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Logic is a threat and Truth is a crime.                        News, information and opinions.

Head spinning in a caffeinated fugue, Kevin Bennett once found himself shredding down a Martian ski slope with a thousand irate Nephilim howling in his wake. On the way, he rescued twenty damsels, had lunch, and fully calculated Pi. In close company, he goes by “Bennett,” but he moonlights as an accordion-bearing comedian with an eye-patch and a beret, who goes by “French Accent.” He entertains any crowd, be it young, old, clean or "adult". His technique involves regular crowd participation and a musical element with no contemporary parallel. He also has two novels out, "Amphibian" and "The Thief And The Sacrifice"; which lost its first publisher and is looking for a second. For a limited time only, it's available for free online through a link listed on this page. Additionally, you can find his album "Between Dystopias" available through Apple Music. Check it out. He's also a content writer because that pays the bills. And he's single. Ladies. Only ladies. (It's 2017; gotta put the clarifier on these days.)

Critical Thinker / Skeptic. Artist / Comic Nerd. Libertarian / Vegetarian. Probably a little high.  Please bear with me while this profile takes form (I think it's becoming a little bit clearer now); but until then: Welcome to my outlet for original content  I've migrated to Minds after realizing that having the wrong opinion on Facebook is a problem, and that I'd rather find real conversation and debate in a community based on the free flow of art and ideas. As such, I would prefer using my screen name (@ThinkAndDestroy) the retain at least some level of anonymity (at least for the time being).

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It's all about choice.. As long as we are given the illusion of choice we think we are free.. and at that point we will accept just about anything. The reality is.. We were all born into bondage. We live in a prison.. A prison for our minds..a prison we can't touch or see. Only when we realize this truth will we begin the journey to true freedom.

Sep 2016
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