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Soldier of Christ. Church militant. Ave María ora pro nobis

30 something panty seller from the U.S. I like to play games on my pc for fun - currently downloading Steam games. I read sci fi, fantasy, and sci fi/fantasy. I'm a humongous Star Wars fan!! I dabble at crochet. Mostly, I like selling my used panties and naughty pics and vids.

Social media and the Internet: posts and books on free speech, privacy and censorship Why Exodus? Because of operation Exodus – do you remember Space 1999 and Moonbase Alpha?

its fun to see humans ignore me just by looking at my Avatar name, but the truth is i want to avoid such narrow minded psychos. Baboons pick each others ticks to keep a good rapo with each other, while humans kiss each others asses, thats how we got over and over again and again same type of shit useless social network websites. Fighting with the evil of is a futile waste of time.So i had moved on to Diaspora social, so "come find me when you wake up" ;-) But new features of Minds seem good so i am BACK. *---------*---------*-----------*--------* i dont gamble so i dont use the FUCKING TOKENS Here , so go ahead vote me down as you wish, Minds is a Gambling website so sooth yourself ; i am not a gambler, i am just a thinker with pure original thoughts.

Memes... Im here to inform people And other stuff. Also for the lulz.

Jun 2015
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