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Concerned about the development of blockchain, foundation, technology, improvement, and application. Spread the latest news and discover valuable items

Co-creative mind who set his mind on others. Marcel is focussed to help people and businesses grow. Developing and faciltating Creative Leadership programs and above all...making cryptocurrency understandable for the common people. Business Coaching and Crypto Education. Specialties: Educating everyone on cryptocurrency. Facilitating brainstorms sessions.

Alexandra is CEO and Founder of the Cartera Group of Companies parent company to cnecct the open social networking platform / marketplace. Utilizing the power of network effects, cnecct stores value and control of content via distributed and open blockchain protocol. Alexandra is dedicated to advancing the research and responsible application of bleeding edge technology such as AI, neural and distributed networks, ML and deep learning, blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrency, VR/AR, distributed data, and the platforms that support these. She is Founder of Advance Tech Media and Host of the Advance Tech Podcast where we interview innovative and forward thinking experts who are defining the technology, digital economy and ecology of tomorrow. Alexandra has over a decade of experience managing software projects and brings an understanding of how event based system implementations impact organisations. She is a student of the patterns in DDD/CQRS/ES and how they apply to Conway’s Law. Alexandra has led and mentored development, design and quality assurance teams and directly managed multimillion dollar projects and initiatives in ecommerce, digital media, fintech, business intelligence and analytics, education, healthcare and environmental markets. Alexandra has worked with national and international organizations and creative/digital agencies. Currently living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Alexandra's interests range from technology and entrepreneurship to fitness and innovation. WORK Advance Tech Media ( EDUCATION University of British Columbia Stanford University

Developer working from my soon-to-be hobby farm. Into self sufficiency, blockchain tech, cryptocurrencies, machine learning, SDR, SBC, politics, and world news.

The ICO is ongoing and ends approximately on May 19 or until all Crowns have been sold. What is a #VIVA Crown? And Why do I Want One? 1. ONLY 6,500 VIVA CROWNS ARE BEING RELEASED. After the ICO only 1 VIVA Crown will be created each week as part of the settlement procedure between mints. Only 42,000 will ever be created. We believe they will become treasured financial assets. 2. THE RIGHT TO MINT VIVA COINS Every quarter each VIVA Crown Holder receives a Treasury Right to mint an agreed upon number of VIVA Coins (the base currency in the VIVAconomy). These rights can be sold to a mint if you so desire. 3. THE PRIVILEGE OF GRANTING AWARDS RIGHTS Every quarter an amount of #VIVACoins generated by transactions in the VIVAconomy is set aside for worthy causes. As a Crown Holder you have the right and privilege of naming a recipient. 4. HAVE A POWERFUL VOICE WITHIN THE #VIVACONOMY Each VIVA Crown Holder has one vote (regardless of the number of Crowns she may possess) in all of the important decisions that affect the VIVAconomy. No one has more influence. Ready to join? Sign up for Beta: What is VIVA? VIVA is a unique blockchain project with a technical design that evolves beyond Proof of Work, Proof of Stake and Distributed Proof of Stake. VIVA introduces a concept called Proof of Authority; a system that delivers instant transactions and seamless consensus. Our CTO, William Banks contrasts various models in his Game of Chains article published on Steemit.(1) But to summarize, Proof of Authority disposes of certain egalitarian notions involved in weaker consensus models and replaces them with cryptographic signature proofs and business contracts enforced by the network and also backed by the network. Our blockchain differs from run of the mill fare as well. Designed to be a multidimensional graph rather than linear like a traditional chain. Under this design the VIVA Network is more akin to neural networks, with linked, weighted, interconnected data and an optimizing mechanism which solves the NP hard “traveling salesman problem”, in order to reroute the network into multiple optimal configurations depending the tasks required of it. By drawing from information in our Content Addressable Network (CAN), the VIVA ecosystem allows for a more robust and intelligent network. Rather than reinvent the wheel, VIVA takes advantage of hundreds of millions of dollars in research and investment by starting off with a custom fork of the powerful Hyperledger Fabric, which is backed by the likes of IBM and Intel. Our version is called Ultra Ledger. VIVA has a three-tier cryptocurrency model consisting of VIVA Crowns, VIVA Coins and market-pegged instruments we call vX which are tied to local fiat currencies for storing value like vUSD, vMXN or vEUR, etc. VIVA Crowns are an indivisible digital asset secured by the best cryptography available. They grant the owner rights to access the network, operate a business referred to as a mint, and receive a Treasury Right (TR) every 90 days to mint a share of the total VIVA coins allotted within that quarter. VIVA Website: Whitepaper PDF Direct Download Link: White Paper on Minds blog:

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