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Welcome you all to my little world :). I am (and should not be): 1. Full-time "dreamer" (I mean, 24/7, regardless of being asleep or awake). 2. Creative writer (mostly Vietnamese, some bits of writing in English). 3. Spontaneous photo-taker. 4. Amateur painter (rarely). 5. And I always get out of the house with earphones mode-on (like always). Thank you all for supporting, especially: - @KatmirStone - @TheronH - @r3k4b - @Where_I_Stand - @joepeeer - @RVCSongster - @xander - @chesschats

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I am a stay at home blogger, barefoot runner and I love to cook, knit and crochet!

Enjoying simple living with my sandbag retreat by the edge of a lake in Florida.

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You can find me on Instagram here https://instagram.com/stop_whitegenocide?igshid=ewvf2rmymwra My ancestors can be traced back to the time of Boudicca and Ragnar. I'm Celtic and Viking. I'm Aussie, but ANGLO-SAXON first and foremost! Occasional bitch. I'm an AUSSIE woman! Not a feminist, but I come from women who are strong in mind and body! Misognists and I don't get on. I'm all about Biopolitics: A political project oriented to a people鈥檚 biological and demographic imperatives. It includes family and population policy, restricting types of or all immigration, and addressing issues of public health and genetic well-being. Just joined https://m.vk.com/id598436521 New website archive in progress... Very slow progress... https://5e38204735454.site123.me/ Essential Viewing https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMCtzFUuTYL6-WLOJEwKw7k2AdaNnIbu9 Also, worth watching : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMCtzFUuTYL7RhU09g823bcVgIXyl7Yuf&feature=share The following website archives I put together sometime ago. I've learnt more and my conclusions have changed over the years. My views and attitudes have changed over the years. The more I've learned, my thinking has changed. The overall message and motivation however has remained the same. I acknowledge my genetic collective is under attack. https://rebel-ricochet-reloaded.site123.me/ https://we-care-a-lot-reloaded.site123.me/ https://whitesisterhood.site123.me/ https://whitesisterhoodreloaded.site123.me/ I oppose genocide! I oppose the genocide of the "White" race. I oppose anti-White globalists. My people are my responsibility. That is all! You can have free speech as far as I'm concerned, but censorship is completely up to the individual and I reserve my right to block accounts I don't want to associate with! I'm the opposite of a supremacist. I'm a proud separatist. Without your genetic collective, you cease to exist! Love your people! Beliefs are not facts. Genetics can be proven. Race over religion! But, not even one homogeneous race will adhere to one belief or political system. There must be separation between the races and all with opposing views for there to be peace! We must agree to disagree and separate!

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