I am the new man that God created, a country boy, proud veteran, lover of Freedom, Liberty, Justice for All and Jesus. I came here to escape the facistbook censorship to just express my thoughts and feelings. Blessings to all y'all.

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Embodying the style and spirit of its namesake, the Ivanka Trump brand celebrates women who work at all aspects of their lives. The multi-faceted lifestyle collection is designed to appeal to the women it represents: a woman who leads boldly and is able to transition naturally between her many roles, both professionally and personally. She leads a full life, lived to the fullest—and that’s exactly how she likes it. Launched with a fine jewellery collection in 2010, the collection now includes apparel, handbags and accessories, footwear, home, fragrance and sunglasses. The Ivanka Trump social channels are committed to inspiring and empowering #WomenWhoWork. We welcome open conversation and dialogue—however offensive comments will not be tolerated, and will be swiftly removed.

Tracking the #Gold, #Silver & #Liberty Community Worldwide. Freelance Financial Journalist, ZeroHedge Contributor, Entrepreneur & Libertarian.

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Believe in yourself Never give up on your dreams stay positive stay bless love you all ❤️

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Escapee from the Facebook Gulag, still finding my feet here in a fresh, new space. I'm a realist - usually well able to take on board what is actually happening in the world, without getting into mental doldrums. In fact, I believe it's important that we all make ourselves aware of those harsh realities so that we don't just 'leave it to someone else' to decide our future . The flip side of this is that my heart and soul are filled and replenished by the beauty of our world. I am a creator, in my own humble way, of art, photography, crafts, the written word... Although never claiming to be a master at any of it, the mere process of putting something together makes me happy. Content here is likely to reflect all aspects of 'Me'. ~

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