MAX HAS WORKED AS A RESEARCHER & ACTIVIST FOR FREE SPEECH FOR OVER 40 YEARS. AT 45 YEARS OLD HE TAUGHT HIMSELF GUITAR TO ENJOY ENTERTAINING PEOPLE THROUGH THOUGHT PROVOKING SONGS & A COMEDIC APPROACH. "The sixties model of protest songs don't work now, because the public are so worn down by a rigged system and corruption, you can't take them any lower by truth on state.They just can't take it, I prefer satirical comedy to get the truth out on stage". Max Random HERE are some reviews from critics : From stand up comedy to headlining show nationally, Max Random has come back this year with his third album "Ufo's, The Dali Lama, Weed & Other True Stories" – an absolute gem. His love of guitar transformed his comedy into something absolutely amazing and full of laughs; 2014 has only seen him develop further talent. Fans loyal to Max Random adore his sense of wonder and fabulous story telling imagery through his song lyrics. To be extra random, he threw in there "Bat Country (Part 1)" and "Hey Uncle Sam". The two songs "Space Stoner" and "UFO stoled my Plants" sit together perfectly at the end of the albumwith an excellent sound full of space, aliens, and of course weed.Lyrically he has produced his greatest album yet; he tackled themes such as The Dali Lama, Jesus, Iggy Pop, and of course more weed! This album is jam packed with loads of catchy vocal hooks and funny random themes to sing along to. You can’t go wrong! Analog Man Shakefire Lee Roberts September 27, 2014 I don't know if his name is real or was made up for use while doing his music but I got to say that Max Random is one of the cooler names that I've come across. It's not only his name that I found to be cool, the music that's being played on his new album, "Analog Man" is also pretty cool. If you are looking to laugh as you sing some comedic folk songs then Max Random will supply you with 17 songs that will do just that, make you laugh as you sing. "Analog Man" is a quirky, fun, and unique album that gets your attention from the very first song that's about how Godzilla just ain't as tough as he might think he is and keeps your attention as the album closes out with a radio edit of the first song. One thing I like about folk songs is that they can be serious as well as fun. In the case of Max Random, he has went with the hilarious route for his folk songs on "Analog Man". When the first song, "Godzilla" was about 30 seconds into playing, I was already laughing at how Max Random states the obvious when it comes to this classic monster. I had to replay that first song over again before I could continue on with the second song because I wanted to try to make it through the song while giving it my full attention but again I laughed as I listened. That's pretty much the whole of this album, 17 songs that make me laugh even though when I try to pay attention to them I end up hearing other parts that I missed before that make me laugh more. Fun is the core of this album and in every song that's being played. The songs are wonky and having them be formatted as a folk song only makes them better. Sure the lyrics are good enough that they would be funny and fun in any genre of music but being able to hear them clearly and having that almost practical, matter of fact way that these folk songs have, just took that comedy side to the songs to a higher level. I really enjoyed this album a lot. The songs are funny, they are played with a fun folk beat, but they also have a catchy sound to them that makes me want to sing along with them. Max Random is now going to be (and already has been) someone that I will be telling my friends that they have to listen to and it's because this album is just so much fun to listen to. Max Random Analog Man WQAQ Will Bomentre October 7, 2014 Crass, blunt, and politically-incorrect are three terms I would use to describe Max Random’s album Analog Man. And guess what? I think it’s fantastic. Random tells it like it is, and does so effectively. In his songs, he’s sort of the observational comedian, making fun of current events and taking a lighter side to social issues. He tackles subject such as death (“Mister D”), the government, corporate America, and pop culture (“Godzilla”), greed (“Come On Baby”), and of course, weed and the government (“Ballad of Johnny Boon”). He’s an excellent parody artist as well, including his song “I’ve Smoked Weed Everywhere” (“I’ve Been Everywhere”) and “Monster Hash” (“The Monster Mash”). Random also has a softer side, as demonstrated through his songs “You Were Cool”, which has lyrics that are a little reminiscent of Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind”, “It’s Not Goodbye Forever”, which deals with the death of someone close to him, and “Analog Man”, which is a funny song, but reminds us that we must enjoy life, and make it worth living. Not only is Random an excellent comedian, he is also an excellent musician. He is a superb guitari
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