectivism is Cancer Individualism is King

COVID-19 Database is an independent Research and Archive Project for the COVID-19 crisis. 鈥 No Medical Advice Given - all information shared for research purposes only 鈥 No official Political, Institutional or Media Affiliations 鈥 No Conflicts of Interest 鈥 No Conspiracy Theories

Hollywood Music Producer from Beverly Hills, California. I've worked with all the top musical talents in Hollywood for decades and have every major star on speed dial.

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