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My Form of Reasoning. I basically scroll through Minds (used to do Instagram) and repost screen shots of various cultural, political, science, whatever. I try to break it down on here in my form of reasoning. I also post screenshots of discourse I get into... for better or worse. I’m 28, father of one beautiful baby girl, husband to an absolutely wonderful wife, US citizen, and have two dogs I love like family. I consider myself to be an average guy that likes to think about politics, culture/society, human issues in general, and the psychological effect they have on normal people like me.

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Hey Everyone! I'm a 22 year old geography student from the UK. I am a centrist fascinated by politics on a local, national and global scale. Big fan of Sargon and Kraut, who I recently discovered this site through. Subscribe for updates and analysis on UK politics, European Politics and Global Geopolitics. Also some fun politics memes.

Anti-regressive, liberal political talk, news, current events, opinion, and the odd angry rant. Bringing you my thoughts on the state of our country, our world, and our species.

Ontario, Canada
Feb 2019
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