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How to create membership tiers and support creators on Minds

MindsAug 24, 2020, 7:31:30 PM

One of the key elements of our mission is to provide creators with the tools they need to expand the reach of their business and earn revenue online without fear of unfair demonetization and censorship.

With this in mind, we have completely overhauled our recurring memberships product both in cash (your local currency) and crypto payments. This includes enhanced design for joining memberships of your favorite channels, creating and editing your own membership tiers, easily submitting content into different tiers from the composer, managing your paying supporters, cleaner paywalls for posts, a new earnings console in the Wallet and more.

This is how we are different from others in the creator economy:

No added fees for early adopters

Global decentralized payment options (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Minds Tokens) to give creators full control of their financial relationships, without any subjective middleman

Directly integrated with your social media so you have everything you need in one place

Here’s how to get started:         

1. Connect your bank account to enable your channel to receive cash payments. In addition, you may connect a Bitcoin or Ethereum address to enable your channel to receive tips from your supporters in each respective cryptocurrency.

2. Create membership tiers, add custom perks and put content behind a paywall so only those supporters can access it.

3. Track your earnings and analytics.

Here are a few channels already setup to consider supporting:

- Lee Camp - Comedian & TV Personality

- Tim Pool - Journalist & Commentator

- Curryhobo - Animator

- Arcuedes - Digital Artist

- Nerdy Native - Designer

- Sketch’d - Painter

- The Blackrock Beacon - News & Culture

- Krish Mohan - Comedian

Supporting creators through monthly payments, whether as tips or for membership benefits, is the best way you can help them continue to do great work and remain independent.

Join Minds if you haven't already and try it out today!

Banner source: Samuel Castro