I鈥檓 a goofy, fun, spontaneous, tippy toe walking, loud laughing, special education teaching, flamingo loving, Ninja Turtle obsessing, ball of redhead fire! I love deeply, passionately, and with my whole heart. I鈥檓 blessed to have a man in my life who embraces the nerdiness, accepts the boundless energy, and protects my heart so carefully. I hope you are ready for this!! The silliness is strong with this one!!!!

Thank you for stopping by my channel! I鈥檓 a fun loving, energetic, special education teacher here in middle Tennessee. I love sharing and learning new and innovative ways to help our students learn. I鈥檓 a sped teacher and a sped mom all in one! Teacher talk is geared toward helping parents in this uncertain time with educating their children. With online and distance learning going on, I get many texts, phone calls and emails asking for tips and strategies to help when working from home. Especially when these students are special education learners who thrive with more direct teaching and services. Subscribe to me while I get my page up and running for learning, fun, and educating others on the amazing things our special education population can do! All donations toward my channel will be put right back into the classroom to help provide materials for low income families. In turn, I plan to provide tips, lessons, strategies, and further education on learning and intellectual disabilities. Let鈥檚 work together to bring awareness!

Hi, I'm Steve. I suppose my extraordinary user name may have sold me out? lol. I live in North Eastern Montana. I was born and raised in Montana, and have never lived outside the State. It's a wonderful place for my wife & best friend to raise our twin boys (fraternal) One of our sons is "High Function Autistic", he simply amazes me daily, and I am extremely proud of all his hard work and progress. Our other son is your typical teenager, who loves playing sports and video games. He gets decent grades, and he amazes me daily as well. ( yes, our boys officially became "teenagers" this year) My wife and I run our own HVAC&R family business. We are not rich by anyones standards, but, The Good Lord has never left us needing for anything. Yes, we're Christians. We respect everyone's right to believe in, or not, whatever you choose. We have never condemned anyone for not holding the same beliefs as we do. We live in America. We, I suppose by most metrics, would be considered "hard core conservative". Does that mean were not open to new ideas? Of course not. Does that mean we're pro life? Yes. Does it mean you will condemn Pro Choice? Typically no, but I will defend life. Are you Republican? Typically, yes, although I have voted for Democrats and Independents. I look at candidates positions, who funds them, who they are. We try to research the candidates independently of the news media. Do you own a gun? Hell yes I do. I have hunted basically my whole life, for meat, and always on the look out for big horns lol. Always got the meat, never the "mountable" horns lol. How old are you? Well, I'm 49, thank you. I can proudly say, I have voted legally in every election I could since turning 18. Is your wife from Montana as well? No, my wife hails from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. We are living proof, entry into the U.S.A. is very possible legally. How did you and your wife meet? The internet. We became "best friends" at first. "Chatting" turned into phone calls, that turned into several "trips", where we fell in love. We have been "together" for 20 years, married for 18 years. Are you an ass? I sure the hecks can be, but can't we all? Raising children has definitely taught me patience, understanding and a host of many other important things in life. What about your parents? Well, they are both deceased. I lost my mom 10 years ago, and my dad 15 years ago. Damn, I miss them tremendously.

