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http://mrgsroundhillny.com Rising out of age-old (early 1970's) ashes, from memories of ever-aging & vanishing souls, Mr.G's was a place of solace, respite, escape... music, dance, love, drama, living and Life. There won't be a lot of politics here, hopefully not too much arguing but a lot of discussion, debating, reminiscing and yes... #Music #70sMusic !  (And other years, other places, other languages, other cultures... because that's what G's was: "Other".) For more info, history, comments, &c. please visit:  http://mrgsroundhillny.com There's a "forum" you can participate in, to contact people, start a discussion, communicate. You're always welcome to send messages of suggestions, recommendations, I read them and I take them to heart. If you have photos you'd like to post, they're always welcome.The site is as the place was: Open... always open. And of course, there's always right here, where you're equally welcome and always appreciated. G's was that way... this is G's legacy. Meanwhile, please accept my heart-felt gratitude to you for being a part of this little bit of Heaven on the Internet. I appreciate it more than just some typed words can express. In addition to the music posted here on the channel, AND the Juke-Box on the web-site, come by the "Group" where it's music across the ages... and nothing but music: https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/958566913846337536/feed *** THE 20s *** Announcing: the "new group/juke-box" dedicated specifically and solely to the #Music of the 20s!!! Come by, have a listen, add your favourites. https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/1057706505287127040/feed ADDITIONALLY: 46th Anniversary of the devastation of The Lodge: Four New "Groups" featuring the music of #1971 https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/1063307065033965568/feed #1972 https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/1063283899451703296/feed #1973 https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/1063269571755192320/feed #1974 https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/1063255812170117120/feed *** SPECIAL THANKS *** To those of you who are supporting this channel THANK YOU for giving a real breath of life! And be sure to come to the site where you're listed ON-LINE with gratitude: http://mrgsroundhillny.com/minds.html (in alphabetical order): @chesschats @darkstormz_entertainment @Debrasmith48 @delastman @FretzCapo @GenXpat @gwensyoung @Israphel @Jim270 @JudahKessler @JK_Woodhauler @Keffus @kestrel_black @lilycreek @Luculent @Milica42 @mizantroop @moto1 @naturespirit @PapaTroll @roo3story @Secftblgirl @Southerndream @the_artist @TheStrike @tomtomandt @UndercoverAngel @Willieleev1971 @yelruhasil

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As Deplorable as they get. Jewish. Masorti. Traditional. NOT religious. No longer silent. Conservadox not Republiclown #NRA

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Oct 2017
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