Artist, model, live-streamer, lv22, I speak my my mind how I perceive the world most of the times with facts sometimes theorizing the situation about what's to come in the future stay tuned for the latest thoughts you like great minds that think alike well my mom is just as I two drops of water 👉🏻 @jikstra
Observer, Historian & Author. Preserving History, one post at a time. Disclaimer: Not for the psychologically impaired. Apologies, but I'm not the midwit whisperer. https://commoncitizen.substack.com/
The One and Only 😉✌💋 ✌Not Single✌, languages 🇳🇱dutch, 🇩🇪german, 🇺🇲english, https://www.facebook.com/readeduvel Haat linkse figuurtjes, PVV aanhanger. Huuuge ⚽️ Fc Bayern München Fan ⚽️ ❤ Mia San Mia ❤ 📢💯🎶love all sorts of music, from the 50s till now, even classic 😉✌, Go With The Flow, childeren 👉 son @wraithotgothgod ❤ Sister 👉 @matsjuh
Spiritual Gothic guy/husband from Finland. I really don't like violence, may it be physical or emotional. I love to consume art, games, music, books and conspiracy theories. I'm an advocate for free speech. My favorite entertainment is lore deep universes with twist of something supernatural. Favorites are: Star Wars Legends, Halo, Conan, Lovecraft and Lord of the Rings.
The One & Only 🖕 🏳️‍🌈🇳🇱🇩🇪🇺🇲 058 Weest Wel...💪💯❤ Cat Lady🐈Not single...☕Coffee Junkie. Love all kind off music from 50s till classic. Huge fan👉 ⚽️❤MiaSanMia❤⚽️ FC Bayern münchen, minds👉@heisseteufel🔥😈
Good morning. Today we are staying hydrated, meditating, ignoring people who make us sad and communicating our feelings. Now go be great. "Bicce*Please."♍♾️♌♥️🐾🐎🇵🇷 Tm-Mercedes M. Lopes
kind hearted person and God fearing for with God nothing is impossible 🙏🏾
World News & Politics 😈 You can either Love Me or Hate Me, The Choice is Yours..💋 Video,s..👊
Hope to be BETTER!
It's simple, but you must do s.th.
Jan 2021
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