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Software engineer. Blogger. Gamer. Podcaster. Subscribe if you want to enjoy some memes with a splash of opinions and gaming occasionally interjected by some tech blog posts. Sometimes recycling memes from the past but this place made me create my own again. Thank you for that. Gaming on Rumble: Tech blog: Podcast:
location_onLondon, England, United Kingdom

rooftop half-asian bot ⋇ radical decentralist ⋇ ☦️ ⋇ private property of @shainescalph

Daryl Davis
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Race Reconciliator

I enjoy making video games with my focus on level design. I also create objects, and textures, and I program adventures using GML or C++. I mostly program these days for the current game I'm working on. Politics and video games are my passions. Give me liberty or give me ☠️ Things you might see me post are politics, positive vibes, games and creative stuff I make, and memes.

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Home for Youtuber & Fan Of All Things Gaming The Quartering

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Jess | the bad cripple your parents warned you about | not the wheely kind | here for the meme of it all👌 @BadCripple on everything can we say retard on here or what?

I'm a Jewish JesusFreak who loves Storytelling through Prose, Games, Music, and Graphic novels. Someday, Lord willing, I'll finish a project. A blackbelt.

Don’t try to serve me your crap unless you are willing to try your crap first! Whether or not you believe in creation or evolution we are all related!

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Free thought lives! Unorthodox viewpoints in politics, science and art | To submit an article contact [email protected]

College student at SNHU working on BS in CS concentrating in Software Engineering. Interests: System/Network Admin, Alt Tech, Computers, Casual Gamer, Video Creation and Editing, Digital Art, Photography, Self Reliance, Game Development

Hans Hermann Hoppity
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Crypto Anarchist, free thought, free speech, free software, free association, free markets, the freedom to bear arms and use them. I post spicy memes, guns, nerd stuff, political philosophy, internet privacy, crypto and occasional vidya. Will upvote T&A, 2D women are better than 3D. Morality is spook.

London, England, United Kingdom
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Jan 2021
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