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Announcing Post Scheduling, Bitcoin, USD and Ethereum Payments

MindsSep 16, 2019, 8:24:53 PM


By popular demand, we have implemented a Post Scheduling feature that allows you to schedule your posts well in advance. This feature makes maintaining your channel easier than ever before and was built in direct response to community feedback and feature requests. Tomorrow (September 17), those in Canary Mode will see a Calendar icon on their status bar to access the feature.

Preview of the new post scheduler

We are even more pumped to announce an overhaul of monetization with support for Bitcoin, Ether and USD in Wire, our payment feature. This means that you are now able to add your bank account, Bitcoin address and Ether address to your Minds Wallet and send/receive payments in all of these different currencies. We believe in giving you the ultimate power to choose with both crypto and fiat currency options. This feature will also be accessible to those in Canary Mode beginning tomorrow to help ensure it is ready to be rolled out site-wide.

Wire will now support USD, ETH and BTC payments

Because BTC and ETH are fully decentralized, those transactions will not yet appear in your Minds ledger, but will be accessible directly via your Bitcoin, Ethereum or Metamask wallet. However, you will be able to integrate your receiver addresses and pay each other directly with these currencies in the Minds web application (support for mobile coming soon).

Monetization is one of the most essential components for social media because it truly enables you to make a living doing what you love online.

In the very near future, we will begin directly paying you in BTC, ETH and USD in addition to Minds Tokens for the traffic that you drive to the network! More details coming later this month.

As always, please share any questions or feedback in the comments or our support group.

The Minds Team