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location_onOntario, Canada

Rainbow Warrior for Peace- Yoga/Meditation/Reiki Teacher- Business Consultant- Mechanical Engineer and Professor- Artist - Dancer- Poet- Mother

Hardcore conservative but socially liberal. Do whatever you want as long as you’re not imposing your will on others. They wrote the 2nd to defend the 1st. I sub back but unsub clickbaiters and over posters.

My Form of Reasoning. I basically scroll through Minds (used to do Instagram) and repost screen shots of various cultural, political, science, whatever. I try to break it down on here in my form of reasoning. I also post screenshots of discourse I get into... for better or worse. I’m 28, father of one beautiful baby girl, husband to an absolutely wonderful wife, US citizen, and have two dogs I love like family. I consider myself to be an average guy that likes to think about politics, culture/society, human issues in general, and the psychological effect they have on normal people like me.

Here to make you smile :)

Ontario, Canada
Feb 2019
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