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"Fresh off the German government’s decision to let banks store and sell cryptocurrency, Deutsche Bank predicted cryptocurrency will go mainstream by 2022 and eventually replace cash. A cynic might call out DB for hyping crypto now, when they finally have a chance to make money off of it, and not sooner (when they couldn’t make money off of it). Whatever. The result is the same: one of the world’s biggest banks endorsed cryptocurrency—and in a very big way." https://hackernoon.com/2020-is-the-year-wall-street-could-take-over-cryptocurrency-pg3h37a8 #crypto #cryptocurrency #mainstreammedia #fintech @banking
It may not seem like much on the surface, but this was a massive upgrade to our infrastructure that should drastically improve site performance and search engine optimization. There is so much complex development effort that goes on behind the scenes to run an efficient, scalable social network and keep pace with our multi-billion dollar competitors, and we have become a real threat to them with only a handful of people (despite their best efforts to slow us down). Of course, none of it would mean anything without our amazing community. Reminder... you can see everything we are working on and contribute to our project at https://gitlab.com/minds. #minds #opensource #development #performance #technology
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