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Researching Sustainable Food Production and Environmental Remediation. Advocacy for Human/Civil/Animal Rights, Food and Water Security, Freedom of Speech, Privacy and All that is Good.

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Censorship Sucks
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Most of my banners and intros are made by @Curryhobo, @SatoriD My Bronze Tier Subscribers @starhammer @chat_bubble @Vadelma @jazz_bold @John @FiLTHY FARM Support me here! Ether address: 0xfbeCdEFBA5d1c137c43Dbc3923e76A45005a8783 My Mission is to allow you to never leave #Minds while still getting all the modern news and dank memes you could ever need. I focus on bringing you all the latest news with a focus on big tech censorship while debunking the MSM narrative. Interviews on Minds: This is really turning out to be a fascinating project. I've had the opportunity to meet and well over 100 Minds users and they are all amazing people. @TrumpFanNetwork @OvationEddie Part 1) Part 2) @FretzCapo @SatoriD @Infiniteimaginarium @JustinAntitheist AKA Justin Trouble @SeekingtheTruth101 @GOPAaron @AmericanBravado @Elicia @YotivationNation @SickofthelLies @Xander Xander Miller Director of QA for @Luculent @Walrusmallone @Chrisdoogood @thestrike @WillieLeeve1971 @Mindsgaming @myincal @YoRizzo @ThePholosopher @DrCassone @rodfather @curryhobo @captainclusterfuck @ph1776 @GOPAaron @Jhafari @ottman @yotivationnation @Astralwizardart @John @darkstormz_entertainment @ScottcBusiness @GaaGarin @Entryreqrd @drpatricklockwood @adambaums @ladyhug @Vonyugen SatoriD (followup) @Aragmar @KDJH @UnframeofMind @Crowman17 @Patriotpunknetwork @Curryhobo @Cartman1 @unframeofmindat @Macvogt #MindsRoundtable Episode 1 The very birth of this series and what became the radio show... The guests were @Willieleev1971 @Luculent and @WalrusMallone. In hindsight I couldn't have put together a better group of people for this if I tried. Episode 2 Banned from Minds!!! With @Ovationeddie @medworthy & @Xander (Xander was the Head of QA for minds at the time.) Episode 3 #LadiesNight @Yotivationnation @MissKitty22 and @myincal Episode 4 - The origins of the #csrr @SeekingTheTruth101 @yorizzo @ChrisDoogood Episode 5 The art community on Minds with @InfiniteImaginarium @Satorid @curryhobo and @Cartman1 Episode 6 Meme Supreme edition @myincal @AdamBaums and @jhafarI Episode 7 Banned on Youtube with @OvationEddie @SeekingTheTruth101 and @TrumpFanNetwork Episode 9 - Veterans edition @rodfather @DreagusProd and @Ph1776 Episode 10 part 1 Annual Airing of grievances @FretzCapo and @Mindsgaming Episode 10 part 2 Annual Airing of grievances @FretzCapo and @Mindsgaming Episode 10 part 3 The Minds Love fest with @Jack @Mindsgaming and @Fretzcapo on the radio show! Episode 11 @Farmfreshshow with the #CSRR crew Episode 12 The Refugees of Twitter with @ashinine and @hindudindu Episode 14 The radio crew talks with @Luculent about Minds Intro art and video were done by @SatoriD and @Curryhobo

Memes, News and whatever else we want.  Remind your favorites & or wire us points 👌🐸     Follow on Twitter:@trumpmemes4            Donate~ ETH: 0x428f5856c95e2C8fe56889055D0c7eba443D9Ac5  LTC:  LTbGJdEFWREe4XDESs85UbfbDuWDpCuKG5

Nazi/Sociopath/Asshole/istaphobe (isn't everyone?) Pronouns: "Go", "fuck", and "yourself" Before you complain about my evil posts, I'm afraid I gave my last fuck to your mom last night People we like Baggins @DoctorGlocktapus *** @Traci_lin @Willieleev1971 @delastman @gnugaz @Luculent @Dengesores @TiberiusStEntinius @bikos_gr @PeterTaboni @TrumpWon! @Rushofwaves @Qomplainerz @Konnchii @ghworg @MikeBrosnahan @GevadderTod @GopAaron @sharonmonaco @0SumG @ManlyAdvice @Maddforit @Tors_Hammer @Talok @artcarnage @tsilb @CynicalC @ChemtrailsMN @Milica42 @gregorovich13 @GetTAe @coeurdours *** @Caalamus @IvoryEnchantress *** @DragonBlood *** @Terjesdatter @Ophelia_Cox @Francolino @Shannon222 @OrmrVoid @BlackCrime @beerhunter @JoeDirty_67 @AmericanStandardBearer777 @raymondsmith98 @UnknownSurvivor @thechocolatemuff1 @n3rfed @Americanpie @pornvid @muabuon *** @Marketoff @GenericName @StandingOak @MariOlsdatter @Kat1988000 @Mike_Hopkins @CosmicDevourer @AryanSwastika *** indicates absent friends who have been Mindblocked

Fractal creator. Cheeseburger enthusiast.

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