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Minds 2020 Review and Roadmap

MindsDec 22, 2020, 7:23:16 PM

It has been an absolutely insane year socially, politically, technologically and in just about every other realm imaginable. Despite the turmoil, Minds is growing and evolving faster than ever before. Every single day, more and more people are recognizing the critical nature of an alternative social media platform that protects our freedom and digital rights. 

Here is a list of our major 2020 milestones and a preview of what’s coming in 2021. Thank you all for being the early adopters of the next internet paradigm. 

What we accomplished in 2020

  • New Interface 
    • Enhanced navigation, theme, buttons and overall UX on both web and mobile.
  • Minds+
    • A community-powered membership where anyone can contribute content and earn a share of our revenue.
  • Minds Pro 
    • Enhanced monetization features and the ability to morph your channel into a website with a custom domain.
  • Minds Pay 
    • Formerly called ‘Wire’, Minds Pay is the new underlying infrastructure that powers individual membership tiers and tipping throughout the app. There is now a filter in Discovery called ‘Memberships’ to find channels offering popular exclusive content. 
  • YouTube Migration Tool
    • You can transfer existing videos from your YouTube channel and new uploads will post natively to Minds automatically. 
  • Global Translations
    • Want to use Minds in your local language? See if we support it here. If not, help us translate!
  • Memberships
    • Any user can create their own custom membership tiers to offer their subscribers exclusive content and rewards in exchange for a monthly fee in either tokens or cash. 
  • Permaweb Integration
    • Decentralized content storage on the blockchain. Here’s a video of how to use it. 
  • Remind Refactor
    • Reminds now carry through all of the comments and engagement from the original post. Quote posts allow users to add commentary and are treated as an entirely new post. Original creators earn more token rewards!
  • Referral Commissions
    • You now will earn 5% of whatever your referrals earn on Minds through tips and memberships.
  • Blog Editor
    • We upgraded our blog editor to the latest version of CKEditor to provide more tools such as bulleted lists, tables, and more for a better WYSIWYG experience (what you see is what you get).
  • Changing Minds Podcast hosted by Daryl Davis
    • We launched the Changing Minds initiative with deradicalization expert Daryl Davis to help support our theory that civil discourse is the ultimate solution to radicalization and extremism, not censorship
  • #MindsTH
    • Over 250,000 new users joined Minds from Thailand after major concerns with Twitter’s new privacy policy, once again proving that there is a need for Internet freedom all over the world.
  • Listed by Coinbase Custody
  • More bug fixes than can be listed :p
  • Press Coverage

What's coming in 2021

How to support Minds