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Normal news is creating real news.
Alles was sich so tut, im deutschen Sprachraum lustiges herzliches darf auch deftig sein zweideutig ist besser als eindeutig man darf sich aber auch ärgern
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I am a photographer from Germany. Mainly focused on Alternative Models. If you are interested in a photo shoot - let me know!
I posts Blogs & Photos of all subjects here on MINDS. About me: Married; Father (of 3 children); Grandfather (of 3 boys); Retired (and enjoying retirement); Deplorable; Amateur Photographer (all posted photos are mine); and, ALL opinions are mine solely. "Truth is Hate to those who hate the truth." - (Unknown) Laugh, don't get mad. Make fun of the left and make them mad. Don't give a shit what the left calls you. Nothing makes them madder because it takes away one of their main weapons. Never ever apologize. Ignore the celebrities. They do and say crazy things just to attract attention. I'm not politically correct. In fact, I go out of my way to be politically incorrect. I'm here to encourage other deplorables and to cause snowflakes to meltdown. That's it.
Sharing news stories that get my attention and what I think of them.
Lots of links to news stories in the morning time. The rest of the day? Who knows. Could be anything.
Jan 2019
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