American Warrior & strong believer in the ideals that makes America great. Time to take these American hating shit bags to task. Let this be a task force for truth, freedom & the rejection of the globalist bullshit narrative & their puppets. Join in establishing integrity & justice back into our centralized corrupted system. Don't buy into the two party dynamic bullshit. We are all independent thinkers. Above all, truth, honor, freedom, integrity. I am neither left nor right. It's about right and wrong. Fuck your label boxes. First we take down the immediate threat to our Republic, the dims and their international backers, then we take down the RINO cowardly compromised fucks on the other side. I don't post and share for reward(s); however, if you would like to send me wires or maybe in the future patreon, if I do a page, I will buy some high grade whiskey and handmades and toast to your honor. #FucktheDeepState #RICOtheDeepState #2A #MindsVets #FuckPedos My Groups #MindsVets #FuckFakeNews #THFCoalition #QAnon #Breadcrumbs Western Civilization & Current Events Real Shitlords Concerned Minds #FuckPedos Trolls R Us

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This group is dedicated to Patriot, attorney, and former prosecutor, Sidney Powell. Ms. Powell is bravely defending our President, Donald J. Trump, against an attempted coup, at great risk to her own life, and therefore, she deserves our utmost respect. Please post any relevant info, memes, photos, etc. in support of Sidney Powell, and in support of her defense of our great President, Donald J. Trump.👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

I'm interested in Making RINOs Cry. There will be no excuse I would in a million years entertain as to why they didn't BACK DONALD TRUMP and STOP THE STEAL. They will lose re-election.

Account reserved for Donald Trump. Please email [email protected] to claim

I'm an open minded person, ready to make new friends and learn.

Oct 2018
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