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📠Hey Everybodyyyy!! In This Channel I'll Be Covering Topics and Subjects Regarding Suppressed and Hidden Information That The Media Will Never Talk About. I'll Also Be Taking You To An Awakening Path, To Reveal The TRUTH of Our World. 💡*DISCLAIMER* Videos Are For Educational Purposes and Entertainment. Uploads Every Friday or Wednesday's. 📣Illuminati ? Secret Societies ? Celebrity Blood Sacrifices ? Entertainment Industry ? Satanic Cult & Rituals ? Clones ? Clowns ? IMA EXPOSE THEM ! Make Sure To Share and Subscribe To Stay Updated !! And Turn On Your Bell So That You Don't Miss A Video. God Bless 😇

Light of the Universe, Gratitude for all that is. For nothing more than a greater expression, for nothing more than to pass on a feeling of inspiration and appreciation of this amazing world we live in. To know better the intricacy of relation between ourselves the world around us and beyond.... Help us help you, as we each grow and evolve those around us also grow and evolve. ETH DONATIONS; 0x71872446FbAE27B07DA3a60e26961ED7165973bA BTC Donations 18YDfdrcTpBpoEHfEmro6sCB716Vgkw9sB LTC Donations ME3QCB5KcNAJuYkGsAg7ibGurGZ3N5Wz4f I like to share my work, inspirations from far away places in the mind, dark corners where the most fearless hesitate to walk. Words fall like feathers on an eternal dawn horizon. This is the only Earth we have, this IS our circus! And those ARE our fucking Monkeys! Soon to come I will be sharing more of my many works, years of writings and ramblings with something for everyone. WALL OF FAME; @delastman @mindsplus @chesschats @FretzCapo @Luculent @Art_Lover81 @jigg @arissaya Groups; Wildlife, Flora and Fauna Enlightened Minds Positive Synergy

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Southern Idaho, USA
Apr 2019
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