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The live show that was never meant to be a show and official livestream of Liberty Memes! We started on our couch with a phone getting to know our friends in the Liberty Memes community and now we're an over-produced, somehow wholesome yet NSFW late show hanging out with some big names in the liberty movement! We're highly interactive so come hang out! Every Friday night, 9:30 eastern.
I hate politics, but I love freedom! I refuse to judge people based on immutable characteristics, and freedom of speech is my most treasured natural right. I'm a social pariah, a nerd, a weeb, a degenerate, and a shut in whose only socialization is online. Ultimately, I'm just a perverted girl that indulges my perverted nature through the magic of anonymity! I am also an amateur writer who's writing a story that I'm releasing by chapters in a blog here on Minds. Side note: I do not own any of the drawings I share, unless I explicitly state that I'm the artist. Also, all art of petite anime girls with nudity or of an exotic nature are of legal age; regardless of personal opinions to the contrary. They're fictional characters, so they are whatever age I intend them to be when posting the artwork.
Posting old memes to fill the empty void in my soul
English Gamer egalitarian part time hobby at making art on deviant art and supporter of freedom of speech.
Welcome. I post original photos, and frequently trigger emotional thinkers. I love liberty, dirt roads, big trees and old books. Not a real Libertarian. Just a hillbilly with a WiFi connection; take my opinion for what it’s worth. Homeschooler. Christian. INTJ. Have a nice day! You’re awesome! End the Fed! HODL and stack. Not into politics? I get it. I have other content: @homeschoolkitchen for cooking and homeschool posts or @upcyclistfurniture for salvage builds and other stuff
Mind's most trusted window licker.
Feb 2021
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