Corrupted Republic

I believe the only purpose of Government is to protect Natural Rights. Constitutional Extremist. Not a Republican. Not a Democrat. Jackhole PatHead Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it. - Thomas Paine.
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Making the world safe for human differences.

I do a ton of Let's Play videos and Tips and Tricks so come back for some mediocre videos.

I am a Reincarnated Ascended Master. Here from Beyond to Guide and Protect all life in the transition from the old paradigm of fear and scarcity to the new paradigm of heaven on earth.

Perpetual Traveller, Expat, Asia, Vietnam, Taiwan, and more. Hello Minds. I am here to connect with others, talk about being a Perpetual Traveller, Content Producer, Blogger, Making Money Online, Content Syndication, SEO, and more. You know what they say. "Great Minds Think Alike" This is one of my videos about hosting your blog for free on the cloud, with 100% uptime: #Asia #Vietnam #Expat Expat in Vietnam, Expat in Asia, Expat Taiwan, and more.


Arizona, United States
Jun 2015
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