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David鈥檚 formative years were all about art and music, his love for photography blossomed after college and quite literally by accident. After a near tragic motorcycle accident put him convalescing for nearly a year, his doctor suggested photography after admiring David鈥檚 artwork. Photography became a career choice from the beginning with what many consider a dream job.  David began his work for Playboy magazine fall of 1978, soon after becoming staff photographer and moving to Chicago. He would continue working with Playboy until 2003. It was after that time he would begin to expand on his photography style to include fashion, beauty and celebrity work for various editorial and advertising clients worldwide. Called upon to shoot Petersen Publishing鈥檚 SPORT magazine swimsuit issue four successive years, the final year would culminate with it being broadcast on ESPN, ESPN 2 and Prime Ticket. David would serve as both narrator and host. In addition, he would be thrown into an acting stint in a made-for-TV movie in the mid-90s starring Lynda Carter, titled Posing, aired on CBS. The director tapped David to play the fictional Playboy photographer. In 2000 David would become co-host and feature photographer for Playboy TV鈥檚, Sexy Girls Next Door. In 2008 and 2010, David was a featured speaker and presenter at the international photography trade show, Photokina held in Cologne, Germany. In 2013 David was invited to speak at the Theater and Film Dept of UCLA speaking on the merits of working with great photography. His teaching photography continues to this day by creating David Mecey's Ultimate Photo Workshop鈩. From mid-April through the end of May 2015 David would tour while partnering with German photographer, Guido Karp, to produce workshops throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria. He would return to Germany, June 2016, to do a week-long solo Ultimate Photo Workshop in and around Koblenz, Germany, then again, January 2019 with another month-long tour visiting 14 German cities. Along with his continued catalog and beauty photography, David has self-published a number of books containing his images. His books are self-published, reach out to him at his email address for book and purchasing information  Along with his passion for photography, David also possesses a passion for cars. For over two decades he pursued road racing as a way to relax. In 2009 he created his own driving events company, Precision Performance Driving. His driving skills led to working for various auto manufacturers as a professional driver, including Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Ferrari, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Maserati, Mercedes, Nissan and Porsche. He has competed in a number of endurance races including three of 25 hrs., where the team finished 3rd, then 2nd in class, two successive years. David lives and works out of Las Vegas, NV. David may be reached at: [email protected], or,  310-867-1007, his website, www.davidmecey.com. On-air work: Principal interviewee on the Vickie Lawrence Show, Vicki! Principal role in CBS movie-of-the-week, Posing, which starred Lynda Carter, Michelle Green, Amanda Peterson - 1992 While at Playboy, David was interviewed on various Good Morning America Shows, including New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Houston, Boston, and Miami  David 鈥榯raded places鈥 with baseball legend, Wade Boggs of the Boston Red Sox-1988. Wade photographed a Playmate while David did two weeks of spring training and worked out with the Red Sox in uniform before an NBC Game of the Week at Chicago鈥檚 legendary Comiskey Park Still-photographer and on-air personality for The Making of SPORT magazine鈥檚 Swimsuit Issue, Hawaii, 1995 In 1995, created a world-class photo workshop, David Mecey鈥檚 FotoFantasyCamp. In 2012 a more robust program required a new name, David Mecey鈥檚 Ultimate Photo Workshop鈩 Appeared in the VH-1 special in 2004, Centerfold Babylon, recounting his history with Playboy Photographer and on-air personality on Playboy鈥檚 Sexy Girls Next Door TV series, 2000 - 2003 Spokesperson with how-to videos worldwide for German-based Company, Sunbounce Presenter and lecturer at Photokina, Cologne, Germany, 2008, 2010 Interviewed on SPIKE TV鈥檚 program, Manswers 鈥 2009 Interview with BBC-Radio on his history with Playboy - 2011 Member of the National Association of Distinguished Professionals Works as a professional driver & racer from 2000 to present, including driving instructor for Skip Barber and Jim Russell Racing, founder/director of Precision Performance Driving, a driving events company  

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I am a Proud Army wife and Real Estate Agent. My family and I live in 40 acres of land with horses, cows, sheep, chickens, and 7 dogs. I love working out, outdoor activities, spending time with my family, DIY projects and spending time with my friends.

鈥usiness Owner 鈥akeup Enthusiast 鈥ree Thinker 鈥at Lover 鈥iccan 鈥ossBabe #team90210 Like what I do? -Kindly comment, Tip a Token, Remind & Subscribe!! 馃 https://flawlesslyfree.mynuskin.com

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Just a home crafter with a passion for photography, gardening, outdoors, and running powerful lasers! Subscribe if you love to see pictures of wildflowers, gardening, cars, vintage items, food, puppies, cats, houses, mountains, nature and general wanderings of the crazy life my husband and I try to keep up with. Also blogs incoming for the topics of cooking, gardening, antique restoration, crafting projects and more. http://www.VirtuallyVintageStudios.com

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