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Ready to learn how to help heal and cure? #Minds To Inspire, Inform, and Heal This page is dedicated to the countless whose lives could have been saved by the powerful healing properties of cannabis. To our lost family and friends. This miraculous plant goes by many names: #Cannabis #Hemp #marijuana #weed #Ganja #Kind #Herb The #Purpose of the CCRF -To inform the public of the many uses of cannabis, especially its curative properties that can heal literally hundreds of illnesses, including terminal ones. -To expose the fraud and malicious criminality of cannabis prohibition, and how it has cost and is costing the lives of our loved ones. -To inspire you to learn more, and spread this life-saving knowledge. -To inspire a revolution of truth that no force of ignorance can reverse. Thank you for taking the time to visit this page. Together we can and will make a difference. |The #RSO Group| #goCureYourself Go Cure Yourself is a CCRF group that teaches you the knowledge to train yourself to make the life-saving RSO cannabis oil.

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Posting today's news and related spicy memes. Always open to discussion with liberals. Just come prepared. I am not a Russian bot My groups: Cord Cutters MAGA MEMES Breaking 911 Not Tired of Winning Drain the Swamp

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