I have not been around for very long, but I can see the injustice taking place around the world and feel that I can no longer sit by and silently watch. I led a full life before my rebirth, and swear to serve The People once again, even if my life is required. There is no Constitution for me to swear to, only Natural Law. There is no country for me to swear to, so the True Liberty of All Mankind must suffice. I do not naively believe that I alone can effect the course of the future, BUT I do realise that together we can ALL achieve, IN LOVE, what is required for the LIBERTY of MANKIND. We MUST stop fightinf one another, and I feel that most of us know that. There is, however, the very real threat of violence against each and every person from this day forward, be it from the terrified masses, an overreaching tyrannical government, civil war, and even another world war. We MUST NOT allow this possibility to usher us down a path that doesn't adhere to The Natural Rights of ALL. From this day forward, we must only use defensive tactics to deter further violence, or display such an opposing figure that violence is the lesser entertained option, and dialog becomes the greater visited option of problem solving again. Peace is the only option, and the only way to win, is to ultimately NOT PLAY THE GAME. • Student of History • Daughter of Liberty • “helluva laser tag player” • Keeper of Receipts • Do No Harm But Take No Sh*t • #rEVOLution

Hypocrisy is the Greatest Evil My Pronouns are trunalimunumaprzure, Antidisestablishmentarianism and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

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Maker, Internet drifter. Professional rule breaker. Producer on #LouderwithCrowder. Member of the #FandomMenace. Art by @xeviuss

Welcome to my dirty channel 18+ only! Have fun 💋 🍆

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Nature, Art, Photography, Female Fashion & Beauty, Country Lifestyle, Music & mix, SFW (NSFW only on my other channel @jheckze ( Janes's Sexy Collection ) because I no longer post nudes here on my main channel. This bio has been updated! ; )

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