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Every "right" comes with a "responsibility". You're not free to separate them. If I offend, please feel free to let me know. Often, it's not intentional. However, if warranted, feel equally free to let me know I've offended & if irreconcilable, move along... Life is short, time is limited. If the horse has died, I'd rather invest my time beating the flies that will undoubtedly start swarming about the carcass. Beware whose voice you silence today for tomorrow yours may be next. Remember something: I'm old. "Life sentence" for me isn't all that long. "Death Sentence" saves me from Medicare. "Conviction record" means nothing because at my age, nobody'd hire me anyway. Thank you... and Have a nice day.
If any civilization is to survive, it is the morality of altruism that men have to reject. ~Ayn Rand #AynRand #Quotes https://openquotes.github.io/authors/ayn-rand-quotes/#a0d03e84
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