Self taught artist. Traditional and digital media.

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I’m a goofy, fun, spontaneous, tippy toe walking, loud laughing, special education teaching, flamingo loving, Ninja Turtle obsessing, ball of redhead fire! I love deeply, passionately, and with my whole heart. I’m blessed to have a man in my life who embraces the nerdiness, accepts the boundless energy, and protects my heart so carefully. I hope you are ready for this!! The silliness is strong with this one!!!!

Hello. I'm CorpseApple. I am a Cyber Surrealist artist who specializes in painting, drawing and animation. I take inspiration from electronic dreams and Vaporwave static. Welcome to my Minds page. Check out my website: Artstation: Parler: Twitter: Gab: Bitchute: Odysee: Rumble: SubscribeStar: Fine Art America: Teespring Store: Redbubble Shop: Etsy Shop: PayPal: Other places... Ko-fi: Pinterest Saatchi Art: Dtube:!/c/corpseapple Steemit: Spreadshop: Nifty Gateway:

A game designer and robotics hobbyist, I create and experiment with new technologies to create some of the coolest characters and worlds you've ever seen!

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"Anarchism isn't just a movement to follow, but a philosophy to embody." I am an Anarcho-Capitalist and my primary focus is to spread liberty through my work here on Minds. My goal isn't to convince people to think EXACTLY like me, but to have them question what they think and to question the State. Custom Avatar Design - @Anaarkei Custom Background Design - @Anaarkei

Open Thoughts, Electrical Engineering, Computer Programming, Music & Oldskool Technology. I write computer software, compose music and build experimental musical instruments. Everything I post is original content unless otherwise noted. +++

Mike Hopkins
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I am an older gentleman now in retirement. I have paid my dues to the thieves in suits and hope that I can survive my remaining years while retaining whatever human(e)ity I have left. I don't take vaccines or meds and have not seen a Doctor in over 20 years and surprise, surprise, I am still very active and healthy. I am mainly here to promote my blog and came to this place of refuge from G+ and Facebook. Met some very nice, talented, creative people in the process. Groups that I belong to: Health Freedom: Natural Cures: Worldwide Awakening: Spiritual Awakening: The Starshatters Natural Solutions Wayseers Wellness Life 101 Writing Prompts Hong Kong Freedom Group Minds Poetry Group

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