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MindsOct 28, 2020, 3:23:01 PM

Today, we are taking a quantum leap forward in helping the Minds community get properly compensated for contributing to the network. Over the past few months, we have made significant improvements to our premium membership, Minds+, with the goal of providing you with more revenue opportunities and more premium content from your favorite creators. 

Why Minds+ Matters

The best way Minds and its community can continue to grow and remain independent is through a sustainable revenue model.

A major reason that big tech platforms like Facebook, Google and Twitter have amped up their censorship, surveillance and demonetization efforts is largely because their business models depend on advertising dollars. When an ad publisher doesn’t want to show their ad on a certain piece of content, these platforms are quick to demonetize or censor that content because it impacts their bottom line. 

Membership revenue, however, is powered by the people. 

This means that the financial success of Minds as a business relies on its community, not its advertisers. This is directly aligned with our community-ownership of our equity, code, data and now revenue. 

Starting today, we have structured Minds+ so that the payments you make every month are shared directly with the creators who deserve it the most. Our goal with this upgrade is to align the incentives of both the company and the community so that we may all achieve growth and success together.

Joining Minds+ is the best way to support the Minds community and fight back against big tech!

Minds+ Revenue-Sharing 

Minds+ members will now have the ability to earn a share of our revenue by posting premium content into the Minds+ library.

Imagine if Netflix, Disney+ or any other popular streaming service allowed you to submit content and then paid you a share of its monthly revenue based on how well it performed. This is precisely what you can now do with Minds+. 

Minds+ will provide you with authentic content from independent filmmakers, artists, journalists, gamers, musicians and creators of all kinds. It is not limited to just the media elite. It also gives you access to a growing membership audience and a great opportunity to go viral and get paid. 

We have built a collective membership business and revenue stream for anyone to tap into. 

Tracking Your Minds+ Earnings

To start, we will be reserving 25% of our monthly Minds+ revenue to pay out to the creators who submit the most popular content. This will be measured by the number of unique unlocks (click-throughs) relative to the rest of the Minds+ contributors. You can track your unlocks in your engagement analytics.

In other words, if your Minds+ content receives 1,000 unique unlocks, and there were 10,000 total unique unlocks that month, you would earn 10% of the available revenue. The higher Minds+ revenue grows, the more earning opportunity for everyone. All of your daily earnings can be tracked directly in your Minds Wallet.

Accessing Exclusive Minds+ Content 

Minds+ members will see a new tab in the navigation to browse exclusive content. This will work similarly to the Discovery feature and will update daily. The content that trends the most will earn the larger share of the available revenue pool.

You will also see Minds+ content directly in your newsfeed from users you are subscribed to, with the ability to easily unlock the post and view it. The more people who contribute content to Minds+, the more reason there is to join. 

And as more people join, the larger the revenue-share pool grows.

Submitting Your Content to Minds+

Additionally, Minds+ members will see a new option in the “Monetize” section of the Composer to submit content to Minds+. This includes videos, images, blogs and status posts...just not hyperlinks. Original content only!

Additional Minds+ Features

In addition to the revenue tools, Minds+ members will access a number of exclusive features, which include:

  • Ability to hide all boosted content
  • Ability to request to verify your channel
  • Receive a Minds+ badge
  • More to come!

Minds+ Pricing

We will now be offering a free 7-day trial for all monthly and annual Minds+ subscriptions. Your credit card will be charged 7 days after you join, and you are free to cancel at any time during the 7-day period in your billing settings.

Minds+ will continue to be available to you for just $5 per month on the annual plan, or $7 per month on the monthly plan. Existing members will be grandfathered in on their current payment plan. With the added revenue-sharing, however, every Minds+ member has the opportunity to make more money than they spent. 

If you pay for Minds+ in cash, you can earn cash. If you pay for Minds+ in tokens, you can earn tokens. We are planning to announce exciting updates to our token economy soon. 

If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to us in the Help & Support group or by emailing [email protected]


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(Note: We are still working on the final touches for mobile app support. For best experience, please sign up for Minds+ via web browser)

The Minds Team


Banner photo credit to Danny Howe