The official page of The Libertarian Party UK. 'The Peoples' Party - Libertarianism is a political and philosophical ideology based upon the principles of self ownership and self-responsibility. It posits that all individuals have the right to control their own lives, bodies, and property acquired by honest means. Further, each individual must also respect the equal rights of others. The Libertarian Party UK, BM LPUK, London, WC1N 3XX Tel: 0208 088 8121 Registered with the Electoral Commission RP 2517848 (GB)

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I'm from Maine... obviously. I am not an Anarchist, I am a Minarchist. I like guns and believe in virtually no limits to the second amendment when it comes to firearms. I advocate for the end of the drug war. No i do not ski. No i do not own a snowboard. No i do not own or ride a snowmobile. Yes I have hunted before but i do not go enough to call myself a hunter. Yes I have seen a moose, and yes they are big and tasty. I have bad grammar, my spelling is meh and no i don't care that much. I like food too much and like walking to little. For work right now i have a gig where i assist adults with intellectual disabilities and autism.

Max Keiser
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Apr 2018
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