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Refer influencers to Minds and get paid a 5% monthly commission on their earnings

MindsNov 2, 2020, 6:04:24 PM

Today, we are excited to announce that all Minds users will now earn a 5% commission on the monthly revenue generated by referrals.

In the past few weeks, we announced that we have completely revamped Minds+ as well as our Membership system to provide creators with more tools to monetize their content and build recurring revenue streams.

Prior to that, we announced that we have also made significant upgrades to the Minds Pay system so that you may now tip your favorite creators in cash, Bitcoin, Ether and Minds Tokens. 

And now, you can get paid by referring new users who earn monthly revenue through any of these tools on Minds. 

We recognize that it is equally valuable to the network to refer influencers and be an influencer yourself. Properly incentivized referral engines are the key to generating sustainable growth and network effects. 

How It Works

If you refer a new user to Minds and they start earning monthly revenue through Minds+, Memberships or Tips, you will now earn a 5% monthly commission for as long as they continue to make money through Minds. The amount you earn through commissions will appear in your Earnings Console on the second Tuesday of every month. There is no limit to how much you can earn. 

There are two different ways in which you can gain credit for referring a new user to Minds:

1. Visit your Referrals Console to grab your referral link or code and share it with your network. You can attach your referral code to the end of any Minds URL to receive credit for a referral when someone signs up through that link. 

  • Referral Code: ?referrer=YourUsername 
  • (Note: Replace ‘YourUsername’ with your own actual username)

2. You also will receive referral credit any time someone signs up directly through your channel page or content you have created (no referral code needed). Simply share your content on other social networks to drive traffic to Minds and receive referral credit if anyone signs up through these pages within 24 hours. 

The purpose of this system is to incentivize everyone to help bring their audiences over to Minds, and to provide more upside for those who bring the most influential new users. 

Word of mouth and referral engines are key to growth, and now we have a system in place for you to all be properly rewarded for your contribution to our collective success.

The Minds Team

Banner image credit to Alina Grubnyak