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How To Earn Money With Pro

MindsNov 27, 2019, 6:26:23 PM


Please read through this blog to learn more about the details of Pro and how to maximize your earning potential.


Keep track of all of your earnings and other key metrics


Your Channel’s Assets

You are the owner of a variety of different assets on Minds. These are the pages that we are able to track activity on in order to provide you with the credit you deserve. The more pageviews you drive to your assets, the more revenue you will earn. 

The following are what we consider to be your assets:

- Your channel page

- Native videos you upload

- Native images you upload

- Blogs you publish

- Status post pages

- Groups you create

All of these assets create a unique page or URL that you own. Whenever someone visits that page, you gain credit for the registered pageview and earn money. 

It is important to understand the difference between a pageview and a view.

- Pageviews register when someone visits a specific page that you own. You receive credit for these and earn $1 for every 1,000 pageviews 

- Views register when someone scrolls past your content in a newsfeed or discovery feed. You will not earn for these views because you are not the owner of the page.

All of this data can be tracked in your new analytics console. All activities will be audited prior to receiving any payout to confirm there was no fraudulent activity.


How to Get Credit for Referrals

You receive credit for a referral any time a new user signs up to Minds through a link that contains your referral code.

Additionally, you receive credit for a referral any time a new user signs up to Minds through a link to any asset you own (we will automatically generate the referral code for you).

If you refer a new user to register:

- You will earn $0.10 if they become an active user. We currently define an active user as someone who logs in at least 3 out of the 7 days after registering.

- You will earn a 25% commission any time someone you refer purchases Pro or Minds Tokens. For example, if you refer a friend who buys Pro for $50 per month, you will earn $12.50 for every month they make a payment.


Keys to Success

The best way to drive traffic and receive credit is to post native content exclusively on Minds. We provide you with the tools to publish your own blogs and upload all of your videos or images. These pages become your assets and you will earn revenue every time someone views them. Share these links on your other platforms to maximize your earnings potential.

Exclusivity is a key factor because it provides your followers on other networks with a clear reason to visit Minds. Create a new video series only on Minds. Share deleted scenes or extended versions only on Minds. Release your content 24 hours early only on Minds. These are all great ways to drive traffic without sacrificing your revenue or reach on other platforms.

If you are not a serious content creator but still want to earn, then the referral commission is a great way to do so. We will pay you a 25% commission on any referred sale of Pro or Minds Tokens, so there is a great opportunity for revenue by helping us promote our products and drive sales.


How to Get Paid Out

Payouts are available in USD through Stripe, but only for non-NSFW channels due to their restrictive terms of service. All channels will have the ability to receive payouts in Bitcoin, Ether or Minds Tokens based on your selected preference. This is the best way to ensure sustainability and uncensorability with the payment tools and services that exist today.

In order to receive payments in different currencies, you must ensure your Wallet is properly set up:

- Enable your wallet to receive payments in USD

- Enable your wallet to receive payments in Bitcoin

- Enable your wallet to receive payments in Minds Tokens or Ether

You will only be eligible to receive a payout once you have earned over $100. All payouts in Bitcoin, Ether or Minds Tokens will be calculated using the current fair market values at the time of payout.


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