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The globo-tyranny hammer has fallen upon thee. Like a bully kicking over a sand castle, I have been purged by a big tech , bourgeois cult intent on destroying the melting pot that has shaped all great nations. The exchange of ideas....the freedom of expression is what has built all great nations, but the fascist tyrants running big tech do not see it that way, and the very thought of it has been deemed hate speech. I will turn to alt tech for asylum. I am but a simple farmer, just tending to my memes. All I want is a better life for me and my family. Please Mr. Zuckerberg..... “Tear that wall down” ------------------------------------------ Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0ps7zVqopqczpE7wpasmxA You can also find me on Instagram @memes4shortpeople https://www.instagram.com/p/BtZ09zTAL-W/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=2k3vh3iow7bx And until Zuckerberg purges my shadow account, you can also find me on FB ——————————————————————————————— Show these Minds Accounts some ❤️ @MindsGaming @MegaMinds @yorizzo @TwiinScorpio @Feltern @JenaGoddess @Willieleev1971 @AdamBaums @myincal @TracyArthurKing @censorshipsucks @bobdub @stormfeather @hideki4 @jhafari @conservetruth @rhyther @delastman @coreyjr1971 -----------------------------------------------------------

Sapere Aude! Blockchain and crypto currencies will set us free! https://codedcultures.com/about/ Set up the first two way multiple crypto currency ATM in Vienna Austria Roughly spoken, I am 6' 7" tall and weigh 290 lbs. Don't worry, I only eat one meal day around 5pm, and in the morning I only need a cuppa of tea to get me going. I have probably slept in worse places, than you can imagine, and neither drink nor smoke. I have worked since I was 16, on all types of residential construction, from demolition, framing, carpentry, painting, masonry, to pouring concrete. I have operated all types of heavy equipment from jackhammer to compact excavators. Since university, I have only worked occasionally in construction, becoming more of an handyman these days. I have been an artist since I was five, even invented my own religion with this girl when I was seven. attended school of visual arts in NYC, studying Film and fine art. I'm very proficient in front end web development, like coding HTML and Java script. I have worked and in theater and film in various positions from grip to director. I have done commercial videography work for universities and conferences. I grew up between Missouri and Austria, graduating from Missouri military academy high school. Instead of joining the ROTC and studying law in Fulton, Missouri. I ran off to Brazil, to become a surfer. After failing to become a journalist like "Tin Tin". The wife of my boss convinced​ me to go to university after two trimesters​ studying economics in Cambridge, England, I sent myself down to university of Vienna, Austria. While continuing studying economics, I worked import export mostly smuggling medical and industrial technology to the east block countries of Europe (comecon). After the wall fell, in Berlin I joined the UNDP on a project of entrepreneurship and privatization. Disillusioned with economic development and the UN in general. I opened a techno night club out of an old factory, then went into investment banking in emerging markets. In 1996, I opened the first trade on the first stock exchange in Kazakhstan, subsequently organized Kazakhstan's first investment conference. Recently I have been involved in crypto currencies, helped organize the bitfilm festival in Saigon and attended the DevCon2 ethereum conference in Shanghai. Other than that I have been teaching bitcoin and blockchain tech in Kiev and Shanghai, while adventuring in South East Asia and living in Shanghai, China. I mostly miss Koh Chang, Thailand!

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